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    Hi, I have a beautiful 6 month old cane corso/pitbull named Sadie. I have been feeding her orijen large breed puppy and recently switched to Fromm grain free and adding stella and chewys freezed dried which she likes but her butt is always red .iIhad them expressed by vet and was given powder but i feel so bad to have to keep having her go through that, as it seemed so uncomfortable she cried and i felt so bad ,does anyone have any experience with this issue? and any suggestion on diet or supplements that may help.

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    Hi Annie-
    What kind of powder did the vet give you? Luckily I’ve never had that problem with my dogs. But I’ve heard several people on here recommend to add pure pumpkin to their food. The extra fiber may bulk up their stool which in turn put more pressure on the glands.

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    To crazy4cats,
    Thanks for your reply. The powder is Neo-Predef antibiotic. I will try the pumkin.
    Thanks again,

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    Sarah Y

    Annie, I have used Firm Up dehydrated pumpkin powder and it has worked for my boy beagle. I order it online and I mix it in his food. He’s always liked it. Good luck to you.

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    Plain canned pumpkin or psyllium husks will help tighten up his stool. Ensure pure pumpkin not pie filling with added sugar and flavorings.

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    Karene H

    Hi, My guy is 10 years old now, and we have had lots of problems with his anal glands. They were impacted when we adopted him at 3 years old, and last year one abscessed and he developed a really nasty anti bacterial resistant infection that took a month and a really expensive drug to treat. You have to be really careful and vigilant. The only thing I have found to work for him is lots of fiber in his diet. The pumpkin didn’t work as well for him. His vet likes to add green beans to her dogs’ food, I make most of his food and add lots of veggies. Maybe your girl would eat carrots or something, as a snack, or you can add some veggies to her food. Good luck to you.

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    I’ve never had a a dog with anal gland problem until now, when I first got Patch over 1 year ago, he was always rubbing his bum & gliding along the carpet, I thought he had worms, then the vet said its his anal glands & expressed them, she’d do it every 2 months, but the last month & a half Ive been giving Patch pumkin mixed with his chicken for breakfast & he’s stopped rubbing & gliding along the carpet. I never knew about pumkin so it has helped him..

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    Marietta B

    My dog was having her anal glands expressed every few months. Along with anal gland problems, she had allergies. I never connected the two until I read an article in Dogs Naturally magazine. I finally found out that she was allergic to chicken and since removing chicken from her diet her anal gland problems are gone. It has been 8 months since she had them expressed.

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    It wouldn’t hurt to try a bit of extra fiber in the diet. Plain canned pumpkin is a good source as well as ground chia seed or psyllium. You could even use plain Metamucil.

    While it could be a fiber issue, it could also very well be an allergy issue. I have a pup with some intolerances and smelly anal glands are always a big red flag that he’s reacting to something. I would investigate any possible food intolerance issues right away.

    Was she having any problems when she was eating the Orijen or has it just been since the switch? Remember intolerance can be to proteins or other ingredients. There are foods that are high histamine that produce the same type of response. I have a friend whose dog cannot eat anything with tomato.

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    Hi! Everyone,
    Thanks all for your comments and suggestions, I really appreciate them. My computer died so I haven’t been able to view. I have been using the pumpkin and switched to Farmina N&D food as it also has psyllium. She seems to love this. It’s a much larger kibble and she actually chews it and eats it without a topper. So far so good!

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    Luckily her anal glands never smelled. She would just lick the base of her tail.On Orijen she really didn’t just eat it I had to add enticers. Maybe that was part of the problem, constantly adding other things to get her to eat. Stella and Chewy’s firmed her up,maybe because of the bone in it. Just recently switched her to Farmina N&D and she seems to enjoy it and it has psyllium, so far so good.

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