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    Royal Canin good food ?
    Maybe you should read each ingredient.
    Will save you some time. Sample of Royal Canin’s Urinary SO ingredients.
    chicken by-product meal(1 stars)found in 23% of pet food products analyzed
    Ground up carcasses, internal organs, beaks, feet. Concentrated.
    powdered cellulose(1 stars)found in 3% of pet food products analyzed
    Cheap filler/source of fiber, suspected to include cardboard, causes irritable bowel problems.
    calcium sulfate(1 stars)found in 2% of pet food products analyzed
    Plaster of Paris! Firming agent
    corn(1 stars)found in 3% of pet food products analyzed
    Inexpensive feed-grade can include moldy grain or fungus which has cause death.
    sodium tripolyphosphate(1 stars)found in 9% of pet food products analyzed
    Used as rancid meat preservative.


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    Blane F

    Thank you my fellow dogfoodadvisor members for taking time out of your busy schedules to respond to my ‘Zignature Turkey not the same’ inquiry. I value all your opinions. Zignature advised me color change has to more to do with their new processing equipment but the feedback from Joanne about Zignature using multiple manufacturers has me concerned. If the same processing equipment is used to make foods sourced from a China I want nothing to do with any dog food provider associated with this food manufacturer. Contamination can be the biggest problem.
    Regarding DCM. Zignature mentioned they have been adding taurine to their foods for months but none of the bags ( I keep the empty food bags for reference ) list taurine in the ingredients or is mentioned at their web site. Fromm clearly list taurine in their ingredients.
    Joanne is correct about Zignature foods loaded with peas. I complained about this to them last year. My mini Schnauzer named Iris is off Zignature.
    Thank you Joanne, Susan and Acroyali.
    Kind regards from New England.

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    Blane F

    Hi, thanks for the comments. I think pet owners should always be concerned when they sense something isn’t right with the food and should investigate. In our case, we have not seen any signs of problems but that doesn’t mean all is OK. Might take a little longer and by that time the damage is done. I honestly don’t buy Zignature’s explanation that it is the new processing equipment. The formula may not have officially changed as they claim but how do we know one of the processing plant workers didn’t mistakenly substitute some other ingredient for turkey. Humans do make mistakes. The fact that Zignature didn’t mention anything about the change on the packaging has me concerned. They are either covering up something or their QA is a sleep at the wheel.
    We have our pet off Zignature until we know more about the color change and now with this new FDA DCM scare we have a real challenge to find a good pea/legume/potato free food.

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    Blane F

    My 2yr mini schnauzer has been on Newman’s Organics Adult (dry) her entire life and she is one happy little girl. Her coat is smooth and her poop is very normal if you know what normal is. I looked at a lot of 4-5 star foods and they are very good but I just didn’t trust them as much as I do Newman’s. Someone complained their bag of Newman’s was rancid. You need to watch the date on the bag. The food has a 10 month shelve life and will go rancid because it’s all natural (no preservatives). It’s always best to buy as close to the 10 months as possible. I actually found bags of Newman’s with expired dates at Hannaford’s food store here in the Northeast. I removed from shelve and showed the manager. I recommend Newman’s.

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