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    Janet M

    I’m just seeing this new brand in farm supply stores. Funny, I can only find a distributor, can’t find the location of manufacture. I suspect it is made in China, shipped here in bulk and repackaged with high prices like it is some fantastic product. Does anyone know where it is made? Thank you.

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    Reina S


    I found this article. It says made in the USA. We have a Standard Poodle and our Rescue. We were feeding Orijen/Acana and our grocery bill was getting pretty high. We will do whatever to make the fur babies happy. My husband wanted to try the Wildology. We’ve weaned them to it and they love it. No super smelly poops, which I was afraid of. So, so far so good. I will keep you posted. I’m always nervous with any changes.

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    Hannah D

    Yes they are advertising heavy for this new brand and I’m also having diffculty finding any info on the protein sources and where they manufacture. So far I have found from their website that they use Midco Distribiton LLC out of Saint Paul Minnesota. I found Midco does mainly imports from China and India BUT it shows that these items are commercial/industrial items like seats, power tools or pulleys and winches. Given that it’s a distribution center they likely use another manufactures plant which is what I’m actually interested in and they don’t give a source for their proteins. Now this is speculation but since this particular distribution center uses mainly China and India they probably source their proteins from these areas. I sent an email to the company explicitly asking about their manufacturing plant and where they source their proteins from. So we shall see if I get the run around. I’ll keep you all posted.

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    Lisa Y

    I called the number on their website and was told Diamond Pet Food is who makes this food.
    Had received samples at Rural King when they first launched this food but samples were of lamb, chicken, and puppy formulas only. Called today to inquire if samples of their fish formula available but unfortunately it is not. I then asked why this product was only sold at Rural King and that’s when I was told about Diamond and was also told Rural King “owns” this brand of dog food.

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    So, Wildology pet food is a “midstates exclusive”. Which means that only stores belonging to the midstates group can buy/sell this food.

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    Michael N

    Don’t know what Mid-States is, but the stuff just showed up here in Oregon.

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