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Everpet Dog Food receives the Advisor’s lowest rating of 1 star.

The Everpet Dog Food product line includes four kibbles. Since we were unable to locate an Everpet website, we could not find any AAFCO nutritional adequacy statements for these products.1

  • Everpet Healthy Mix
  • Everpet Adult Basics
  • Everpet Premium Chunk
  • Everpet Kibbles and Bites

Everpet Premium Chunk Dog Food was selected to represent the others in the line for this review.2

Everpet Premium Chunk

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 24% | Fat = 11% | Carbs = 57%

Ingredients: Whole grain corn, meat and bone meal, animal fat preserved with mixed tocopherols (form of vitamin E), corn gluten meal, poultry by-product meal, rice bran, soybean meal, corn distillers dried grain, whole grain wheat, animal digest, calcium carbonate, salt, barley, calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, l-lysine monohydrochloride, choline chloride, zinc sulfate, vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate, ferrous sulfate, added color (red 40, yellow 5, blue 2, yellow 6), dl-methionine, manganese sulfate, manganese proteinate, niacin, vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, calcium pantothenate, copper proteinate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, riboflavin supplement, calcium iodate, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin K activity), folic acid, biotin, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 5.1%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis21%10%NA
Dry Matter Basis24%11%57%
Calorie Weighted Basis22%26%52%
Protein = 22% | Fat = 26% | Carbs = 52%

The first ingredient in this dog food is corn. Corn is an inexpensive and controversial cereal grain of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

For this reason, we do not consider corn a preferred component in any dog food.

The second ingredient is meat and bone meal, a dry “rendered product from mammal tissues, including bone, exclusive of any added blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, stomach and rumen contents”.3

Meat and bone meal can have a lower digestibility than most other meat meals.

Scientists believe this decreased absorption may be due to the ingredient’s higher ash and lower essential amino acid content.4

What’s worse, this particular item is anonymous. Since there’s no mention of a specific animal, this ingredient could come from almost anywhere: spoiled supermarket meat, roadkill, dead, diseased or dying livestock — even euthanized farm animals.

Even though meat and bone meals are still considered protein-rich meat concentrates, we do not consider a generic ingredient like this a quality item.

The third item is animal fat. Animal fat is a generic by-product of rendering, the same high-temperature process used to make meat meals.

Since there’s no mention of a specific animal, this item could come from almost anywhere: roadkill, spoiled supermarket meat, dead, diseased or dying cattle — even euthanized livestock.

For this reason, we do not consider generic animal fat a quality ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is corn gluten meal. Gluten is the rubbery residue remaining once corn has had most of its starchy carbohydrate washed out of it.

Compared to meat, glutens are inferior grain-based proteins lower in many of the essential amino acids dogs need for life.

This inexpensive plant-based ingredient can significantly boost the total protein content reported in this dog food.

The fifth ingredient is poultry by-product meal… a dry rendered product of slaughterhouse waste. It’s made from what’s left of slaughtered poultry after all the prime cuts have been removed.

This stuff can contain almost anything — feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs.

We consider poultry by-products slightly lower in quality than a single-species ingredient (like chicken by-products).

On the brighter side, by-product meals are meat concentrates and contain nearly 300% more protein than fresh poultry.

The sixth ingredient lists rice bran, a healthy by-product of rice milling. Though not as nutritionally complete as whole grain rice, brans are still unusually rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

The seventh ingredient is soybean meal. Soybean meal is actually a useful by-product. It’s what remains of soybeans after all the oil has been removed.

Soybean meal contains 48% protein. However, compared to meat, this item is considered an inferior plant-based protein providing a lower biological value.

The eighth item lists corn distillers dried grains, a by-product of the ethanol (bio-fuel) industry. This low-quality ingredient is usually found in cattle feed and only rarely used to make pet food.

The ninth ingredient is wheat. Wheat is another problematic grain and subject to the same issues as corn (previously discussed).

The tenth ingredient is animal digest. Animal digest is a chemically hydrolyzed concoction of unspecified body parts from unspecified animals. This product is usually sprayed onto the surface of a dry kibble to improve its taste.

We’re always disappointed to find artificial coloring in any dog food.

