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    I was reading an article in the WDJ that talked about giving dogs with allergies local raw honey to help exposé them to pollen in your area so seasonal allergies aren’t as bad.

    Has anyone tried this? I’m curious if this works…….


    Hound Dog Mom

    I believe Patty has had some luck with this. I can’t stomach the taste of honey so it’s nothing I could ever do, luckily neither my dogs or myself have allergies anyways. I do take bee pollen though and so do my dogs.


    I love local honey! My follow through is terrible, so I’ve never had any luck with my allergies using it, but that’s only because of my inconsistency. I readily admit my faults. : ) I have a friend in the area and he’s diligently used local honey with great success. I did recently buy some bee pollen myself at a local orchard and need to start giving it a try. My daughter’s allergies have kicked in and she can’t swallow pills (she’ll be 13 tomorrow!), so I had been thinking of using honey for her.

    In my mind, I kind of think of honey and bee pollen like a flu shot though, in that honey is seasonal and what you’re buying is probably from the past season as opposed to the current season, and is it going to be effective for current allergens. Meaning, does it contain the stuff that is currently problematic ~ would you be better off buying honey from last Fall to use this Fall?

    I’ve never used it for my dogs, haven’t needed to I suppose, but I imagine it would work for them as well as it does us ~ it might take a little work to mix it into their food, or maybe not as I think about it.

    I’ll be curious to hear what others have to share about this!



    I use local raw honey for myself. I went from taking antihistamines and decongestants daily to taking them occassionally. I’m allergic to everything airborn and the honey has helped tremendously. I get small things of honey so I have to get new very often. I do still have some issues but nothing like I was before, of course some things just aren’t in honey, like dog and cat dander. I don’t use honey on my dogs, but I have read several accounts of people having success with it.


    What’s your human honey dose, honey? ; )



    I think I’m going to give it a try for my pugs….I was at the farmers market this morning and found a raw honey booth so I bought a jar. I cracked it open when I got home and did a taste test. I can’t see how the dogs won’t like it! It was delicious!

    I’ll start with a small amount and see how it goes…..



    My dose is one tablespoon per day and before you ask, yes you can add that to whatever. I sweeten tea with it or have peanutbutter and honey for breakfast.

    BTW, I do give bee pollen granules to my dogs and I think it helps them.



    My dog’s skin gets red when we come in from our evening walk. I might have to decrease the amount if time shes exposed to the outdoors. :( I do bathe her often. I also have tried bee pollen recently but not seeing much of a difference. I do like using coconut oil in her food and topically and seems to work better. Have you tried coconut oil, Pugsonraw?

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