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    Gloria K

    A friend recently lost a six-year-old lab to cancer. The friend is an advocate and competitor in smoked meats and used to feed his dog smoked pork, beef, and chicken regularly. Is it safe to feed a dog wood smoked meats?

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    Hi Gloria-
    I’m going to bump up your post. That is an interesting question that I think has been brought up before and it was decided they are not the best for the dogs. Hopefully someone with some expertise will chime in. 🙂

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    “Smoked” flavoring is definitely bad, but not the same as natural wood smoking. And over a lifetime of eating naturally smoked meat, they have found that the meat has some mild cancer causing agents so people have an elevated risk, but from everything I have read, since dogs don’t live as long, it may not be an issue for them. It sure shouldn’t have been a problem for a six year old dog, but if the diet was unbalanced long term, that could have been a factor.

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