Coloring is used to make the product more appealing to you… not your dog. After all, do you really think your dog cares what color his kibble is?

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With three notable exceptions

First, we find no mention of probiotics, friendly bacteria applied to the surface of the kibble after processing.

Next, this dog food also contains chelated mineralsminerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

And lastly, this Everpet food product also contains menadione, a controversial form of vitamin K linked to liver toxicity, allergies and the abnormal break-down of red blood cells.

Everpet Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Everpet Dog Food appears to be a below-average kibble.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 24%, a fat level of 11% and estimated carbohydrates of about 57%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 24% and a mean fat level of 10%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 58% for the overall product line.

Below-average protein. Below-average fat. And above-average carbohydrates when compared to a typical dry dog food.

In addition, when you consider the plant-based protein-boosting effect of the corn gluten and soybean meals, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing only a limited amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Everpet Dog Food is a grain-based dry kibble using only a limited amount of poultry and meat by-product meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 1 star.

Not recommended.

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Notes and Updates

12/31/2010 Original review

10/25/2015 Last Update

  1. Everpet Moist Beef and Cheese Flavored Burger excluded because product is a semi-moist dog food
  2. Product research provided by Jonathan Herold
  3. Association of American Feed Control Officials, 2008 Edition
  4. Shirley RB and Parsons CM, Effect of Ash Content on Protein Quality of Meat and Bone Meal, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, Poultry Science, 2001 80: 626-632
  • Babslynne

    I would suggest you give them some coconut oil and probiotics.


  • mahoraner


  • mahoraner

    wow, 9 out of the 10 first ingredients are red

  • Tina

    My dogs have been acting sick too, everpet better pray my dogs are OK, cause I’ll do whatever I have to do to make them pay dearly if something goes real bad for any of them

  • Tina

    I recently bought a bag of everpet for my 3 dogs, it’s the only time and I’m telling you it’s horrible how they can just sell that and live with there selves moldy and maggot in it on the bottom too, I can see whoever they are that don’t care a bit about animals so they shouldn’t be able to sell it

  • Amateria

    I do that too! The wars are very fun to read, makes for an easy cheer up.

  • riley hootman

    I like looking at the 1 star dog foods just to look at the comments there’s usually a war going on. But God d*nm this is probably the worst dog food I’ve seen on here.

  • Robert Albrecht

    Its funny to me that my Chihuahuas and Min-pin have eaten this and table scraps their entire lives (my oldest is 11) and have had no issues from it. As a mater of fact they are very healthy. The vet compliments them every time they see them. To each his own…

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    I would never feed a puppy Puppy Chow knowing what i do know. IMO it’s one of the worse foods out there.

  • theBCnut

    If there’s nothing better in the world than Purina Puppy Chow, I wonder why Purina felt the need to make Pro Plan and Purina ONE. I would guess that even Purina thinks that Puppy Chow could easily be improved on.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    A dog may do well on a food in the short term, but many foods that have ingredients such as corn and anonymous meat in them can cause serious problems in the long term. You are entitled to your opinion, but I do not consider Puppy Chow a good food.

  • Neoma Manion

    I’m sure most people want the very best for their pets. You would think that there would be stricter guidelines for pet food. I wasn’t aware of the bad pet foods out there until I bought some cheap horse food and almost lost my 31 year old Arabian angel. I sat with her in the barn 3 nights but she was close to dying. Now I inspect and check all the food and hay that I feed my horses. They have very fragile digestive systems unlike cows that have two stomachs.

  • Neoma Manion

    They are good brands and there is nothing in the world better for puppies than purina puppy chow, puppies do wonderful on itl

  • Neoma Manion

    My neighbor lady had me pet sit with her dogs and she left a new bag of Everpet for them, first of all I hate that food, and second of all I opened the new bag she had just brought home and it was full of big chunks of stuck together molded dog food. Mold is lethal to dogs, so I brought my own food over to feed them and left her a note to never feed her dog that stuff again.

  • Neoma Manion

    Years ago I started all my pets with an old fashioned vet and he said they should be fed a mix of dry and canned food and I have always chose a good brand of both and they are beautiful and healthy.

