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somebodysme….just an fyi, the Instinct LID foods have coconut oil included in their formulas. I’m using the Turkey, but have a small bag of the Duck and the Lamb to rotate with later. Laverne is doing well, but I think she really needs more fiber (those dreaded anal glands) so I’m adding it in. I have several different kinds…Metamucil Clear and Natural, THK’s Perfect Form, some Fruitable’s pumpkin and a supplement called Glandex that has quercetin in it. I’ve been using either the Glandex or Perfect Form. Too early to tell if it’s gonna help. The dogs have only been on the food goin on 2 weeks. They love it! If adding fiber is all I have to do, then fine lol. I have also been adding canned foods and trying to stick to Turkey as the protein atm. I haven’t added in any omegas as of yet.

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