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    Cathy A

    Hi all first post here. Hoping you can help.

    Our 14 year old lab has become not only very picky about his food. (He likes flavor) but seems to be having a few more accidents and a bit of the runs.

    I was looking to change his food to Dr. Tim’s Kinesis Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food

    Any other recommendations?

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    Have you taken him to your vet? You need to rule out any medical issues for the accidents.

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    Cathy A

    Of course. Medical issues ruled out.
    We changed his food this summer. He just started getting picky.
    The vet recommended a canned food for sensitive stomach.
    I just want to know if anyone has had similar experiences and any luck with a particular line of food.

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    I had good luck with NutriSource for my old dog with a sensitive stomach, but she was never picky. What really fixed her sensitive stomach was to start her on a rotational diet and probiotics.

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    Julie L

    I fought for over 18 mo on my doodles sensitive stomach. The vet kept saying to change food etc. I tried almost every food known to man. Ellie was thrown up almost daily with yellow bile and she was a very picky eater. Finally I told the vet I wanted a Pancreatitis test. The test was done and guess what??? She had a very bad case of Pancreatitis. Ellie is now on ID kibble 7% fat and I add in ground turkey breast and low salt chicken broth. I give her chicken jerky (home made without anything added) for a treat and give her kibble for treats. If they haven’t ruled out Pancreatitis please ask your vet why? Good luck.

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    Hi Cathy what are you feeding him at the moment?
    Try a limited ingredient food with low fat%, has the vet put him on Hills ID
    low fat GI restore wet tin food the fat% is only 8.5% fat dry matter so if it was a kibble the fat is only 8.5% cause it has already been converted…
    commercial wet tin foods are higher in fat that can cause sloppy poos unless u can find one
    thats around 1-2% fat in wet food.. Have a look at the Wellness Simple limited ingredients
    kibbles, I tried the Simple Lamb & Oatmeal & Duck & Oatmeal kibbles, Simple does have grainfree kibbles aswell…Simple also have wet tin food but the fat% is high around 7-8% fat if they were a kibble the fat % would be around 38% fat.. the one with the lowest fat% is the Wellness Petite Entrees mini fillets 2% fat in wet
    here’s the Wellness range

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