  • Neoma Manion

    I agree with you. Many people around here say I would be rich if it weren’t for my 4 horses, 6 dogs, 5 cats, 1 turtle and two birds. BUT I am rich because of them. Like you I have a hybrid wolf that a man left for me to pet sit with and never picked up, she is absolutely the sweetest, smartest dog I have ever seen. Unknown to me she was expecting babies and the pictures below show some of them. SHE HAD TEN. None of the babies look like her and she is hybrid wolf and German shepherd and just beautiful. She was a wonderful mom and I screened the people very thoroughly and found great homes for all of them. Needless to say, she is spayed now and I love her so much.

  • Christine Strong Holster

    Well since dogs are dying or getting violently ill to a point they are in so much pain they wish they could die my first guess is the unknown undisclosed ingrediant is very dangerous for our beloved furry family members. PLEAS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR BABY DON’T BUY THIS FOOD. LET’S ALL WORK TOGETHER TO GET THIS POSIONUOS CRAP SOMEONE CALLS DOG FOOD OFF THE SHELVES PERMENTALLY

  • Kara LeeAnn Cain-Hicks

    Ugh. I worked for Dollar General in college and so many people bought this food for their dogs. It was nauseating, at best. I see hundreds of people buy Ol’Roy when I’m forced to shop at Wal-Mart, too. I am always broke because I buy quality food for my family and my dogs (I have a wolf hybrid and you have to feed them high-meat kibble. I learned that the hard way when his fur started falling out with Iams). I could have nice things if I bought crap food for everyone, but I would rather have my old car and crappy t-shirts than an unhealthy family (dog included in family)! Although Abound is about the same as Dog Chow in terms of price. I feed it to my mixed breed dog; my hybrid didn’t stop losing hair on it.

  • Happy

    If he’s eating chicken, a high quality dog food with meat (chicken) as it’s main ingredient shouldn’t bother him. Grains can cause bloating in dogs, just as it does in some humans. Dog breeds prone to bloating (usually toy and large breeds) should be fed their recommended amount 3-4 times a day (puppies 4-5), more or less dependant on the dog’s body condition. You should also avoid giving water right before or right after eating.
    You should have a chat with your veterinarian about what your dog’s nutritional need are and go from there. If you are feeding him a proper dry kibble diet there is no need to feed him human food, but if you wanted to switch him to 100% homemade so you know what’s in there, your vet can help with that so you can make sure he’s getting all the vitamins & minerals he needs as well as helping with the balance (x% protein, x% carbs, x% fat,etc). Plenty of people do that instead of feeding regular dry food, it’s about the same price as feeding a high quality food anyway.

  • Betsy Greer

    What are the other foods you tried that had meat as the first ingredient, Ashley?

  • Cyndi

    Beneful is one of the worst foods you can feed. If you didn’t do a gradual switch to the new food, that’s why it made him sick. Beneful is like crack, they add things to it to make your dog love it, but the ingredients are garbage! There are several threads regarding puppy food on this site. If I were you, I would do a bit more research & not settle for anything but a 3, 4 or 5 star food. I know you love your puppy, but seriously, over time you’re going to have nothing but health related problems keeping him on beneful. Walmart sells a food called Pure Balance that is much better than beneful, if you need something inexpensive. Canned food is also much better and you can add it to dry food. But if you go with canned food, be sure to pick a good one, and not like alpo or anything. There is a wealth of information on this site and the ingredients in beneful speak for themselves. Good luck to you! There are alot of people on here that love to help so any questions you have, feel free to ask.

  • Ashley

    i mean i know.it says beneful is a bad grade of dog food but honestly. My. Pupdoesn’t do good with meat as main ingredient. I even looked up what was best to feed my pure bred pup and i came up with beneful because he has a really sensitive stomach but he really liked puppy chow. All the others I’ve tried on him with meat as first ingredient he got sick and he is not supposed to be eating it cause it cause bloat. He is suppose to be lean but just wish he was growing more. But if u have any ideas please let me know i do cook mine chicken white rice he eat.fruits that are dog safe yogurt i even have him on cranberry juice once every 2wks . He does.get things way.better and.i feel healthier than dog Food

  • Ashley

    I recently changed him over to benefil puppy food

  • Cyndi

    Purina isn’t any better. You should look for some 4 or 5 star foods and get your puppy started off right.

