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    Cathy B

    I need to know all I can about this. A few days ago my over 15 Y/O Chi that weighs 4 lbs fell out of my lap while I was in chair.

    Within minutes I was on road to vet office an hour drive. X-ray showed no break or fracture in arm that he was holding up.

    He did hurt shoulder because of server arthritis. Vet put him on 2 wks of Gabapention liquid.

    I get home and research it and says the liq. has Xylitol which is toxic to pets. I hurry and email vet office.

    Reply saying they don’t sale any product w/ Xylitol in it. That came from front desk, not vet.

    So I call 4 hrs before closing yesterday and ask the simple question does it contain it? NO call back!

    I email very upset last nite I need the simple yes or no quest answered. NO REPLY.
    I just left my vet of 15 yrs because of always wanting to just give meds instead of a more healthy way.
    Plus left my boy in kennel there 3 months ago for 9 hrs over blood work!

    This vet has about 5 vets always at office. And the one and only seasoned vet there is never there on the days I have to bring in my sweet boy.

    He had x-ray done in July cause his Arthritis. His arm is still hurting and not putting weight on it.

    He’s been on Galliprant since July w/ no side effects. I was gonna take him off cause some reviews here, but husband says he doing too good on it.

    I see petmeds sales only the capsules. I’m thinking of ordering them cause I’m not gonna drive an hour for the liquid esp if it has Xylitol.

    How safe is Gabapentin? I HATE giving meds that can cause such dangerous side effects.

    I’m at wits ends with vets ( I wish I lived close to Dr. Morgan) but my senior needs something for pain.

    Any info appreciated!

    I called two different places that manufacture Gabapention and left voice mail. No call back. Surprise surprise!

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    If you got the medication from a veterinary clinic, most likely it was prepared by a “compounding pharmacy” especially formulated for veterinary use and does not contain xylitol. Read the label and check with the vet to put your mind at ease.
    Gabapentin is an effective medication. There are risks of side effects with any effective medication. The question is does the benefit outweigh the risk? Most often the answer is yes. (excerpt below)
    You may also see gabapentin called by its brand name, Neurontin. Gabapentin is used in both human and veterinary medicine. However, you should never use your own Neurontin prescription to treat your pet. Dogs and cats require much different dosages and formulations from those that are safe for human treatment.
    In particular, some of the inactive ingredients, like xylitol used in liquid formulations can be dangerous for your pet’s liver. An accredited compounding pharmacy will be able to provide doses that are appropriate for your dog or cat’s weight and level of pain. On the whole, gabapentin is quite safe for treating your pet’s pain symptoms. Most dogs and cats experience few side effects. For those who do have an adverse reaction, sedation or temporary loss of coordination are the most common. These may possibly be prevented by reducing the dosage.

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    Cathy B

    Thanks anon!! I did get an email from Dr. Morgan saying the same things you just said.

    That a vet pharmacy should have compounded the gabapentin so insure no xylitol is in it.

    And Gabapentin is generally safe to use. No label on mine is why I’ve asked the vet to give me the ingredient list. Don’t think that’s gonna happen now.

    I did know the brand name Neurontin as I sat on comp yesterday for seems like hours trying to get all info I could get. I just get too worried about my sweet boy and only want what’s best.

    Vet did say if my boy does good on the Gabapentin she would just keep him on forever.
    What’s best the liquid or capsules?

    I would have to measure dosage of the capsules, I think. A little scared about that.

    I just want a safe medicine to give to help with his pain.

    Thank you SO much anon for your help! ;0)

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    I have used gabapentin for more than one dog over the years and did not note any side effects.
    I think I would prefer the liquid if I could get it, easier to slip into the food.

    Just mix it with a spoonful of his favorite soft food and observe him eat it.

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    Cathy B

    I just received an email from vet!…She tried calling but server weather last night and our phone lines still down so she emailed me.

    Said they purchase their veterinary products from a different supplier than the human medications and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners like xylitol.

    I think I’ll go with the liquid, also.

    Still a bit nervous though as I know any medication can effect all pets differently.

    Do feel better from email and from you anon!

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    You’re welcome.
    Remember the homeopathic stuff may not have any side effects (although some do) …..but it may not help either. Some of them interfere with the absorption of prescription meds.
    Homeopathic meds are not regulated by the FDA.

    Trust your vet, or find one that you do.

    The only side effects of gabapentin I have heard of is drowsiness, but, rest helps relieve pain.

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    Some science based info over here that I hope you will find helpful. Gabapentin and other meds are mentioned in this article written by a veterinarian

    PS: Your dog is a senior, keeping him comfortable is a priority.

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    Cathy B

    Well, homeopathic puts me at ease though LOL. Much better than having to give meds w/ side effects.

    He’s doing pretty good on the gabapentin. Isn’t acting loopy or anything. Just normal actually.

