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    Rick W

    So, I’m curious about something. As I read through various posts about food, I read about the idea that if a food is high quality, you might be able to feed your dog less than a lower quality food. But the guidelines on the bag suggest similar feedings. Isn’t it more about the kCal of the food and not the quality (maybe it’s one in the same)?

    I’m open to selecting a different food based on higher kCal numbers, but I don’t want to go down a path that will lead to nothing.


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    Hi Rick,
    if you have a healthy dog with a healthy stomach yes try a higher Kcal kibble, but if you have a dog with stomach/bowel problems it’s best to feed a dry kibble thats around 360 Kcals per cup & under 360Kcals per cup, the higher the Kcals the kibble is more dense so it’s harder to digest…

    Rotating kibble is good to do, your dog isn’t eating the same dry processed kibble 24/7, if something is wrong with the kibble your feeding, high in toxins & contaminates, not balanced properly then your dog has more chances of developing health problems but when you rotate between different kibble brands your dog isnt eating the same brand all the time….
    Find a few different brands you think are good then when you have around 1/4 of a bag of kibble left you start rotating & introduce a new kibble, your dog will have a healthier immune system…

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    Rick W

    Thanks Susan. Interesting recommendation about the level of kcal and a sensitive stomach. Our 7 month old Goldendoodle has bouts of bad stool but then comes around with pumpkin added. We finally landed on NutriSource grain free large breed puppy but the whole kcal question got me wondering.

    Any chance there is a list out there that sorts by large breed puppy and kcal per cup??

    Thanks again


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    Hi Rick-

    No, supposed quality of a food has nothing to do with how much you feed. It is revolved entirely around the amount of kcals per cup.

    Just as an example. Orijen is considered still by a lot of people to be one of the best dry dog foods. The Orijen “Original” is 449 kcals/cup. My dog for his weight would eat 2cups a day according to their website. Now when I look up Purina Dog Chow, considered one of the WORST dog foods by many, it is 419 kcals/cup. According to their feeding guidelines for my dog, he would eat roughly 2 cups a day as well.

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