  • Ashley

    I fed my dog this. I mean i usually buy Purina puppy chow for.him but my bf bought this and my dog itches like he was fleas but i know he does not have them. He doesn’t have squirts or anything only that he itches could this be from the food? ? Wondering! !! Either way in a few hours we are
    going to store and buying him Purina.

  • Joni B.

    Holding my sister’s belove dog in my arms as she was put to sleep after eating bad dog food and having her liver destroyed by it was enough evidence for me.

  • LabsRawesome

    Everpet,Ol’roy, Dog Chow, Pedigree. Are all pretty much the same exact product, just different packaging , and names. It’s all floor sweepings and garbage. So what’s your beef? I’m sure the ingredient list hasn’t changed much, if at all. If you want a good food, that won’t empty your wallet, check out Victor, 4health, Rachael Ray Zero Grain, Pure Balance, all are 4 and 5 star foods. And just a little more ( maybe $10) than the garbage brands.

  • Bob K

    DaveB – What has changed with this food? Do you have a website that provides details? The review was last updated 10/12/2012 so it is not even 1.5 years old.

  • DaveB

    This study is outdated. It’s 2014 everyone! These tests were done in 2012. EverPet is a store brand and a whole lot could have changed between now and then. Please get your facts straight. And it would also be more fair to compare these to the brands, like Dog Chow to give perspective.

  • Dodger-n-rome

    i was giving a 13 n a half of a bag of another 13 pounds n my dog will not eat it..i didnt know it was that bad…i dont want my dog to get sick or die…i get my dog off from the daller store when im low on money..damn this dog food is bad its all going in to the trash…

  • Pattyvaughn

    And some people feed this food because they think it is a good food and they need to be educated on why this is not a good food and what is a good food. That will never happen if no one is willing to say anything negative about this food. The quality of the food is not a judgement on a person, it is the quality of the food. I sincerely hope you don’t surround yourself with only people who tell you what you want to hear. Personally, I like to hear different peoples point of view, even when it doesn’t agree with mine. I find it to be broadening. I get introduced to ideas and concepts that I haven’t explored before and I get the opportunity to learn something new. Nobody should be ridiculed for their dog food choice, but people shouldn’t think that what others think of their dog food somehow reflects on them personally either. This food is garbage, that doesn’t make someone who feeds it garbage too.

  • InkedMarie

    Take a breath. There are a number of good dog foods at good price points but people have to be willing to look for it.

  • Shawna

    I totally agree with you that folks should not be badgered if they simply can’t afford something different. But I do think it is our responsibility as a community to let people know when they are feeding poor quality.. The info may be helpful when/if they are financially in a better situation.

    I also agree that a food on the shelf SHOULD be safe but that is not the case. This food has three of the four ingredients the FDA has determined can be contaminated with pentobarbital (the euthanasia drug). Per the US Fish and Wildlife Service those feeding foods with these ingredients could potentially be poisoning their dogs.

    “Rendering is not an acceptable way to dispose of a pentobarbital-tainted carcass. The drug residues are not destroyed in the rendering process, so the tissues and by-products may contain poison and must not be used for animal feed….” http://cpharm.vetmed.vt.edu/USFWS/USFWSFPentobarbFactSheet.pdf

  • mulegal

    Okay this is peoples pets we are talking about and some of the comments are terrible, darn right rude! There are people out there that just cannot afford some of the better dog foods…so these people that are downing these people for buying this food, are judging others because they are not as well of as some are. You wonder why this world is so screwed up! I have never bought this dog food, I can afford to use better brands of food. But I am not going to put these people down that feed it. Any dog food on the shelves that are available to feed to our pets, family members should be safe to feed to our animals, wether ones better for them or not!!! I breed dogs and have for a LONG time, and what I choose to feed is my own choice, as the people that are feeding this dog food is thier chioce. So ridicule these people for thier choice, the people that have made some of the comments they left, trashing those people for feeding this food are trash as a person in general and would I want you as a friend, hell no!

  • natepi

    Just fed my dog everpet dry food last night. I was going to use it until next week when I was going to buy RachelRay dog food.

  • Lara

    Don’t buy from any type of dollar or discount store. Go look at the four or five star foods for some ideas on what to feed your dogs.

