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    Janet M

    I’m just seeing this new brand in farm supply stores. Funny, I can only find a distributor, can’t find the location of manufacture. I suspect it is made in China, shipped here in bulk and repackaged with high prices like it is some fantastic product. Does anyone know where it is made? Thank you.

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    Reina S


    I found this article. It says made in the USA. We have a Standard Poodle and our Rescue. We were feeding Orijen/Acana and our grocery bill was getting pretty high. We will do whatever to make the fur babies happy. My husband wanted to try the Wildology. We’ve weaned them to it and they love it. No super smelly poops, which I was afraid of. So, so far so good. I will keep you posted. I’m always nervous with any changes.

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    Hannah D

    Yes they are advertising heavy for this new brand and I’m also having diffculty finding any info on the protein sources and where they manufacture. So far I have found from their website that they use Midco Distribiton LLC out of Saint Paul Minnesota. I found Midco does mainly imports from China and India BUT it shows that these items are commercial/industrial items like seats, power tools or pulleys and winches. Given that it’s a distribution center they likely use another manufactures plant which is what I’m actually interested in and they don’t give a source for their proteins. Now this is speculation but since this particular distribution center uses mainly China and India they probably source their proteins from these areas. I sent an email to the company explicitly asking about their manufacturing plant and where they source their proteins from. So we shall see if I get the run around. I’ll keep you all posted.

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    Lisa Y

    I called the number on their website and was told Diamond Pet Food is who makes this food.
    Had received samples at Rural King when they first launched this food but samples were of lamb, chicken, and puppy formulas only. Called today to inquire if samples of their fish formula available but unfortunately it is not. I then asked why this product was only sold at Rural King and that’s when I was told about Diamond and was also told Rural King “owns” this brand of dog food.

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    So, Wildology pet food is a “midstates exclusive”. Which means that only stores belonging to the midstates group can buy/sell this food.

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    Michael N

    Don’t know what Mid-States is, but the stuff just showed up here in Oregon.

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    Kris N

    I have been feeding the Salmon and Beef Wildology to my dogs. To be honest, their noses never looked so perfect, their cost is soft and they like it. I cLled the binder on the bag, the food is made by Diamond. Since Diamond had so many recalls back in 2012, I was concerned. But they told me that the ingredients are from USA, the only thing that they get from China is the Methionone abd thr Taurine. I will continue to monitor my dogs on the new food but as of now I’m pleased with it.

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    Kris N

    Sorry about the typos and misspelling on my pre ious post. I’m trying to type on my cell phone!

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    Reina S

    I wrote an article regarding Wildology about a month ago. We had weaned our Standard Poodle and Rescue, both under 2 years old onto this dry food. In this amount of time, our babies coats became dull and dry, they began to scratch terribly, and our rescue (Yorkie Poo mix) actually started to gain a significant amount of weight and began to look almost depressed. We immediately changed their diet back, and actually have vet visits scheduled. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOOD FOR ANYTHING!!!

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    Harold K

    My dogs love the stuff! We said blue Buffalo and taste of the wild for years until this came on the market a. As we switch them over they picked the new food and left the old. It was amazing and quite funny actually. You won’t be disappointed. The product is manufactured by diamond

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    Harold K

    All 8 of my fur babies love this food! They are happier and more energetic. We feed the Adore because we have a bunch of lap dogs and a pitbull that thinks she is.
    Any time you change diets, you may get adverse results for a short term. My pitbull Angel…in particular seemed to have an abundance of energy and would pace. Now she’s back to her same old self and doing very well with it. Incidently…she is 12 years old. I have 8 dog of all sizes and breeds reading in age from 12 to 2. All of them live the food. Their poop is regular, tight and biodegrade very quickly. With the TOW they were not nearly as regular. I’ll be honest…at first I was worried when we switched them over, they loved the food but acted differently. Now…I wouldn’t go back for anything. A super premium food at a discounted price…its a win win.

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    Dee Dee A

    I am not happy about Diamond foods, I got the bag at Murdoch’s thinking it was better. I was feeding Fromm, Diamond makes TOTW and there is high arsenic and lead content in there foods and they have had recalls. My German Shepard seems to be ok on it, I got the Adore which is the Lamb. It seems like all dry food is bad these days. Now I am scared about this.

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    Sunny B

    I tried the wildology wholesome hike dog food sample today and I gave the dogs minnie the miniature pinscher and chiquita the dachshund a little bit of that dog food and tonight they were acting weird didn’t want to be by us and chiquita didn’t want to come in the living room she was in the hall way they were acting weird i threw away what was left of the wildology wholesome hike dog food sample

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    Katlyn H

    I would not recommend Wildology. I work at a feed store and Wildology is made by Diamond. Diamond also makes Taste of the Wild. Diamond, Taste of the Wild and Wildology do not have a Vet or Nutritionist on their team to formulate the food. Taste of the Wild is being reported to the FDA for NUMEROUS cases of DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) in dogs. Without a full time vet or nutritionist on their team, I would be hesitant. Diamond and Taste of the Wild have numerous statistics of their food causing DCM in dogs. DCM causes murmurs and enlarged hearts in dogs. It can cause dogs to throw blood clots and die. Often times, it can be too late to help the dogs.

