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    I too need a new joint supplement and was thinking of going with Springtime advanced joint chews.

    Mom2Cavs: How much do you think an 8 pound dog with luxating patellas would need of the advanced formula? Should just one chewable a day be enough? Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread.

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    Everyone feeds such a big variety compared to me lol!

    I typically feed 50% kibble and 50% canned food. Treats are basically just freeze dried meats. For kibble I’m using NL Sardine for its low fat. My girl needs to lose a bit. Canned foods are usually Weruva, Hound and Gatos, and Nature’s Variety Instinct. I try for some variety 🙂

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    Yes definitely take your dog off the Orijen as an ingredient in the food is causing the itching. Through trial and error, so far I’ve found out that potato and beef are two ingredients that cause paw chewing and itching in my dog. She also can’t handle all the lentils in Orijen. No itching though, they just cause horrible digestive upset.

    Neither is better nor worse than the other. It depends on the individual dog. Grains aren’t better for a dog that can’t handle them, same goes for potatoes and peas.

    In my opinion, going by just ingredients, the “best” kibbles are ones that are high in meat content. Regardless if it has peas, potatoes, barley or oatmeal, I want a food that has a majority of its protein coming from meat. I also choose foods with lower ash. To me, these details show a foods quality a lot more than the companies choice of carbs.

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    Thanks for the input, I was hoping you would be one of the people to answer. I was a lurker on this site for a while and see your posts are always very helpful and you seem to know your dog food. So honestly, I really do value your opinions 🙂

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    Thanks for the help. I just wasn’t sure if you should expect the numbers/percentages to be significantly different in wet food. I had a read on another forum that 3% was the norm for canned food.

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    That’s the thing that confuses me with the huge differences in their formulas, supposedly these are the dry matter values

    So am I right in saying that 8.7% on a dry matter basis is extremely high for a canned food? I try not to feed kibbles that hit 9% but it’s definitely my limit. Her current food is 8.3%

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