  • Lara

    Firstly, why would you feed your Pom this garbage food? Secondly, why would you mix in cat food?

    Pick a food from the four or five star category!

  • Lara

    Why would you feed your dog this crap in the first place?! Look in the four or five star category.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The funny thing is I can’t buy a bag of corn for this amount, so as bad as it is corn may be one of the better ingredients.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Nothing like personal responsibility.

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    You paid like 5 to 8 bucks for a big bag of dog food. You can’t really expect it to be a good quality food. Someone posted a video of dollar store dog food crawling with bugs. They opened the bag on camera. There were bugs on the inside and outside of the bag. You really do get what you pay for.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I just think of something that’s “name brand” as being a brand name people recognize. You can refer to Iams, Purina, Ol Roy, etc. and most people will be familiar with those foods. I consider generic store brand items to be non-name brand. Generic items would be much more common with human food than with dog food, although there are a few large chain stores that I’ve seen with “off brand” generic pet foods.

  • InkedMarie

    Well that is true but then Ole Roy would b a name brand.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I consider Iams and Purina to be name brand. Name brand doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.

  • Pattyvaughn

    What does name brand mean if it isn’t that you recognize the name is the brand? They definitely aren’t good foods, but I think of them as being name brand.

  • InkedMarie

    Am I the only one who does not consider Iams and Purina to be name brand foods?

  • KDeem

    I run a AKC Labrador Kennel out of San Austin. Goldies.

    My dogs have always eaten namebrand food from purina and Iams.

    During the recession, I once cut a corner and bought the everpetbrand for my dogs.

    Big Mistake!

    5 out of my 8 dogs had the uncontrollable squirt for days, and one died.

    My lawyers are currently handling a lawsuit against the everpet parent company and the Dollar general store chain for business damages.

    I would be interested in gettin-in-on/starting a separate class-action lawsuit also.


  • Mel

    Never feed your animal EverPet brand anything. An expensive dog and a hundred dollar vet bill later on this brand is enough for me. And to those making fun of others for spending little to nothing on the dog food, did the thoughts ever cross peoples minds that dog owners do get sick and miss work so there fore sometimes have a hard time purchasing food for themselves or others and may not know anyone to borrow money from. We were in between pays as well as the other person and it was all we could afford because husband was off of work. So please don’t judge ppl for the choices they made in dog food because of financial status..At least be happy that we are giving reviews. And by the way there were Beneful that is on recall too and thats a higher priced dog food so it could happen in a cheap or expensive dog food.

  • LabsRawesome

     Spoiledtinker37, check out Fromm classics. Excellent budget food. http://frommfamily.com/products/classics/dog/dry/adult

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m sorry about your dog, but why would anyone expect their dog to do well on food with ingredients like this food has?

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry about your dogs but it is time for people to start feeding high quality foods and stop bargain shopping. Feed food from a company with a good track record. If money is an issue, look at Fromm, Earthborn…

  • Spoiledtinker37

    i have got this food for my dogs and my big dogs got sick i to didnt think about it until i got up this morning and found my little dog dead in her cage…who is going to pay for this i am sick of losing my animals because of people not taking care of the pet food..they have a right to be here just as good as we do….so i am right there with you and i am mad as heck

  • Pattyvaughn

    10 out of 10 of the first ingredients are red lettered and that wasn’t even all of the red ingredients.  I haven’t actually seen a dog food that was worse.

  • luvmyfurkids

    I never buy EverPet but did this month. Today I was scooping into my dogs bowl and the pieces were matted & webbed together with maggots crawling in the bag! Didn’t notice it till today, my poor dog has been eating maggots! I called store & guy said another man called this week with same problem that the whole pallet they sold had this problem to return for refund or another bag. Never buying this crap again!

  • Deann

    Bought everpet for Pom and made my Pom sick twice and was mixed with cat food

  • Cynthiatarley

    My mother fed her cat this food and the cat became very ill and died a few days later on the way to the vet.  After doing some research, there are other pet owners who have had similiar experiences.  Please do not feed this food to your cat!

