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Hi all, thank you for checking in.

So she’s been on the budesonide for 1.5 weeks now. She has much less abdominal flinching, but an unfortunate side effect of the steroid is hunger and thirst, so on that front she has actually gotten worse and much more restless about food and water. Although her abdominal flinching is disappearing, she does still flinch a lot when I touch her on top on her lower backend by the tail, so she’s getting an exam and Xray for potential arthritis this week, but it would be weird if that is what was bothering her because she is extremely springy and active with zero signs of lethargy, joint pain etc. But we will see!

I will say the one thing the behaviorist did find was a very high cortisol level in her feces. But that’s all so far.

I do wonder about cancer because I can’t understand how a dog could simply be this anxious with no clear ailment. She is honestly impossible to deal with. It’s been 14 months with this problem and it’s totally done me over. I’ve taken care of dogs my whole life and it was easier to take care of dogs on the brink of death who can’t walk and are defecating on the floor. My dog is super alert/alive and active. But she literally is stressed all day long, attention seeking and whining nonstop, I wish I knew what the problem was. She is more anxious and worse off than when I adopted her from a person who was totally neglecting her, never took her to the vet, left her outside in the yard all day alone, etc.

I have definitely decided that the worst symptom/problem is the water drinking, because she will absolutely not stop so I’m taking her out constantly to avoid accidents. If I leave a bowl of water for her before I leave for a few hours, she will drain it as soon as I go and then she’s frantic and panting when I get back because she has no water for 5-6 hours. It’s honestly such a vicious circle everyday.

We also tried hemp oil, which settled her down a lot for about 3 days and then stopped having whatever initial effect it once had.

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