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    Heather D

    I find it puzzling that in this most recent warning about the dangers of aflatoxin poisoning in dog food, we are quite specifically advised that corn may be the most likely ingredient to be contaminated with aflatoxin. Yet, in your site’s recommendations on ‘Best Dog Foods with Grain’, a number of the ones listed contain corn as one of the grain ingredients! Wouldn’t it be prudent to recommend a grain-inclusive food that does not contain corn?

    And now my suggestion: I expect you have a number of Canadian subscribers (such as myself) who would appreciate more recommendations for Best dog foods that we can actually purchase in Canada? Even your recommendations for brands such as Acana that are sold in both countries, I believe are based on the American-manufactured formulations only, which are not the same as the Canadian formulations. Perhaps you could consider doing something like what “Consumer Reports” does, where they produce a short ‘Canadian supplement’ or section appended to their monthly publications containing specific ratings and information relevant to Canada. I know I would appreciate it!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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