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s R

Please do NOT feed him homemade— he is doing too poorly for you to revert to that idea, or others. Instead go the expert route. See below, best option listed 1st.

1. If (like here in America), you have vet schools that give advice to dog owners, make that your 1st choice. Or call one cold. In either case, ask for a referral if they can’t see you immediately.
2. Choose a practice with more than one vet. Likely will have seen more cases and two heads are better than one. And if that doesn’t pan out…
3. Take him to a different vet than the one you’ve been using. ‘Feed him whatever’ is not what you or he needs now. If you can’t get him seen immediately, go to an emergency vet clinic.
Take a fresh sample of his stools if possible! or hey, take a cell phone photo.
I’d be worried. You probably are too. Take a a couple breaths, plan out what you’re going to say before you pick up the phone. Hugs to your boy.

Recent Replies