    Yes, he’s has a memory foam inside his bed that is surrounded with a baby gate. Has his water and pee pad next to him. I carefully pick him up to set in yard and carry him back in.

    He hasn’t been alone since Monday except for 10 min. I wait til husband comes home to run errands. Little brat. Haha

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    You are definitely a good dog mom!
    It’s heartbreaking when they get old.
    Remember to take care of yourself too 🙂

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    Cathy B

    Awww, very kind of you, anon! It sure is heartbreaking. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

    We also have a deer head Chi that we adopted 11 yrs ago. He was abused. He’s as old as the hills. Teeth were so rotted vet pulled everyone.

    My husband and he loves each other to pieces!! Husband talks to him more in a day than he does to me LOL

    I do without to do for them. But I know they’d do the SAME for me.

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    Cathy B

    Wow! Had a very nice guy from Gabapentin call me. Said that their Gabapentin does
    have Xylitol in it but the one I got from vet must not have it cause my sweet boy hasn’t had a reaction to it.

    So I’ll see how he does this 2 wks on it and go from there. Left arm is really sore today. Could be a cool front has come thru but he has a warmer for pets in his bed
    that he can lay beside if he wants.

    We were in 80’s just a few days ago. Goodness. I know it takes the meds time to work.

    I do feel MUCH better today. Yesterday I was so upset with worry I couldn’t even think.

    Had vet office called within 4 hrs would had saved a lot of heartache on my part.

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    Hi Cathy,

    Hope he’s feeling better today, I was wondering what is your dog taken for his Arthritis in shoulder? also you do Physiotherapy ?

    Have you heard of “Cartrophen Vet” injection?

    Cartrophen Vet is a disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD) with multiple pharmaological actions affecting the immune and tissue cell systems of the body that slow the progression of arthritis..
    Cartrophen Vet provides relief from pain, stiffness and lameness as effectively as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used in veterinary medicine.

    Cartrophen Vet is a injection given into the skin around the area where arthritis pain is given weekly for 4 weeks.

    At the recommended dose and duration of treatment, no toxic effects occur. At three times the recommended dose, this is why I’m trying Cartrophen Vet..

    My 10yr old boy also a rescue is starting Cartrophen next week, he has some stiffness of a morning & thru the night he gets up stretches turns around makes a few noises & goes back to bed, he has a square left hip socket, vet said she has never seen anything like it, he would have been born this way, he hasn’t shown any pain until 1 yr ago he started running on 3 legs, one day when he was having a Xray vet thought he had urinary blockage (crystals) instead vet found no blockage she seen this weird looking square left hip socket with a bone growth growing from his spine tail, all the vets at the vet practice were intrigued as they have never seen this before, my vet said she has seen something similiar but its was the dog shoulder socket.
    He can not take NSAID (Stomach) or Gabapenten, Gabapentin makes him very drugged up, even when dose was reduced, gabapentin was prescribed for his IBD stomach pain cause he cant take Prednisone…

    Do you use those wheat packs for Arthritis pain?? now I think they use some type of bean in the pack instead of te wheat, you put heat pack in microwave for 1-2mins then wrap in a towel just incase it’s too hot, then apply to sore area, the heat pack really helps as I use for my arthritis in lower back & Ive notice patch is better after he has used the heat pack on cold days.

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    Cathy B

    Hi Susan,

    Bubba is doing good as far as the medicine goes, thank goodness. No bad side effects.
    But the side he fell on his arm is still sore.

    The only meds he’s on is Galliprant and Gabapentin.

    X-ray showed “horrible arthritis” as one vet put it three months ago and put him on the Galliprant.

    After he fell 4 days ago and hurt shoulder and x-ray showed no breakage or fracture another vet said his arthritis is “high” and put him on Gabapentin for pain.

    I’ve read the Gabapentin works best when combined with another pain medicine, which would be the Galliprant. I’ve never heard of Physiotherapy or Cartrophen vet injection.

    I can look into them thou. Don’t think the vets office has either or you would think they would have mentioned to me.

    Sure will look into the wheat pack. He has a disk that came from pet store years ago that looks like a frisbe and you microwave it and stays warm for hours.
    I put inside a pillowcase and under his cover and he can snuggle next to it.

    Crock potted chicken feet for 24 hrs for bone broth and give Answers fish stock and Primal’s goat milk, sardines, fresh eggs, home cooked, Dr Harveys and so on.

    Seems nothing helps this sweet boy with his arthritis!

    Thank you for the info, Susan! Will look into all of it :0)

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    Cathy B

    BTW Susan, your sweet boy is LUCKY to have you! I’ve always read the posts you write about him. He’s loved and I’m sure he knows it.

