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    organic n

    Hi all, I’ve been researching a lot about what to do with my dog with kidney problems. He had acute kidney failure 2 years ago, and has since been doing well but often has episodes where he is not hungry and throws up. Usually clears itself up within the day, however. He also gets pancreatic problems when exposed to things high in fat (learned that the hard way).

    I don’t have his bloodwork levels with me (I was actually going to see if i could get a copy from his vet in the next few days for my own records) but I do remember his BUN being higher than normal but the vet never said anything about it in terms of lowering it, but I feel like my vet doesn’t really see it as a problem despite him having high values.

    Anyway, he is a few months shy of being 16 years old, and he is a 6-7lbs dog. We stopped feeding him dry kibble for many many reasons (around a year ago), and now we make his food at home. I don’t do raw meat (I don’t feel like trying out the raw meat thing at his age and conditions is worth it), his meals consist of:

    Lean ground turkey cooked with white rice, carrots, peas, and green beans. I use a vitamin supplement (Only Natural Pet® Senior Ultimate Daily Vitamin Powder). After reading however, I will make some changes to his food by swapping out the peas (heard they are high in phosphorous) for some other veggies. And maybe switching out the turkey for ground beef 10% fat. He does get treats too – and if he is willing fruit as well particularly apples.

    Also, I would like to start my dog on some more supplements – particularly green food supplements (have heard kelp is high in sodium though and the ones i’ve looked at contain many types of kelp..hmm), switching out the vitamin powder to VetriScience Renal Essentials Kidney Health Support Dog, adding salmon oil, and adding pre/probiotics to my dog’s diet.

    Is the salmon oil necessary if I use the VetriScience kidney support tabs?

    Can someone who is knowledgeable with kidney disease in dogs advise on the supplements I would like to add to my dog’s diet? I know the best thing is to consult my vet, but perhaps someone on here who has gone something similar can advise.

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    I lost a dog to kidney disease many years ago. This is a very serious condition. You should be working closely with a veterinarian.
    My dog needed sub-q fluids almost every day the last 2 years, prescription dog food (canned) and plenty of water, nothing else. No supplements! Just prescription meds. Discuss with your vet.
    He doesn’t want to eat because he is probably nauseous, in pain, hence the vomiting. I would not try to force him to eat.
    The next thing that will occur after kidney failure, if it hasn’t already, is uremia. The dog smells like urine 24/7. It emanates from his pores.
    Difficult decisions ahead
    Your dog needs the expertise of a veterinarian, not the internet.
    Good luck

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    Hi organic n-

    Home made diets for kidney patients are great, however it’s important to make sure they are formulated correctly for a kidney patient in particular and what stage they are in. Unfortunately none of us here could help with that.

    My suggestion (I understand you don’t want to hear this but it’s the only suggestion anyone should be giving you) is to use the services of either petdiets.com or Balance it.com and have one of their vet nutritionists formulate an appropriate diet for your dog. They will obtain the records from your vet and create a diet based on the specific diagnosis.

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    organic n

    Thanks for the advice. My vet never said anything about him actually having kidney disease (despite him constantly having elevated levels, but the way I feel he views things is that since my dog is old its kind of “expected” which okay… possible.. but I feel like he should be giving me some help but he hasn’t so I’ve figured most of his diet out myself with the help of the internet and research), so I dont know if he actually does or if his kidneys are just slowly weakening and will eventually lead to kidney disease. But I was just wondering about some supplements to give him, but thank you for your concern and advice

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    Hi organic,
    your doing something right for your boy to be turning 16yrs old soon..
    is your boy on an ant acid medication? he could be getting acid reflux when he throws up & doesn’t want to eat.. I would email the company who makes the VetriScience Kidney Support tabs & ask them about adding Salmon oil is it necessary, I know with my boy any fish, salmon or coconut oils causes acid reflux, so now I feed foods that are high in Omega 3 instead, he seems to cope better then having the oils, I buy “K-9 Natural” Green Lipped Mussel freeze dried, he gets 2 mussels a day, they have Glucosamine & Chondroitin in the shell & are soft & crunchy, your boy will really enjoy eating a few freeze dried mussels as treat, I also buy tin salmon in spring water the small tins from Aldi’s & I give Patch 2 spoons of salmon a day, I mix with one of his cooked meals…

    Have you joined the “Canine Kidney Support group” & the “Canine Pancreatitis Support” group on facebook? heaps good support also go onto “Dr Judy Morgan” f/b page look for her “video” link on your left & scroll thru her video’s look for “Pancreatitis Diet” & “Pancreatitis Again” video’s, Judy talks about her dog Scout, he’s 16yrs old & has Pancreatitis & Im pretty sure kidney failure as well, Judy talks about how Scout kept having a Pancreas flare & she finally worked out it was after she added the Salmon oil once a week to his diet, she has 8 dogs all with health problems she also answers your msg if you send her 1 on her f/b page..
    Sometimes less is best when they’re sick…..
    here’s Judys f/b page https://www.facebook.com/JudyMorganDVM/

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    “He had acute kidney failure 2 years ago, and has since been doing well but often has episodes where he is not hungry and throws up.”

    @ organic n
    The above is what I responded to. I stand by my recommendation of a therapeutic diet (prescription food) medication and treatments as prescribed by your vet.
    These things are not considered to be aggressive treatment and will help keep your dog comfortable and possibly improve the quality of his life for the time he has left.
    You may want to take your dog in for an exam, review of symptoms and have your vet explain the lab values in more detail and what they mean.
    The other suggestion would be to contact a veterinary nutritionist (as pl mentioned) to formulate a special diet.
    Best of luck

    PS: I would not trust your internet research. A lot of misinformation out there and supplements are not always benign. Your dog (from what you have said) needs to be on a specific diet with restrictions. Sometimes less is more.

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