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My Shiba has certain protein sensitivities (beef is a big no no, and we generally stay away from processed chicken). Frankly, there are a lot of commercial dog treats out there that don’t offer much bang for the buck, in my opinion. We’ve taken to a more rigorous dehydration schedule in recent months, so we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of chicken hearts and gizzards for training treats. And free pouches of kibble sample from the local holistic pet store.

A big bag of Zuke’s training treats (salmon and peanut butter are our favorites) last us a long time, and are clean. There are a couple fish skin treats that we like. Salmon Ears are economical, and each box lasts us a long time. Recently fell in love with The Honest Kitchen’s Beams, their new Icelandic catfish skin chew treat.

Recent Replies