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    My chi is getting gabapentin liquid tonight and i too was worried about xylitol. Everything still ok? We won’t have bloodwork back til tomorrow and I’m nervous but he hurts. He has ivdd narrowing of the vertebra.

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    Mine is 5 lbs and I told vet lowest dose but I need to double check him. What was your dose?

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    Jennifer L

    My 15 lb terrier mix was prescribed liquid gabapentine and Loxicom for a tooth extraction .4 cc’s twice a day for the Gaba. Now our 14 lb chihuahua mix is having tooth pain. She has a dental next week so she’s on .3 cc’s twice a day. Well, she’s not mine. She’s my sisters and neglected so I have taken over her medical care.

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    Jennifer L

    Also, forgot to mention my Rott mix was on lifelong Gabapentine for back pain.

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    Joanna M

    Hey Cathy, my vet prescribed my dog gabapentin as well and it says in red letters “for vet use only” but i wanted to know does yours have a sweet smell? Because mine does and when i looked it up it says that the stuff in humans version is an artificial sweetener and that’s why it’s dangerous for them. So now I’m sort of freaking out since mine does have a very sweet smell

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    Cathy B

    Hi, Joanna M,

    Yes, mine had a sweet smell that the vet called into Walgreens for me. I gave 2 doses then realized I need to call Wall-greens and ask does it have Xylitol in it. He didn’t know and had to research and called me back. It did! I threw it away and drove the hour to my vets office and got his Gabapentin.

    On way home I decided to open it and smell and it had the sweet smell to it, same as Walgreens did.
    I freak out and pull over and call vet. They said it doesn’t have the Xylitol in it.

    But I remembered the last bottle of Gabapentin from the same vets office, had no smell.

    You need to call your vet and ask. I totally understand your freaking out. Been there, done that.

    You would think from the vets office, it wouldn’t have the xylitol in it. But you never know

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    Jennifer M

    Did anyone have problems with their dog taking the liquid form? It tastes awful and my little chihuahua shakes his head to get it all out and I’m afraid he is not getting enough of the medicine.

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    Cathy B

    Hi Jennifer , My Chihuahua took it from 3 different places ( 2 vets and Walgreens) which was 3 different name brands and never had a problem with taste.

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    Jennifer M

    Hi Cathy, I put a little on my finger and tasted it, and it’s pretty bad. Do you know if the formulation you got did not have xylitol? It is toxic to dogs, but they put it in human forms. Thank you!

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    Cathy B

    I wonder if you got an old batch if it tastes that bad? I wish I’d tasted the ones my sweet boy had, but he never had
    a problem with the taste. I do know the one from Walgreens did have the xylitol in it. I gave him 2 doses before I realized I need to call Walgreens and ask, because my vet called for me to get there instead of the hour drive to vets office that day.

    I threw it in trash and drove to vet office. The last vet that gave the gabapentin, I had to tell him to make sure it doesn’t have the xylitol in it! So not every vet knows of this, like you would think would know! So he ordered it for me that took a few days. If I remember the name I’ll post it.

    Can you call the vet and ask if it has the xylitol?

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    Cathy B

    Have you looked into the Gabapentin powdered capsule? Petmeds sales the capsules and says it doesn’t contain Xylitol.

    Look under their Q & A forum or call. That may be better for your sweet one. I did ask them questions but I believe I was told my boy was too tiny for them because they couldn’t be dosed correctly. I could be wrong

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    Jennifer, Cathy B, & Joanna M

    Why not just go through a compounding pharmacy?

    Veterinary compounding pharmacists absolutely would not include xylitol (or any additive toxic to dogs).

    They also can offer you a wide range of forms, from tasty chewable treats to doggie flavored liquids (so no bad taste or rejection from your dog!) to hypoallergenic capsules, and methods of giving your dog medicine + tips. With your vet, they create dosages custom to your dog. All of this is their specialty. (And the meds are often cheaper.) Example:

    You can use a national delivery place w/your vet calling/faxing in the prescription. Or you can use a local facility/branch.

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    I purchase my heartworm prevention pills from a local compounding facility. Lead pharmacist is great, very helpful!

    They compound the active ingredient into veggie caps, precise custom dose to weight, and we couldn’t be happier.

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    Cathy B

    Hi GSDsForever, I didn’t know about the Compounding pharmacy til the end or I would have used them long ago.

    I just always went to the vets office and bought it. The last vet that ordered it for me went thru and compounding pharmacy, but I can’t remember the name for Jennifer.

    Thank you for all the info!

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    Jennifer M

    I have written to the wedgewood to see their suggestions for flavor. I have the capsules, but he is only 9 pounds and makes it much harder to pill him so I was hoping to have a successful liquid form. Hopefully wedgewood will have a good suggestion. Thank you everyone!

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    Cathy B

    I see. Liquid is much easier. Wishing you luck and all the best!

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