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    I’ve been searching for new canned foods to add to my girl’s kibble and I think I just found a good one. The brand is FirstMate. It hasn’t been reviewed here yet so figured I’d ask for opinions from you knowledgeable people.

    97% of the protein comes from meat, the other 3% is potato. I really don’t like seeing potato or other filler ingredients in a wet food but this is one of the few I’ve found that doesn’t have carrageenan or a bunch of other gums. So it seems to be an ok trade off. The cans are claimed to be BPA free and the food is made in a human grade manufacturing facility.

    Thoughts? Any reason I shouldn’t feed this food? Opinions on the company are always great too, as I learn a lot of things about different dog food companies thanks to everyone on this site.

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    If it’s only 3%, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at that as long as my dog did well on it. First Mate seems to be a good company. Usually if they have good kibbles, the rest of their stuff is good too.

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    Thanks for the input, I was hoping you would be one of the people to answer. I was a lurker on this site for a while and see your posts are always very helpful and you seem to know your dog food. So honestly, I really do value your opinions 🙂

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    Thanks, that’s very sweet of you to say.

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    Err…no. I’d say a huge laughing “No” to that brand. It’s a big name brand that’s after nothing more than your money, and to trick you! Breed specific food is a total waste, that’s for sure! But Marie, I’m sure you already know Royal C. is on the avoid list 😉

    That canned food sounds great though. If it’s only 3% potato protein! I honestly wouldn’t worry about it much. Most dogs are lucky to get 70% meat protein, hah!

    Edit: I said the huge no to the Royal Canin, that is. Definitely not a no on your requested brand 😀

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    Sorry. I am just jumping in to ask a specific question to my situation that has nothing to do with the original author’s.

    I have been feeding Susie ( 9 m.o. chimix) Orijen puppy. I had to get her off Wellness Puppy because she was gassy and bloated.

    Orijen eliminated that but now she is always munching on her paws.

    Could this be the legumes? Could anyone advise me on what to complement Orijen with to deter the effects of possibly too much legumes on this food?

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    Chewing on her paws could be a hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients in the food. It can be any ingredient that has protein in it, and adding something to the food will not get rid of the reaction. I would continue looking for a new food.

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    Thank you!

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    Yes definitely take your dog off the Orijen as an ingredient in the food is causing the itching. Through trial and error, so far I’ve found out that potato and beef are two ingredients that cause paw chewing and itching in my dog. She also can’t handle all the lentils in Orijen. No itching though, they just cause horrible digestive upset.

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    Yvonne W

    I have seen a lot of raves on this site about Orijen and I agree it has excellent ingredients. I fed it to my pup from 7 wks, she is now 8 mos, until 4 weeks ago when I could not take it anymore. She had a horrible odor and was always gassy. My dog is a min schnauzer who is groomed frequently in addition to regular baths at home. There was no reason the groomer or I could find for the smell. She was vet checked with A+ health, no infections, teeth or ear issues. I made a decision to switch her food. She has been on a new food for 4 weeks. The odor and gas are both gone. Now she has no odor at all, it’s truly amazing. She is happy and eating very well and I am loving it. My dog is like Velcro, always stuck under me. Now I really enjoy her company.

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    You didn’t mention which food you have her on now, Yvonne W.

    I’ve got three little Velcro dogs myself.

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    donna b

    FROMM grain free dry is the best!! both boys do well maintains their weight no itching no gas etc etc

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    Yvonne W

    Hi dchassett, I have her on TOW High Prairie Puppy; yes, I know, I have read all the bad Diamond conversations in the forum. Actually, my decision was strictly based on the ingredients of several quality grain free dry foods. I copied and pasted them all in a word document so I could look at them closely. It took me a month to decide. The fact is I liked the ingredients and there were some that are in Orijen and a few other quality foods that were missing. The ingredients that were not in TOW is what intrigued me about the food as I believe they are partly responsible, if not totally, for the odor and gas. I have not been disappointed. I understand Diamond really blew it in May 2012. With the new FDA rules and all that it costs Diamond, not just in money, perhaps they will walk the walk and understand that our pets are family and pet owners care deeply about them; their health, what they eat, how they feel, etc.

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    Cesar M

    Thank you for sharing the dog food ingredients deeply. its helpful for us.

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