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Patricia A

Nicole H I’m curious if ANYTHING had changed in his raw feeding diet when this started? Were any food ingredients added that was new to him? You said he’s been on raw for years with no problem? Was he fed too much of a fatty meat for a few days in a row ? My one dog cannot handle a protein higher in fat and will get diarrhea and vomiting if given two days in a row. I’m not talking raw but when I give cooked food such as dark meat boiled chicken, hamburger that is not 90% lean etc.
Also switching over to kibble right off when his stomach is still very upset is not helping. He didn’t get a chance to get used to that food. That is a BIG switch from raw to kibble.
Maybe to get his stomach settled you can feed WHITE meat only boiled chicken with a little white rice. Then slowly introduce the raw back in with low fat meats??
Although raw feeders don’t believe freeze dried is TRULY raw feeding that is what I feed my two. I always stick to lower fat proteins/flavors in two different brands rotated My dogs do very well on this diet with no tummy trouble. I add some high quality kibble on the side to make the expense of this stretch.

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