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    Sam D

    Hi, All –
    My sweet pup has been diagnosed with severe left hip dysplasia and mild right hip dysplasia. We passed on the option for a triple pelvic osteotomy as when he was diagnosed we had about 2 weeks until he was considered too old for it, and even then, they would have only done it on his right hip as the left was too far gone.

    We’ve opted for rehab and medical intervention over surgical at this time, knowing that in the future, he will have to have a total hip replacement. Hopefully we can put that off for a few more years.

    My question is about food. He currently gets a rotation of Instinct Raw, Acana Pacifica (salmon) and Honest Kitchen. We are giving him supplements like Welactin fish oil and Dasuquin (glucosamine chondroitin w/ MSM)

    Anyone here have a dog with hip/joint issues? What have you used? What has helped?

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    Hi, I’m noticing dogs foods are putting Green Lipped Mussel in their foods now, you can buy Green Lipped Mussel snacks thru K-9 Natural, my boy loves them, http://www.chewy.com/dog/k9-natural-green-lipped-mussel/dp/118456

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    Golden paste, using Tumeric, would be a big help! If you’re on Facebook, look up the Tumeric Group Users.

    Keep your dog very lean; any extra weight is not going to be a good thing.

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