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    Blane F

    Zignature Turkey formula seems to have changed – in color. It use to be darker but now it is golden in color. Our dog’s poop used to be dark brown but now it reflects the color of the food. Zignature claims not to have changed the formula. Claims the change in color has more has to do with the new processing equipment Vs old equipment. Huh ? Our dog isn’t having any problems. It seems to bother us pet owners more than the dog because dog’s poop should be dark brown not golden. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this.

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    joanne l

    I don’t use that brand, but I had some experience with color change to with other brands. If the dog doesn’t have diarrhea and is acting okay I would say its fine. Did the dog notice any differences? I know when this happened to me the dog won’t eat it, their nose is way more powerful than ours. As far as “new” equipment, I don’t see how that can change the color. Maybe the turkey meat changes like dark meat white meat but not sure. Hopefully others that feed it can help you out.

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    joanne l

    Oh. another thought is that they did not clean out the machine and the previous food got mixed in with another batch.

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    Blane F

    Hi, thanks for the comments. I think pet owners should always be concerned when they sense something isn’t right with the food and should investigate. In our case, we have not seen any signs of problems but that doesn’t mean all is OK. Might take a little longer and by that time the damage is done. I honestly don’t buy Zignature’s explanation that it is the new processing equipment. The formula may not have officially changed as they claim but how do we know one of the processing plant workers didn’t mistakenly substitute some other ingredient for turkey. Humans do make mistakes. The fact that Zignature didn’t mention anything about the change on the packaging has me concerned. They are either covering up something or their QA is a sleep at the wheel.
    We have our pet off Zignature until we know more about the color change and now with this new FDA DCM scare we have a real challenge to find a good pea/legume/potato free food.

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    Hi Blane,
    When you think about it Turkey & Chicken are a white meat, not a red dark meat, the dry kibble should be lighter in colour not darker…. I also get a bit sus when I’ve bought a Turkey or chicken dry kibble & its dark brown/black ??
    At the moment my boy Patch is eating “Wellness Core”, Large Breed formula & the last 4 bags have all been a nice light brown colour kibble….
    Ingredient list- Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal, Potatoes….
    When I buy a kibble that’s Lamb it’s normally dark brown/black or Fish has been black??
    I avoid all fish kibbles now as they’re very high in Toxins & Contaminates…

    Rotate between a few different dry kibble brands, so if there is a problem (Toxins, Contaminates, not balanced properly, high in Legumes etc) with one brand then your dog isn’t eating the same brand 24/7 long enough to cause health problems…

    I do not think potatoes have anything to do with the FDA report, Legumes blocking how Taurine is being absorb…
    Potatoes were the first ingredients in grain free kibbles when grain free first came out years ago & we haven’t seen any health problems from potatoes or sweet potatoes in grain free formula’s, until now when these newer grain free brands came out like Zignature that are VERY high in Legumes… Zignature was orginally made to attract “dog owners” who have a dog with food sensitivities & skin problems….

    You live America you have a very big range of dry & Freeze dried kibbles to pick from.
    Look for a dry kibbles or Freeze Dried brands that aren’t on the dog food study high in Toxins & Contaminates in dog foods… not allowed to post the “*******************” link
    also make sure there’s at least 3-4 meat proteins as 1st 2nd & 3rd ingredients & if you’re lucky another meat as the 4th ingredient then a carb…
    this way your dog will be getting more meat proteins & under 20% legumes, if peas are the 5th-6th + ingredient..

    If you are worried about Potatoes & you see a formula you like & it has Potatoes just make sure the potatoes are further down the ingredient list same peas…

    Until FDA reports more information & if you do not have a dog breed that was mentioned on the FDA list, I wouldn’t be panicing too much, add fresh healthy whole foods to dog diet & feed less dry kibble…

    I think “Canidae All Life Stages” Multi proteins formula is a good kibble to have in your rotation

    Look at “Farmina” Farmina has Grain Free & Grain formula’s that have really good ingredients.

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    I emailed Zignature awhile back asking about some basic protocol (nothing to do with the recent “grain free” scare), assuring I’d be answered within 5 business days. We like to keep a “dog food” brand in back up in case our raw supplies run short.
    More than 3 times the 5 business days have passed and I’ve yet to get a response, which is disheartening.

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    joanne l

    Blane, I found out that Zignature is made by different manufactures, I know this b/c I called nutrisource about the FDA thing and then ask them if they made Zignatures and they said we make some of them and other companies make it as well. I would switch foods for 2 reasons:1 b/c too many hands are in the pot and 2 it contains too many peas.

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    Blane F

    Thank you my fellow dogfoodadvisor members for taking time out of your busy schedules to respond to my ‘Zignature Turkey not the same’ inquiry. I value all your opinions. Zignature advised me color change has to more to do with their new processing equipment but the feedback from Joanne about Zignature using multiple manufacturers has me concerned. If the same processing equipment is used to make foods sourced from a China I want nothing to do with any dog food provider associated with this food manufacturer. Contamination can be the biggest problem.
    Regarding DCM. Zignature mentioned they have been adding taurine to their foods for months but none of the bags ( I keep the empty food bags for reference ) list taurine in the ingredients or is mentioned at their web site. Fromm clearly list taurine in their ingredients.
    Joanne is correct about Zignature foods loaded with peas. I complained about this to them last year. My mini Schnauzer named Iris is off Zignature.
    Thank you Joanne, Susan and Acroyali.
    Kind regards from New England.

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    Hi Blane F,
    It’s suspect that Zignature would include taurine but not list it in the ingredients.
    I’m no expert but I was under the assumption that it was some kind of law that things added to ingredients would be listed under that ingredient panel.
    Maybe others more in the know will add their thoughts.

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    joanne l

    your welcome, I hope everything works out.

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    alberta H

    Have not been able to get the Zignature turkey since about last December. They keep telling me it was because it became so popular they got caught off guard and could not keep up the demand but would soon (that was months ago) this came just after we started seeing discoloration of the turkey pate when opening the can. we told them but all’s they did was send a free case. we have switched to Fromm’s turkey and pumpkin but our girl does not seem to be doing as good as she used to on the Zignature. Has anyone heard what the heck has been going on? our girls has sooo many allergies (can’t eat anything with chunks, and no lamb, no beef, no fish, no milk and no potatoes. So trying to find her a food is so difficult. thanks for anything you might know on all this.

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