  • Kishirian

     I’m never using Diamond products ever again! My friend’s Kirkland’s Puppy food gave his wolf/husky mix salmonella! Diamond NEVER recalled the Puppy formulas and my friend’s dog almost died! The vet said that if she had gone 3 more days without treatment, she would be dead! My dogs were on the Adult (not listed for recall) and Puppy (also not listed for recall). They were all bought the same day, same store. The puppy was on the same pallet! I thought I was doing the right thing for my babies, but I was clearly wrong!

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Ellie, I would never buy dog food from dollar general. Check out this video.                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30pmWdOPXuw

  • Ellie

    I bought a bag of Everpet last night from Dollar General and gave it to my dogs. A shih-tzu and a bull-boxer pit mix. This morning I woke up to find my Pit mix throwing up. I thought it was nothing, maybe he ate too quickly, cleaned it up and went to school. I come home to find even more puke and he refuses to touch the stuff. I have no idea what’s going on but based on the reviews and what my dog is going through. I’m never buying Dollar store Everpet pet food ever again. Ever.

  • Jrios8837

    i think everpet snacks are great my boston terrier goes wild when i open the bag she eats them like its her last meal….

  • Kryssy4chris

    Excuse me for being on your board. My puppy came with papers and shots. It was not parvo. Yes my vet has prepared to go to court with me. I know what it takes. Just because I only had $3.50 to my name that day, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve my dog.
    That is a discriminatory remark based on one’s income . I was a pay day away from buying a bag of food from my vet. I was doing the best I could hoping to do right by my pet and provide a meal for him. I will remove my membership. Screw you with your hatred remarks. I thought this board was about getting the message across not attack new members

  • LabsRawesome

    Hey Ninja, when he cut the bag and all those bugs were walking on the kibble, it made my skin crawl. OMGosh just think of someone actually feeding it to their dog. Poor puppy! 🙁  So sad that ppl don’t realize the toxic waste that they are feeding their dogs. The $5 price tag should be a clue.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Hey labs =). Yeah I did watch that video and it was gross. But working in pet food retail, those little grain beetles are not uncommon in cheap food. What’s shocking to me is that they not only let the infestation go on, but they actually sold it like that. I have caught those little bugs more than once in various low quality foods and on grain based treats. But again, we are talking about the moist kind that comes in individual baggies within a box. Infested or not, the food reads like a heap of leftovers from a candy factory’s dumpster mixed with some meat byproducts. Lol

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey Dog Food Ninja, did you watch the video that monkey posted? Watch it, dude it’s sick. It’s like 6 posts down.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    I think it is singularly important to note that this was not only Dollar General’s own brand, but it was the “moist” formula.  Dr. Sagman doesn’t tend to review these because the aren’t canned and they also aren’t technically “dry” so they are harder to categorize.  But all “semi-moist” dog foods seem to have the dubious distinction of being the poorest quality chemical filled crappiest dog foods in the world.  As an example, here is Purian Moist and Meaty…

       Beef by-product, soy grits, soy flour, high fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, water, corn syrup, beef, phosphoric acid, calcium carbonate, salt, animal fat
    preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of vitamin E), sorbic acid (a
    preservative), dried cheese powder (predominantly cheddar cheese),
    calcium propionate (a preservative), dl-methionine, choline chloride, added color (yellow 6, red 40, yellow 5 and other color), zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ethoxyquin
    (a preservative), vitamin E supplement, manganese sulfate, niacin,
    vitamin A supplement, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, copper
    sulfate, riboflavin supplement, vitamin B-12 supplement, pyridoxine
    hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin D-3 supplement, calcium iodate,
    biotin, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin K activity), sodium selenite

    Is that not the most disgusting dog food you’ve ever read?  Well Everpet is slightly worse. 

  • LabsRawesome

    Buying dog food from Dollar General? BAD idea! Even if I was broke, I would bum a 20 off someone and go grab some 4health, Diamond naturals, or Kirkland. I just couldn’t bring myself to feed anything from the Dollar store.                      monkey, I watched that video, SO GROSS.

  • melissa

    Are you sure its not parvo??? Your pup is the right age and the symptoms are spot on..

  • melissa


    How long did you have this puppy before this all occurred?

