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  • Max and Lucy

    My dog also has IBS and had MAJOR blood in his stools.He went on royal canin gastro and it cleared up in a day. Here is the analysis of the food he’s on. I want better ingredients than this food so it’s what I’m going to use for comparison
    while shopping around.
    Crude Protein (min.) 21.0%
    Crude Fat (min.) 14.0%
    Crude Fiber (max.) 12.5%
    Moisture (max.) 10.0%
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)* (min.) 0.18%
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)* (min.)
    Good luck to all.

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    Max and Lucy

    How old is your dog? It is my understanding, that just like people, when dogs get older they need less fat and more fiber.My old(10 year) aussie had blood as well. Switched to royal canin because I was desperate. I don’t like the food or the ingredients ,however it did solidify problems.I’m going to try acana for senior and if need be ,add a teaspoon of pumpkin to up the fiber. I have a puppy on Acana(puppy formula) and she is doing well. It is such a concern when our furry friends are sick.Best of luck to all!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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