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    Hi there

    I have a 8 month old Australian Shepherd bitch which I bred myself. Sire & dam has no skin allergies, neither any dogs I trace back to in the line. 4 puppies out of 7 in the litter seem to be having a bit of a skin allergy so I am thinking the reason for the allergy might be genetic, rather than just be a seasonal thing.

    All this time I have been feeding Royal Canin Junior, supplementing with Salmon oil capsules. I am thinking of switching over to ACANA PACIFICA ( 60% Fish / 40% Veg / 0% Grain). This being a all life stages food, would this be highly recommended for a growing active working puppy? I would like to see if the no grain, chicken & beef makes any difference to her itchy skin.

    I have received feedback from another source that all lifestage feeding is not recommended for a growing puppy, especially a working puppy.

    Any thoughts on this???

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    All life stages is essentially puppy food. In order to be classified as “all life stages,” it has to have mineral levels enough to meet the needs of growing puppies.

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    First, all allergies, even seasonal, may have a genetic component. Second, has the vet looked at these pups? It is unusual for that many in a litter to have allergies, and this could be a nutritional deficiency or something else not allergies. Even if it isn’t allergies, switching foods is the first thing I would try, in case there is something missing in the diet.

    AAFCO recognizes 2 nutrient profiles, Growth and Maintenance. If a food qualifies for growth, the company may choose to label it as All Life Stages. All Life Stages foods are good for ALL life stages

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    Thank you, issue resolved. Since on Acana Pacifica we have already seen HUGE improvement.

    FYI All pups have been vet checked and tested for all sorts that could lead to the itchy skin, recommended that food be changed, could not find any other reason. I was just concerned about the all life stages as another veterinary leading food brand did not recommend that I feed a all life stage food.

    Thanks again.


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    Aleksandra S

    I have a mini St. Bernard (cocker spaniel/St. Bernard mix, 5th generation). She is 8 months old and I am feeding her Royal Canin Medium Puppy Chiot, with Science Diet puppy canned food 1/2 half a day. She has developed a limp over past 2 months. We just got radiologist’s reading and they think that it could be fragmented coronoid process with arthritis. I don’t know what her therapy will be yet, but I think it’s too early for her to have arthritis. I want to switch her to gluten free food and I am considering your current number 1 – grain free Annamaet. Is it appropriate for a puppy? Any wet food combo you would recommend? Any supplements?
    Thank you!

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    Annamaet is first on any list because the list is alphabetical, not to say that Annamaet isn’t a good food, because it is. You might get a better response to your question if you posted it under a topic about arthritis instead of one about allergies though. With arthritis, grain free is a good idea because grains are known to be inflamatory. A good joint supplement with hyaluronic acid in it would definitely be in order. And finally, make sure that you keep any extra weight off of her. Oh, one more thing, slick floors are hard on joints.

    Mel, I must be more cat than I thought. I know when I’ve been rubbed the wrong way. Good thing you aren’t in charge of the universe.

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    Aleksandra S

    Good call on slick floors, it’s all hardwood in my house. She does not have any problems running outside. I also suspect some allergies, since her front paws are saliva stained.

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    Topic closed? I scrolled up, no one gave you any negative feedback. Even if someone did, it’s not your call to close a topic. Someone else may find this information & any other responses, useful.

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