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    Melanie G

    Need advice and just joined the forum. My 2 yr old is very active and I’ve noticed a lot of itching. To the point where after numerous oatmeal baths etc, I took her to the vet who of course prescibed steroids and Benadryl. Any suggestions on trying a new food? She’s been fed science diet since she was a pup.

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    Stop the food, meds and oatmeal baths asap. Oatmeal feeds yeast and itchy issues. Feed Zignature kibble which is the best for food intolerances. And shampoo with Aroma Paws honeysuckle & jasmine formula. Your pup will stop suffering immediately, trust me.

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    elaine c

    zcRiley is on the right track!!! However if the itchyness continues switch to a raw food because even great kibble is going to be so good.. because they are all processed and lack live bacteria that is needed for a healthy body. I use ANSWERS DOG FOOD it is raw and it is wonderful. I have seen many dogs transformed by this kind of food, including my own two pits. SCIENCE DIET is a very poor dog food.

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    Susan W

    OR! You can go buy some FOOD GRADE DE powder & try dusting your dog with this (put it in a sock & pat or rub it on your dog).
    My dogs were really itchy this summer – worse than normal. The DE powder works.
    I ALSO fed my dogs VeRUS Opticoat which is made using Menhaden fish – a wild-caught fish that’s high in Omega-3s. This combination knocked out the itchies in my dogs.

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    I agree with both zcRiley and Elaine. Raw food is the best to eliminate allergies but it is not an option for all. There are plenty of premixed raw formulas but a unbalanced raw diet is worse than even an average kibble.
    I have a girl that was really itchy. Things that really helped my girl other than her homemade raw diet include Brags apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, fish oil, and a good probiotic.

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    Amy B

    We have a retired MWD that came to us on Hill’s. Started to transition to Acana and Origen but it didn’t sit well with his belly.
    He has skin issues as well and overall, he just doesn’t smell “good” when on the Hill’s. GI issues aside, for the few weeks that we tried the Origen and Acana, we noticed a night and day difference in his smell – not as doggy, if that makes any sense.

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    Jeanne M

    I was dealing with a similar situation with my Sheltie. Food allergies was the culprit. I was already feeding raw freeze dried but it had alot of fruits/veggies in it. I purchased a test from and they did a complete scan of my dog from her fur and saliva samples I sent them. They told me everything she was reactive/allergic to. It allowed me to build her diet from there whether it was something i made myself or purchased. The test was about $80 and worth every penny. Hope this helps!

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    Jason I

    Zignature food worked to stop the itching on my girl. I also give her Nusentia Dermix.
    Neem oil shampoo also helped her stop itching right away until the bad food was out of her system.

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    Jennifer B

    Zignature is an excellent limited ingredient diet. You can add a freeze dried food to it such as Stella & Chewy’s. Grizzly Salmon Oil is excellent and a few squirts a day on your dog’s food will help his skin and coat. Another great product is Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus which is a probiotic. This product helped my Pittie rescue immensely with his digestive/skin issues.

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