  • monkey

    Here is a news report on Dollar General selling bad dog food: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30pmWdOPXuw

    and a lot of complaints on complaintsboard.com: http://www.complaintsboard.com/?search=Everpet+dog+food

    Sorry about your puppy, good luck.

  • Rskuhn

    Kryssy4chris – You better have an independent lab do the testing and certify the results, Not your vet.  Is your vet prepared to go to court with you and loose a few days of work?  Also run every possible blood test on your dog possible and have a Necropsy performed by a recognized  agency. Save the dog  and dog food properly so the dog food company can run their own tests as they are allowed to disprove your tests and  professional opinions.   Where are you going to file the case?  How are you going to collect if you win a judgement?   Can you prove where you stored the food and where you purchased the food from?  Just because you might have a little interesting evidence, they will ask for all sorts of proof about your dog before they ate the alleged bad food.  Since the dog was a puppy, you may need to bring in the parents medical history too and all other offspring.  If you have been though enough, you will get on your life and learn from it and move on. Do you plan to file in Small Claims?  Class Action suit?  Have you retained counsel?  What was their non refundable retainer.  Good luck, you are most likely in for an expensive battle with little compensation.    

  • Dog Food Ninja

    I wasn’t being rude, some people just don’t realize why not to buy cheap food. But wait… You had 3.50 to your name? Well maybe you shouldn’t have bought a puppy. And where did you get a dog for $350? If he came from a pet store or the newspaper, chances are good he’s a puppy-mill dog, which are many times just walking health problems waiting to happen. You can take that as rude or not, but I’m just being factual. A dog from a responsible breeder wouldn’t be that cheap.

  • Kryssy4chris

     All I have found is Dollgencorp. I seen an address on the bag. Researching ways to contact them

  • Kryssy4chris

    First off I won’t look like a fool. I had only 3.50 to my name and tried to do my best to get my puppy some food. I do have evidence. My vet is running tests on the food. This puppy cost me alot of money to buy.So not only is the $800 in there but add in another $350. I will not take this as an unfortunate experience. I take this as a company set out to kill our animals. And someone has to stop it. I have already done my research on lawsuit requirements and the process. So please, try to speak kindly to people. We have been through enough with all of this. 

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Maybe you guys should take this as an unfortunate experience as to why food is not an area to save money in. Cheap food isn’t actually cheap. And it isn’t actually food either.

  • Bob K

    Stacy Nicole – I hope you have some proof?  What are your damages?  In most states pets are considered as livestock and judgements are very low.  Save your money and send it to the local ASPCA or rescue group.  What are your actual damages?  By the time you file papers, travel to court, hope the defendant shows up and then collect a judgement, its hours of time in small claims court.   In the end you loose, sorry to say it but that is often the case.  Papers need to be served, default judgements are nice but do not pay the bills.  then you have to collect.  Been there done that. 

  • Bob K

    Kryssy4chris – Better have some proof.  What are your damages?  $800.00?  Before you make a fool of yourself do some homework about what it takes to file a lawsuit, where to file, and what you might win as a judgement.     Good luck

  • Kryssy4chris

    I’m about to file a lawsuit. I have the option of paying 800$ after 1 bowl of Moist Beef and cheese . $800 to heal a dog and to be in the hospital for a week. He is near death. 1 bowl! He is 10 weeks old. My baby’s puppy. The other option is euthanasia . And my vet is strongly suggesting it. Because my puppy is so weak and limp he is near death. Vomiting, diarrhea, wont eat, wont drink. Vet said worse than parvo. 

  • Stacy Nicole

    Ever pet has killed three of my dogs. This is the worst dog food ever invented. I wish some one could get me the number. The company has a lawsuit headed there way!

  • Leland Dula

    My girlfriend recently purchased a bag of everpet dog food for our two pit bull terriers. They are both very active, playful dogs (more like puppies). Both of my dogs have significantly lost weight since being on this dog food, regardless of feeding the recommended amount. I even tried to up their serving sizes, still to no avail. I STRONGLY recommend you do not get this dog food, it is terrible.

  • edith ogletree

    i am so glad to hear that I wasn’t crazy. This is the 3rd bag I purchased over several months and I smelled the food and thought HMMM??????. My cats and dogs looked as if I had done something wrong by giving them this slop. There was maggots in the food. I took it back to the store (DG) and the lady looked as if I was lying. Does anyone have contact information for this company because I think they need to get to the bottom of this mess NOW!

