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    I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem, so I will tell my story. In 1984 we stared feeding our German Shepard mix(Scrappy) Eukanuba adult food. In 1997 we got a purebred German Shepard puppy ( Sarge) that we also fed Eukanuba . In 1999 at the age of 15 years our Shepard mix died (her stomach twisted). So in 2001 we got a 3yr old purebred Shepard (Talula) and stared her on Eukanuba and in 2003 adopted a 1yr old purebred Shepard (Max) and put him on Eukanuba. So we had 3 dogs on Eukanuba . In 2006 Talula died of a ruptured cancerous spleen. In 2009 Sarge died of lung cancer which the vets said she probably had cancer somewhere else in her body. Now,we just lost Max to spleen cancer that spread also to his liver. Now my son who had 2 dogs that were lab mixes also died of spleen cancer and also were fed Eukanuba. While talking to one of the vets trying to help max, we mentioned the food concern, and if it could be a coincidence that out of 6 dogs that were fed Eukanuba 5 of them died of probably the same cancer, she said that she also had 2 German shepards die of the same cancer as max, and that were also on Eukanuba. Now this kind of cancer the vet said is seen in German shepards but since my sons dogs were not shepards, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I think back in the day Eukanuba was a good dog food, but I think since they been sold to Iams, the quality isn’t there. Since we have lost 3 dogs in 6 years we now have switched our 4yr old Shepard to wellness core grain free original formula that I researched on this site. It could very well be a coincidence, but to me it seems awfully strange that these dogs where fed this food all of lives and died of basically the same cancer.

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    Hi, my baby is dieing of cancer. She is in the hospital and they did a blood transfusion on her yesterday. Her vet has contacted specalist from around the us as well as england. Every time Dixie would sneez or acted like something was wrong we were at the vet. She is my life. She didn’t just sleep at the end of my bed but she had her feather pillow right next to me every night,and she loved clean sheets. She would watch me change my bed and could see new sheets going down and would wait and watch untill her bed steps were back in place and she would run up her steps and roll all over the bed and land on her feather pillow and watch me the rest of the day. Where I was,she was. She is my almost 10 yr old wire hair terrier. I adopted her when she was 9 months old.She is the love of my life since my divorce in 2002 after 30 yr marriage. I too have had cancer but I’m fine now and who sat with me every day I was sick? She was by my side everyday,day in and day out. Everyone knew Dixie where I live. They knew her at Belks, home depot,lowes,any place I could put her in her stroller and go into a store without food,she went and just loved having people talk to her and pet her. I firmly beleive there is a connection between the king of food they eat and cancer just like people. There is a Dr in Maryland whos name is Dr. Simpson who is helping people for free with dogs who have cancer. it is cancer research and dogs and people are much more close then mice. I will send you the names and info I have so you can see if it may help you and then you can pass the info on as I will be posting it also on Mikes page. Please say a little pray for my baby as I will for you too.

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    Back in September my baby girl Diesel (Chocolate Lab) started coughing here and there. I took her into the vet where I live and they gave me the run around saying it was acid reflux and then it was congestive heart failure. Well after getting sick of getting nowhere with answers I took her to another vet an hour away with a great rep. They then told me it was some thing with her throat and I needed to take her to Appleton. So I did. Over $6000.00 later I found out my baby had a rare lung cancer that had to start some where else. So they did an ultra sound to see but they could not find anything. My world ended when I heard those words cancer and she will not get better and it is only a matter of time. Well one week later I had to put her down. I am not the same person anymore. I lost the only person in my life that I truly loved and cared for besides my husband. I had given her nothing but what I thought was the best for her. I fed her Eukanuba since the day I got her. She was very active and if I could post of picture of her she was fit and in shape. Not one thing wrong with her except the cancer. I believe she got it from the food. There is no other way she could have gottan cancer. Please help. I wanna make the people who made my girl suffer and gave her this and took her away from me pay for this. They are using things in their products that cause cancers like this and no one makes them pay for what they keep getting away with this.

