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    Amy J

    I’ve used several top rated raw foods but they are very costly even for a small 15 lb dog. Can someone give me a 5 star recommended brand that is not so expensive? I’ve used Stella and Chewys patties and now using Primal Pronto (Chicken).

    Thank you!

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    The only raw I know of that isn’t expensive is homemade.

    Have you looked at Darwin’s?

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    Check out Bravo, Steve’s or Vital Essentials, those are the lowest priced in my area. Especially if you get the bravo chubs they will cost a fraction of what you pay for primal or stellas. We sell it for $12 for 5 lbs of chicken blend (turkey is about $13 and I think Lamb/Beef are around $17-18)

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    If it’s available where you live, K9 Kravings is about the least expensive prepared raw I’ve found. FWIW, you’ll probably be saving money in the long run in vet bills when you feed a raw diet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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