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    I just received my shipment from cheweys. The case of go fit canned food was perfect but the case of fromms was dented. They are going to send me a replacement and I’m going to take the dented ones to the shelter. My question is would it be okay to use one can because I’ve never used it before and I’m dying to try it.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    It’s possible for the seal to be compromised if the can is bent, but we used bent cans all the time at the shelter and nothing has ever come of it. It should be pretty obvious if the food is rancid when you open it.

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    I tried the Fromm gold canned salmon and chicken pate and my yorkie loved it but he had 3 BMs last night. I think it’s too high in fiber. His other canned foods right now or go fit and wellness stews. What do u think? I also didn’t particular like the pate.any suggestions on what else to try that’s similar to the wellness stews. I love them.

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    I get three cases every six weeks from Chewys. I sometimes get dented cans & I still use them.

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