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    Can you do a review on Shep brand dog food. Im pretty sure its from china and the second ingredient is byproduct so just wondering how this would be rated. Thanks in advance .

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    sorry i should have been a little more specific they have wet food in cans they are chicken w rice and beef… any information from fellow readers is greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, I’m unable to locate reliable product information (ingredients and nutritional data) for a product called “Shep Dog Food” anywhere on the Internet. So, until I can get complete information including an accurate ingredients list and Guaranteed Analysis (protein, fat, etc.) for EACH of the available recipes from a company-operated website, I’m currently unable to review this brand. Thanks for taking the time to make this suggestion.

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    It’s pretty gross. A lot of ppl love it. It was recommended by ppl at the store their. Without reading the Ingredients, I bought a bag. My dog LOVED it. Then I read the ingredients. I almost cried.
    Here it is in order:
    Whole grain corn, Poultry by-product meal, Animal fat, Corn gluten meal, Meat and bone meal, Soybean meal, Brewers rice, Ground wheat, Dehulled barley, Natural favor, salt, potassium, blah bah blah….
    The rest of the list was minerals and junk.
    I had to wonder if they even like dogs!!!!

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