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    L R

    Another 2 cents-
    My dog just returned to normal stools after stopping Acana Meadowlands.
    Ive never seen him refuse food the way he did this food. Ive been feeding him Acana since i rescued him, and though he’s gone from emaciated to robust, in the past 6 months or so he’s gotten random bouts of butt explosions.
    The lawsuit + his refusal to eat the food + his horrible indigestion lead me to Nutrisource. He happily gobbles it down as though he hasnt been fed in months. Im happy to report that after switching he’s back to nice solid poops. The change was immediate once i ruled out ANYTHING ELSE.
    There is something wrong with the Kentucky plant.
    I am not an alarmist, and i dont give in easy to scare tactics.
    I’m putting all of my trust into my dog’s nose.
    If he’s telling me it’s bad food by refusing it like it’s a punishment, its not fit for consumption. Period.

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    cat p

    hi. not a dog owner but i was just about to get orijen for my new cat until i heard about the lawsuit. im so lucky to have seen this thread, it scared the **** out of me. champion is considered #1 along with merrick and a few others in cat food quality, this is very disappointing. will be buying something different for my cat instead.

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    Jason P

    I posted on March 28, 2018 Regarding our 2.5 year old American Bulldog, Neela passed away due to liver failure…well today, I announce her brother, who is a litter mate, has been diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma.

    We fed our babies from the start, Orijen. We only stopped feeding Orjien after we lost Neela. So, is this coincidence or just some pretty bad luck. Nonetheless, it makes me think of what we feed our babies, which is why I visited and joined Dogfoodadvisor.

    I’ve began reading The Dog Cancer survival guide, and it gives instructions to feed our dog cooked meals, thanks to the fact that ‘agencies that regulate pet food do not consider carcinogens created by by-products of the manufacturing processes (like extruding kibble) ingredients. And because these carcinogens are not present in the food before it is processed, they do not need be labeled on the product label…and that the high heat temperatures used in the process to uniformly shape dog foods (kibble and treats) create carcinogens which remain in the food.”

    I am not blaming Orijen, but the timing of this lawsuit is pretty ironic.

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    @ Jason P

    High Toxins in Advance dog food Australia… no recall for 3 months, more dogs die or have Megaesophagus, if recall was done back in Decemeber 2017 some of these dogs would still be alive or wouldn’t have ME now…. very sad a few dogs were Police dogs…
    Best to feed what we eat, NO dry processed kibbles… or rotate between a few different brands, dont feed the same dry kibble 24/7, also add human grade ingredients to dogs diet & feed less kibble…
    I salute “*******************”, finally consumers have a choice to choose Dog food brands that aren’t high in toxins, some pet food companies are doing the right thing & not buying contaminated cheap meats…. CLP has done about 5 studies now & the same BAD pet food brands & their same formula’s keep rating very high in toxins, now this can’t be a coincidence…. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-06/number-of-megaesophagus-cases-soar-advance-dermocare/9839982

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    Milton F

    Marla G,

    I regards to your comment about the one dog “dripping” in coat compared to yours, could that not simply be because the other dog just got a better dip from that end of the gene pool? Did you in turn switch your dog to Pro Plan and notice a change in the coat? Curious to know the answer to this.

    I think at the end of the day all dogs are different and while food for one might work it does not mean it will work as well for another.

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    Concern to Marla G’s comment, I show Labrador’s as well and always used or Orijen or other top brand kibble and finally switched to PP 30/20 because one of them had a pea/legume allergy and pro plan was one of the few foods that did not contain peas or legumes and my dogs is now “dripping in coat” for some reason or another. I know that a lot of people Poopoo pro plan but there’s something in it that works on my dogs and I will not go back to the top brands.

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    Hi parisdog-

    We did the same thing for the same reason. Pro Plan is an excellent food. I won’t be convinced otherwise! Glad your dogs are doing well on Pro Plan.

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    Michael S

    So this thread becomes a shill for Purina. That explains a lot.

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    Tracy O

    I think they are just saying it worked for them.

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    danyelle b

    have been reading about this Champion Food lawsuit. From what I can see, the dog food is made in Alberta, Canada, but the lawsuit has been filed from the United States. I feed both my dogs Acana and they are doing fine.

    For information purposes, you are welcomed to read these articles available from the Orijen/Acana (Canadian made) website. https://acana.com/library/

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