Prescription Dog Foods


The following items represent some of The Dog Food Advisor’s most frequently asked questions about prescription dog foods.

Why don’t you give ratings to prescription dog foods?

Due to their intentional therapeutic designs, we are unable to rate prescription dog foods.

That’s because to treat certain health conditions — like kidney or liver disease — some veterinary products have been intentionally designed to reduce the meat content of a specific recipe.

Since we tend to favor dog foods rich in meat, it would be inappropriate for us to assign a star rating to such meat-restricted prescription food products.

What about the claims of efficacy made by the manufacturer or a prescribing veterinarian?

Our reports have nothing to do with the ability of any dog food to effectively treat or cure a specific health condition.

Shouldn’t prescription dog foods be exempt from scrutiny?

Although we respect the right of every veterinary professional to prescribe what would be in the best interest of each patient, we still believe every consumer has the right to question the quality and content of these products.

Can you recommend a dog food I can get from a pet food store that’s designed to treat a specific health problem?

Unfortunately, since no one on our staff is a veterinarian and due to the biological uniqueness of each animal, it would be inappropriate for us to make specific recommendations.

In addition, due to the serious nature of many medical conditions, readers are encouraged to consult a qualified veterinary professional for help.

  • KcQ8ov

    Maybe this blog will help clarify some things
    The best thing you can do for crystals/bladder stones is increase water intake, add water to meals and offer frequent bathroom breaks, opportunities to urinate. There is nothing wrong with prescription food, it has helped many dogs.
    Go to the forums section at this site and search “allergies”

  • Katherine Shade

    I have the same problem right now with my little guy! I’m so lost with the whole situation:(

  • Kristi Diaz

    Sensitive stomachs in dogs is a tough problem to handle! What kind of dog do you have? Are you still on Royal Canin?

  • Morgan Anderson

    My poor pup has colitis and her vet put her on Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response. I’ve never been comfortable with the lack of quality ingredients in the food. Does anyone have other recommendations that would work for her sensitive tummy? I asked him about options but he absolutely refused to identify any stating that Royal Canin is one of the best brands available.

  • Lori Johnston

    My dog has been diagnosed with a crystal/stone in his bladder. He had surgery for this 3 years ago and the vet prescribed Hilll’s Science Diet, which I took him off of after maybe a year. I disliked what I read about it. I put him on a natural foods diet, aided with Cornucopia wet food. Given that he’s developed another crystal/stone, he needs a second surgery and the vet says he cannot eat as I’ve been feeding him. She suggested Royal Canin, Iams or perhaps Purina, who is coming out with prescription food specific to ph levels. Any advice? I’m not sure what to trust. Thanks in advance.

  • Leslie Celia

    change vets

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