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    carey D

    I have a 3 year old male pointer. He was severely starved before I got him. He should be 25kg, he was 14kg. He has a really sensitive digestion. I tried lots of commercial feeds, he couldn’t stomach them at all and kept losing weight, constant diarrhoea. I switched to homemade cooked food and he thrived and got up to 23kg. Last November unfortunately he had a surgery and had about half his intestines removed. When I collected him from the hospital it was night-time and the discharge was pretty basic with limited feeding info – avoid legumes was really about it. They fed him Royal Canin gastro-intestinal wet food in the hospital so I bought that to be consistent. I discussed with my own vet but she was very relaxed about it saying just try him on whatever but I’m far too scared to do that. So he’s been on the Royal Canin for about 7 weeks. After his op he was down to 18kg and he’s really not gaining even though I am feeding him the absolute most I can. He’s starving all the time. I feel like he’s not doing great on it and would rather feed him homemade food as that’s what worked for him before but I’m unsure of what to feed and what to avoid now he only has half his intestines. The last few days I have been putting a spoon of well cooked white rice in his meals. What else can I feed him? I really think the ready made dog food just doesn’t agree with him at all but I also don’t know how to cook a balanced intestine friendly diet

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