Hi-Tor Veterinary Select (Dry)


Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Hi-Tor Veterinary Select Dog Food is not rated due to its intentional therapeutic design.

Notes and Updates

02/14/2011 Original review
11/24/2011 Review updated
05/25/2013 Review updated

12/04/2013 Last Update

  • Joe

    They literally make the same product Vets push on people except Vets call it Science Diet. All they’re trying to do is save you money by not paying $80 a bag like Vets do. I don’t think Vet Diets work but for those that do this a equal cheap Alternative to Science Diet or Purina’s Vet Diet

  • Laura

    I just opened a can of the ENO and there are metal pieces in it ! I have fed my 2 small Yorkies this food , They have both have had trouble with puking and pooping blood on and off and then what do i find sharp medal pieces ! These dogs are getting x Rays on Monday ! Very upset ! My dogs are 10

    a lbs and 4 lbs ! the 4 lb one has had a very hard time , how much can a 4lb dog poop or puke blood before they are in trouble ?

  • Cindy

    I’m betting this, like a lot of poor dog foods, was created purely to create a profit for their garbage, waste byproduct from other industries.

  • Jonathan

    Wow. This food is an awful pile of trash. What veterinarian “selected” these crappy ingredients? lol