  • Sue Hickman

    I just wanted to say this dog food should be outlawed. I accidently picked up the wrong bag and it was Ever Pet. When i opened the bag it smelled funny almost like wet cardboard. I have tried the wet Ever Pet cat food and my 2 cats want nothing to do with it. My 2 dogs will literally dump their food bowls over and not even come near it again. I did my own test by placing some kibbles by an ant bed. Ants will eat and carry off almost anything. Not this crappy dog food. The ants wouldn’t even come near it. I am very upset that they would allow this on the shelves of any store. The 10lb bag i just purchased is going in the trash for the maggots.

  • Adam Clive

    cockroaches can survive nulcear war. I even caught some going thru my toothpaste that i left open. nasty bugs that can eat poison so its not surprising they can eat crap like this dog food trash.

  • Bob K

    Bonnie – Did you read the detailed review of this dog food? Is this the best you can do for your loved one? If there are roaches in the bag, its probably a blessing of more protein. Where do you store this stuff? How about a few less packs of cigarettes a little less of Red White and blue beer, a few less lattes at Starbucks and dig your own worms for fishing then you can easily afford some better dog food from Menards, Farm & Fleet or Costco.

  • Bonnie

    I dont see where the roaches are listed. The Dollar General Store where I bought mine was infested with them. They were inside the bag. Now Someone needs to come and kill their roaches!

  • Meagan

    Good because it is a nasty food and those animals are smart. This site does not make food or sell it, but now that you are here check out the 4 and 5 star products.

  • ginger

    I bought a small bag of your adult dog food, my dogs wouldn’t touch it, my cats wouldn’t touch it which is kind of understandable but now get this, I have some opossums, and raccoon with babies that come to visit and none of them would touch it. I think something is wrong with this picture.
    Will not buy this product again

  • dIXIE rUTH

    Ok No wonder my Baby girl a senior hound dog is so ill.
    I go to your dollar store and buy shelves of this everpet.

    My chiwawah has lost his hair while baby girl has numberous health problems including severe Diabetes on this stuff!

    One of my dogs died while on this diet as well
    give me the phone number of the so called manufactorer

  • Meagan

    Dollar General crap!

  • Hi Sian… We agree. However, you need to direct your frustration to the manufacturer of this food. Not to us. The Dog Food Advisor does not make or sell any dog (or cat) food. This is an independent rating site. We only review pet food products. Give Everpet a call or write them a letter. And it would be a good idea to complain to Dollar Stores, too. Let them know what they’re selling. Good luck.

  • sian pryce

    Folks: Never in my 25 years as operating a cattery and a dog training center have I seen a pet food as deplete in nutrition as your advertised brand of Ever Petl. Even your name is an incorrect (in english) statement;be that as it may, if your good is not improved, I think u haven’t much more time to be on the grocers list as a viable product. Dollar stores are as put out as I am. Bad unhealthy product for animals~!!!!!

  • erin c.

    It might be funny if it weren’t so sad what people feed their animals.

    I went to the following site:
    and read “What’s Really in Pet Food”. (some of which has been found to be in human food…well, until they got caught, or someone got sick.)

  • Jonathan

    “…exclusive of blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, stomach and rumen contents”.4”

    That means it does not contain manure. Just thought I’d clear that up for you… not saying this food is any better! lol in fact, manure could actually improve it, probably.

  • erin c.

    Go after the stores that sell stuff like this.
    Give them a BAD rap on-line.

  • erin c.


  • KArina Garcia

    my dog died after eating this dog food and other dog is so sick i want to sue this company. i google and alot of dogs r sick and dieing . If anyone has this company number please let me know

  • Jonathan

    Just a side note to anyone reading this review, keep in mind that not only is this an awful food, but Mike very generously tends to pick the “better” example from a given food’s line.

    That means they get WORSE that this one.

    Worse than one star? You betcha. The only reason this food even has “one star” is that it can’t have less. A few of the other products in this line are even preserved with BHA.

    Also, a quick Google search on this food will present you with many people complaining that their dogs have died or fallen very ill eating this garbage.