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    Jamienico, I hear and feel every word you are saying. My son came with me to look at things I will need for her burial. dress, favorite toy,ball,necklase with diamond stone with her name. I love her and I felt I could splurge on her to show others just how much i love her but she never knew any difference only she loved being next to me and me talking to her at night before we both fell asleep. how do we make these people or companies pay for what they have done to us and to our pets? nothing ever will replace your babies nor mine. I dont know what to do,maybe Mike would know where to get started. If 1 woman came up against a water company in Tx for causing cancer, why cant we come up against these companies putting stuff in dog food that claim feed them what you would eat. I got to one point 2 years ago of not liking what i was seeing on bags and started feeding Dixie organic human food but knew i couldnt match the vitamins she would need. So again I switched her to the best foods. I bought her some treats thats on the front said Vitality,pure chicken. I check out every word EXCEPT in the very bottom in tini words it said’made in china!’ I got sick and ran to her vet and he said she probably wasnt on it long enough to do any harm. i bought maybe 3 or 4 bags over the summer as yard treats when i would mow the yard,Dixie would sit and watch,when I got to close that she might get dust on her I took her in to sit on her window seat to watch me mow. She did everything with me and went everywhere with me. I hear every word you said. I know the feelings. I will never ever have another pet. My heart is shattered over Dixie

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    animal lover

    It’s apparent that there are traces of animal hair and bone in Ol’Roy dog food. This comes from recycled euthanized animals
    P.S.: The FOOD we are giving to our DOGS is SHORTENING their LIVES. PLEASE watch here to LEARN what you should GIVE to your dog, SERIOUSLY.
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    I believe there is. I just lost my best friend 3 days ago. Luka was only 7. He was a healthy and beautiful full of life child of mine. I performed cpr on him and got him back a few times. Ultimately he died on the way to the hospital. The necropsy revealed his spleen ruptured due to a cancerous tumor that was inside the size of an orange. It also revealed he had cancerous lesions on his liver. If I would have been able to save him it would have just prolonged his suffering. He went from very healthy on Wednesday morning. He went walking as usual. Around 12 PM he began acting weird. Never complaining or making any sound that he was in any pain. He did not move very much throughout the day except to go outside to the bathroom. We thought his stomach was upset. He drank water up to an hour before he died. Between 10 PM and 12 AM he began declining fast. At 2 AM he passed away. 115 pound beautiful German Shepherd. I even went beyond the normal sots and vaccines each year. I had blood sent off for a full wellness profile. This was done 2 months ago. All of the tests came back with an “A+” report card. There should be some place where we could upload all of this data and determine a hypothesis as to the root cause. What I have read on these forums so far… well, I fed him Iams dog food his entire life. It sure looks like this may have been one large contributing factor. I can never replace my son… but I will get another like him who needs to be loved. I’m so nervous about what he will eat that we might start cooking our own food and he will drink nothing but bottled spring water. I feel everyone’s pain on these forums. I hate this feeling. While I await his ashes I am just trying to make it. Three days so far and the tears keep flowing. One thing is for sure… I will NEVER feed my dog Iams nor any cheap un-researched food ever again. Even if I have to pay double. I will lower my own food cost before going with that crap again.

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    Adam, I am so very sorry for your loss. I went thru a similar experience with my cat and my Doberman a couple years ago. I was feeding him Pedigree and then Purina One. They both died suddenly and with no explanation. I adopted my new dog Bailey in January, although I was still heavily grieving for my best friend that I lost. I happened on this site and did a ton of research and it’s been 5 months since my Bailey has eaten any commercial dog “food”. I feed her a raw diet and she’s never been healthier. It is a bit more expensive. I even took on a second part time job to be able to keep feeding her a raw diet. She eats better than I do. I will NEVER feed another pet crappy commercial dog food again.

    Hang in there. There is another dog that is out there waiting for you, just wait until you’re ready. Take your time to grieve. Believe me, I know it’s really hard, and the pain does ease up some. It’s been 2 years and a month for me, but I can just think of my Moose and the tears start flowing.

    Good luck to you!

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    Adam, my heart goes out to you. I would guess many of us can share similar experiences relating to commercial grocery store dog food and early death. I would recommend to you a terrific book: Ruined By Excess, Perfected by Lack, by Richard Patton.

