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Dudley S

Heather: It is most important to:

Research to find the best, most pet responsible pet food companies and stores. Look for those that have very few recalls AND that have recalled their foods, prior to them hitting retailers, showing how pro active they are.

Regarding why DFA doesn’t exclude foods with corn, with there recommendations, is because it is much more likely to be the manufacturer, not the specific grain, as detailed, here:

Aflatoxin is produced by molds, most common in calorie-dense grains like corn, peanuts, rice, and wheat that are often included in pet foods. (from PetMD, created and run by dog food insiders, btw).


Wiki; ” Aflatoxins: “The fungi grow in soil, decaying vegetation and various staple foodstuffs and commodities such as hay, sweetcorn, wheat, millet, sorghum, cassava, rice, chili peppers, cottonseed, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and various spices. In short, the relevant fungi grow on almost any crop or food. When such contaminated food is processed or consumed, the aflatoxins enter the general food supply. They have been found in both pet and human foods, as well as in feedstocks for agricultural animals. Animals fed contaminated food can pass aflatoxin transformation products into eggs, milk products, and meat.[1]

Stay vigilant.