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    So….. it appears it has been quite awhile since any feedback on the Acana has been posted here…. Wondering if all has straightened out or are there still issues. My Lab does not seem to have problems… been on it for a number of years , although the U.S.A. food does seem “different”….. my other dog… a boxer mix is having issues with throwing up and pudding poop and thinking it could be the food.

    Not sure of what to change them to….. I have put the boxer on Merrick Grain free Lamb but he still has pudding poop on and off……
    None of this might be the Acana…. but I am looking to change food anyway since I just do not have the faith in Acana that I use to have. My budget says I cant go more expensive….. not feeding two big boys…. but…. I have to make a change. He likes the Merrick…just not sure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)