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    Hi all
    We’ve had two cavalier king charles spaniels die of cancer. They were both fed on Eukanuba exclusively. We were shattered when our older dog died. Then when our second boy died a year later (23 December), again of cancer, we were not only devastated but starting to ask why us particularly since we’d been be very careful with regular medical checks and diet etc.
    We’ve been lucky enough to bring a new cav into the family. Normally they are a bit hard to come by but our new little boy was just meant to be with us I guess.
    The breeder gave us a supply of Royal Canine. When we were talking to her about foods and mentioned we normally fed the dogs Eukanuba she nearly choked. Her view is that we should never under any circumstances feed dogs Eukanuba because of the preservatives used. She mentioned the particular additive but I’ve forgotten the name. She also mentioned carcinogenic. I didn’t pursue it because frankly I didn’t want the family feeling any burden of guilt about the possibility that the food we used may have contributed to our loss. I felt bad enough for all of us.
    I’m not a vet and I don’t know whether it’s true or if there’s anything to any of this but when a person whose bred and shown dogs for 32 years tells me something like that about dog foods the decision about what to feed the puppy is a pretty easy one.

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    Royal Canin is not a great food either.

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    Brittany Mom

    I too have had dogs diagnosed with various cancers; one with hemagio sarcoma who died at 10 1/2; another with brain lesions who passed at 8 and 81/2; and another with mast cell and leukemia who passed at 14. They were all fed kibble all their lives; Eukanuba and California Natural. I now feed Bravo raw and Honest Kitchen. I believe it is not only the food but all the chemicals dogs come into contact daily, i.e., cleaning solutions we use in our homes, fertilizers in our gardens, flea treatments, etc.

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    Jusr started the research on Royal Canin and not impressed. Won’t even take a chance on it. Working out a good natural diet now.

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    I just lost my Irish Wolfhound, Sammie, two days ago to spleen cancer. I am very sad, very angry …. emotions running amok. I have gone online and have found a higher incidence than what you would think is normal, for dogs that are being fed commerical dogfood. I have been feeding him Purina One, Sensitive Sytems brand. I am wondering if there IS a direct correlation, or if anyone has links I might check, that can connect commercial dog foods and higher incidents of cancer. I have another dog here and am extremely paranoid now.

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    Cheryl, I don’t have the answer, I just know that food is not a good one. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

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    Stephen P

    I know this thread is over a year old, but wanted to share some info… I have a 10 1/2 year old Male English Springer Spaniel who has been fed Eukanuba since 10 weeks old. Last December, the vet removed (with clean margins) a perfectly round tumor from his neck the size of a half-dollar. The lab stated it was not malignant. He has others as well developing on his belly and chest. His appetite started dropping off two weeks ago and what he did eat, he threw it up. Went to vet and they suspected pancreatitus – ran test and came back positive. Vet wanted to take radiographs (x-ray) of the pancreas for safety’s sake. After the x-ray, vet came in the exam room and stated that the pancreas looked normal, but showed me shots of the spleen. My dog’s spleen has a mass so heavy, it pulled the spleen down just below the stomach. An appointment was set for Monday for a specialist and surgeon. I also have a 6 year old female English Springer Spaniel (non related to the male) who has been on a Royal Canine Urinary S O diet since she was two. We went for her bi-annual checkup yesterday to discover 3 palpable round nodules on her chest. The vet wants her back in 3 weeks to recheck blood because her ALT/SGPT (ALT) levels are above normal along with going to run tests of the round nodules.

    SO I have 2 dogs who eat 2 different dog foods. The only thing they share is the same type of dog toothpaste made by Arm & Hammer, water, HartGuard heart worm meds, First Shield Trio (topical flea prevention), and they both are inside dogs.

    A dog nutritionist told me today that the nickname for the palpable round nodules/tumors are called “Round Up Tumors” and are caused from commercial dog food companies using “Round-Up” (chemical) products of their GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) grown corn and grains. What made my heart drop is he asked if I feed them Eukanuba…. I told him yes for my male and Royal Canine for the female. He stated Royal Canine is on the list using the chemicals and GMOs. I switched foods today. Placing the male on Victory dog food and my female on FROMM (one with a low PH).

    Wont know if the tumor on spleen is malignant or not until next Monday…

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