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    Thomas Carroll

    My dog currently eats the following Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, but I am going to switch to different dry dog food because he often does not eat this food:
    Can you please recommend a dry dog food that is best for preventing bloat?
    Are there certain ingredients that are better for preventing bloat such as the types of meats/poultry/fish or a combination or a certain combination of them?
    Are there any supplements/toppers/mix-ins that you would recommend to help prevent bloat?
    I am willing to pay as much as about $150/month for the most premium dog food and any supplements to go along with it that in your opinion would be best to prevent bloat.

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    Isabella Britain H

    I don’t know of any food to prevent bloat. You haven’t mentioned the breed or weight of your dog. If you want to be absolutely sure do a gastropexy. I know many American Akita owners who do the procedure and with some of the monthly allowance you would be willing to pay for food, the procedure would be well worth it.

    You may know that bloat is extremely painful. In horses, they call it colic.

    About foods…

    Years ago, Dr Larry Glickman at Purdue did a health survey with Akitas and probably other breeds. One result of that stuudy was that dogs of a certain stature were 200 times more likely to have bloat with raised bowls, water or food.


    I have a Shiba now and I am cautious, though I haven’t had a dog bloat.
    I hope you’ll find the right solution for your dog and that it makes you rest easier.

    Keep up with the research.
    Best, B

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    Thomas Carroll

    I forgot to mention- I have a Labrador.

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    Isabella Britain H

    I hate to confuse things. Labs come in several shapes and sizes. There are field labs, show labs, pet labs and they vary by breeder, too.
    How much does your Lab weigh? Does he/she have a big chest? Is she slender? Big boned, small boned?
    Overweight dogs seem more susceptible to bloat. Overweight dogs don’t enjoy life as they should.
    Does your lab get adequate exercise? Don’t feed before exercise!
    Sorry for all the questions.

    The “total dog” sheds light on bloat and other things.


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    Thomas Carroll

    He is a pet lab(English Labrador). He weighs 75lbs. He is somewhat slender for his size and does not have a large chest.
    I am aware of the other factors that can reduce the risk of bloat besides ingredients in dog food, and am just looking for a recommendation for food and also any supplements that would help to reduce the risk of bloat.

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    Isabella Britain H

    The best thing you can do about bloat is read about it. There is so much info from sources of knowledge, (i.e. research universities)
    The other thing is looking at the breed club’s site.


    Look under the health tab.
    There should be a chair or someone who knows far better than me who can answer your questions.


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    Patricia A

    This is some informative information regarding bloat. https://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-diet-nutrition/does-food-cause-bloat

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