any supplements can be used to replace glucosamine for seniors?

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    vet recommend us giving glucosamine to our senior dog on daily basis.
    But her body could not tolerate glucosamine in any brand any form after taking it for over a year.
    In order to maintain joint health , and her achilless tendon, what supplement can i give her now?
    herbal form joint supplement good for dogs?

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    What do you mean by not tolerating the glucosamine? Is it not working? Does it make her ill? I have a Great Dane so I really have to support his joints. I have never used glucosamine by itself. I’ve always used it in a combination formula with MSM, chondroitin, and ASU. I’ve just recently started adding in herbs as he has arthritis now that he’s an old man.

    Some herbal formulas for dogs that I know of are Dr. Harvey’s Ortho-Flex Joint Ease, Herbsmith’s Soothes Joints, and The Honest Kitchen’s Lithe Tea.
    For more info on using herbs for joint care see this article:

    Other things that help joints are cetyl myristoleate, hyaluronic acid, perna mussel (green-lipped mussel) powder, and eggshell membrane.

    What I have learned in my search to find what works for my dog is that every dog is different. I have tried products because people tell me how great they are and how they worked for so and so; however, they didn’t work for my dog. It is all trial and error. You have to try everything. Try something and give it a couple weeks to see if there is any notable difference. If it doesn’t work, scratch it off the list and move on to the next thing. I wish you luck in finding what helps your pup. I hope I was at least a little helpful. 🙂

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    I would try raw chicken or turkey necks. They are mostly cartilage, so they have all those cartilage building nutrients in a natural form.

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    I buy plain cetyl-myristoleate (Now or Jarrow brand) from

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    I use Springtime Inc advanced joint care for my dogs and one of mine has luxating patella and she limped at times and since giving her Springtime once a day it is amazing the difference. She can run like when she was young. Great product.

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    Hi, everyone, thanks for helping.
    She been taking glucosamine+chondroitin tablets for over a year, it works for her. But then, she could take it no more. At first we thought she does not like the taste, as it’s bitter. We tried all other brand, instead of giving tablet, we brought glucosamine in powder or liquid form, and we found there is something she could not tolerate in glucosamine products. her tounge wouldn’t stop licking like getting choked,utill it went white, it happened whenever we gave glucosamine to her , either instantneously or later of the day. If we not giving her that, it does not happen at all.
    To maintain her joint health, we still give that to her for quite awhile , untill our dog refused to have it anymore.
    She is having dry kibble for meals, and i wonder if it’s right for us to add the herbal medicine to help her with it. I mean most herbal medicine seemed made intend to be added to whole food.Would it be in conflict with commercial dog food?

    i would also like to try all the products you guys recommend.

    thank you for helping without you guys, all i know i could give her is glucosamine and herbal medicine, now we got wilder choice. i believe there must be something suitable to maintain her joint health from what you guys recommend.

    thank u guys !

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    A lot of glucosamine is sourced from shellfish. Do you think she could have a shellfish allergy? They make vegetarian glucosamine and joint supplements.

    I don’t think any supplements will conflict with kibble. You should be fine adding whatever supplement you decide to try right into her kibble. Sometimes herbs can have a strong smell (and taste I’m guessing) so you may have to add a little canned food or something else yummy to mask the smell/flavor.

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    That’s probably the case.
    Thank you for the links. It helps a lot !
    Now we’ll let her try dr.harvey’s first.Then see if she could take the vegetarian ones.
    Thank you so much for helping. ^^

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    I use Superflex, which is a velvet antler supplement. The glucosamine and condrointin are naturally occurring. I also have been taking it myself since 2005. It’s GREAT for senior dogs, skin issues, musculoskeletal issues/injuries, and really helps with the pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

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    Hi anniearies,
    I have a great dane, and I give him joint rescue or joint jerky tr, forget harsh pills! your pup will think this is a treat! they love this stuff and it is extremely effective! and on top of that the crème of le crème, NZYMES!! it prevents cancer and rebuilds muscle tissue and so much more try it I loved it for my dane and recommended to all my customers!

    pet nutrition expert/advisor

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