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Cathy B

I wonder if you got an old batch if it tastes that bad? I wish I’d tasted the ones my sweet boy had, but he never had
a problem with the taste. I do know the one from Walgreens did have the xylitol in it. I gave him 2 doses before I realized I need to call Walgreens and ask, because my vet called for me to get there instead of the hour drive to vets office that day.

I threw it in trash and drove to vet office. The last vet that gave the gabapentin, I had to tell him to make sure it doesn’t have the xylitol in it! So not every vet knows of this, like you would think would know! So he ordered it for me that took a few days. If I remember the name I’ll post it.

Can you call the vet and ask if it has the xylitol?

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