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Back in September my baby girl Diesel (Chocolate Lab) started coughing here and there. I took her into the vet where I live and they gave me the run around saying it was acid reflux and then it was congestive heart failure. Well after getting sick of getting nowhere with answers I took her to another vet an hour away with a great rep. They then told me it was some thing with her throat and I needed to take her to Appleton. So I did. Over $6000.00 later I found out my baby had a rare lung cancer that had to start some where else. So they did an ultra sound to see but they could not find anything. My world ended when I heard those words cancer and she will not get better and it is only a matter of time. Well one week later I had to put her down. I am not the same person anymore. I lost the only person in my life that I truly loved and cared for besides my husband. I had given her nothing but what I thought was the best for her. I fed her Eukanuba since the day I got her. She was very active and if I could post of picture of her she was fit and in shape. Not one thing wrong with her except the cancer. I believe she got it from the food. There is no other way she could have gottan cancer. Please help. I wanna make the people who made my girl suffer and gave her this and took her away from me pay for this. They are using things in their products that cause cancers like this and no one makes them pay for what they keep getting away with this.