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    We recently adopted a terrier mix from our local Humane Society. He is my first dog-knew nothing about food so we just picked up the standard Kibbles & Bits for him which he ate just fine. Noticed on his second day with us, how much he was scratching; neck area, face, biting along his legs & paws. Took him in for a visit, was told he had dry skin, to try fish oil, also started reading up on dog food and picked up Earth’s Pride Grain free Duck & Vegetable. He is eating that just fine, no issues with messy stool (does have some gas) not bringing anything up. Took him back today since he has also been shaking his head along with the scratching, doc looked in his ears, said they were clear-just looked irritated. Said it is most likely allergies-which is what I suspect-but allergies to what? We live in Maryland so pollen is not an issue right now-possibly dust? Or food-how do you tell? His fur is nice & soft, but skin is dry and he has some dandruff. No major sneezing or coughing. I’m at a loss as to what to do. Doc gave me a med. called Prednistabs and a drop for his ears. I don’t know weather to try a different food with less ingredients, try Raw (does a raw diet help with both food & inhalant allergies)

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    I have had several dogs with ear infections etc and feeding a lamb in rice formula got rid of it. The vets told us to feed iams lamb and rice.

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    Did your vet do anything to help you figure out what your dog is actually reacting to? If you had some idea, you wouldn’t be stuck with such an inferior food. You could at least find a few foods and rotate between them.

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    Hi ScottsMomma! Thanks for rescuing a dog, he will be thanking you to! Seeing as you mentioned raw I would say that would be a great way to go! Raw should really help with any allergies and you can really customize the meal plan, anything that doesnt seem to sit well with him, you can simply move on to another protein. My shih tzu loves raw, its amazing how he took to it, and I am sure your terrier will love it too. While you are researching how to balance, Hound Dog Mom is the best for explaining that!, you can start with a pre-made raw or do a pre-mix in which you add your own meat to it. There is a great section for pre-made raw dog food here to help you choose the best, but I think a lot of people use Primal and Stella & Chewys I would to if I could get it! I have used Nature`s Variety and think its ok, Dawson loves it and he does well on it, but I like making my own then you know exactly what you put into it. But when I get busy I still use it.
    For pre-mixes I know of a few, Urban Wolf, Honest Kitchen The Preference, Grandma Lucys makes one, Sojos I believe makes one, and one I think its called Steves Real Food, or something like that. I havent used them as Dawson doesnt really do so well on high potatoes, and urban wolf is the only one I can find here.
    Check out the raw dog food forum, lots and lots of great help and questions that have already been answered. Here is a link
    Oh and for the skin and dandruff, You can use coconut oil and a fish oil, I like to use krill oil, Here is an article from the whole dog journal on dosage:
    But now I five Dawson sardines instead of the krill oil, its cheaper and a whole food source he loves sardines!
    And then coconut oil is half a teaspoon per ten pounds. I give Dawson his sardine requirements once weekly, so thursday, and then coconut oil every day, but you can do it however works best. I believe some people do every other day.
    I hope this helps some! It is overwhelming when you first start, but its so much better for your dog than any kibble or canned food. I know more people with more knowledge than me will chime in!

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    Hi Shihtzumom20

    Steve Brown’s See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix is really good, no potato,but you might have to add some veg or something for bulk. Dr Harvey’s Fine Ground Veg to Bowl is ok, a bit heavy on potato.

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    Thank you all for the replies-as of right now, I’m doing a homecooked diet for him-which he loves. Still doing the fish oil. He is still itchy, shakes his body. Energy wise-he is one crazy dog-loves to play fetch, flies thru the house, etc. I’ve run my hands thru his fur and do not see anything alarming, no red spots, no bumps, no critters-just some dandruff. I’ve read that terriers can be prone to skin issues. Really hoping that a better diet and the continued use of oils will help with the dryness.

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