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    Another 2 cents-
    My dog just returned to normal stools after stopping Acana Meadowlands.
    Ive never seen him refuse food the way he did this food. Ive been feeding him Acana since i rescued him, and though he’s gone from emaciated to robust, in the past 6 months or so he’s gotten random bouts of butt explosions.
    The lawsuit + his refusal to eat the food + his horrible indigestion lead me to Nutrisource. He happily gobbles it down as though he hasnt been fed in months. Im happy to report that after switching he’s back to nice solid poops. The change was immediate once i ruled out ANYTHING ELSE.
    There is something wrong with the Kentucky plant.
    I am not an alarmist, and i dont give in easy to scare tactics.
    I’m putting all of my trust into my dog’s nose.
    If he’s telling me it’s bad food by refusing it like it’s a punishment, its not fit for consumption. Period.

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    L R

    My dog is refusing to eat his Acana Meadowlands food. He’s had terrible loose and drippy poops for about a week now.
    Now with this lawsuit, him refusing to eat the kibble, and his poor gut health, i am looking to switch foods.
    I have chosen NutriSource as a replacement.
    I’m adding my comment to add a voice to the online concern of champion food and thier kentucky facility.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)