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    Dee Dee A

    So I messaged them and asked who makes this and about the levels of arsenic l and lead, because TOTW lawsuit and this was the reply:Hi Dee Dee – I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We are pet owners ourselves and understand the importance of having your questions answered. All of the Wildology ingredients are tested for arsenic and heavy metals. As you know, these are things that are naturally occurring. Our tests came back well below the tolerances set by the FDA. I hope that sets your mind at ease. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks for your patience!
    So they are not saying there isn’t and arsenic or lead in the product , which in itself is scary.

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    Katlyn H

    Dee Dee,
    I also sent them an email. I asked them who made their product, if they had a full time vet, if they follow the AAFCO feeding trial, and where their products are manufactured. I know all of the answers already, but I was curious to know their response. They have yet to email me back. Any beach of Diamond, I wouldn’t even consider feeding it to my animals.
    They also didn’t release their levels of arsenic, so I’m curious to know just how ‘well below’ they are from FDA standards.

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    I fed this to my German shepherds as well as a few other breeds in my house my neighbors also fed it to their dogs every one of them started throwing up after eating this food one of them threw up to the point where they was even a little blood in it

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    Emilee C

    I switched to Wildology a month or two ago, were on our second back for our two dogs.i tried the hike brand first and then the Sprint, I wanted to like it so bad. I was feeding one of mine TOTW and the other Victor Performance, I wanted to put them on the same food and did not want a grain free and Victor was not sold in stores by me, plus this food seemed like it was good. Both of my dogs coats are dull, the one that was on Victor I don’t see much of a difference besides the dull coat. They poop a LOT more. But then my 10 month old baby has been 100% not himself the past week. For the first time in his ENTIRE LIFE, he has been putting his nose up at his food. This is a dog that will eat celery as if it’s a steak, the first time he did that I should’ve known something was off. I’ll be getting new food at the store on the way home today and ordering Victor from Chewy.

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    Mike H

    I tried this dog food for my Blue Heeler and my Rottweiler. Mid way into the second bag, I noticed both of my dogs coat starting to dull, I also noticed poor stool quality with both of my dogs. I gave this food a try because I read that is was made by Diamond. I have had luck with Diamond brands in the past. However, recently my Blue Heeler formed a food allergy to the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula that she had been eating for years. Now I am on the hunt for a food that will work for both of my dogs, again. As stated before, I was a bit disappointed with the results of this food, but that is the way it goes. I cannot give this food a positive or negative review since my Blue Heeler was not allergic to it. But it does seem to me that Diamond possibly cut some corners when producing this food, as I have always had good coat, and stool quality with the Diamond Naturals Line. I believe I am going to try Victor feed next, It seems to have positive reviews, and has a fair price point.

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    joanne l

    Sounds like you should stay away from Diamond products. I never used it, but from what you are saying try something else.

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    Linda B

    I bought Wildology two weeks ago for our Lab and Boston Terrier, within one week our lab’s hair started falling out, she has bald spots where there is no hair at all and when you brush her , massive amounts of hair was coming out. Both dog’s coats are dull and are full of white flakes. Their coats were shiny and healthy before this product. I’ve never seen anything like it. I went and got our regular dog food today and will never feed this to them ever again and recommend not feeding this to your pets.

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    Norine C

    I have just sent an email to Wildology.
    I was told it was made in CO. The marketing and Branding is topnotch. I found out it is a company in MN. Based on my experience, MN is heavily connected to China. I am concerned.

    My emai;
    I have switched my two year old black lab to Wildology. We started with Fetch and now Swim. She had been eating Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. She definitely asks to eat and poops more on Wildology but she loves it.

    There have been many articles and perhaps rumors flying around about dog food safety and quality.

    I was told that Wildology was made in Colorado but on your website, http://wildology.com/, Midco Distributing in MN. This was the first red flag. Now I see on /forums/topic/wildology-feed/ that other people are also concerned about Wildology.

    Please confirm the source of the ingredients and the location of the production. If any ingredient is from China or any China trade partners we can only assume it is toxic. Since human foods are traded and falsified, it is safe to assume the same for dog food.

    Also, I do not buy any products or even dog toys made in China because of toxic levels of chemicals and toxic production practices.

    I am hoping all of this is incorrect and there is a better explanation. The marketing of the bag looks wonderful, I hope it is accurate.

    NOTE: I have noticed my dogs soft coat has become more brittle / dry itchy and she is more hungry.
    I want the best for her, Please advise!

    I will post their reply.

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    Cynthee B

    My dogs been on Wildology pretty much since our local farm store got it in stock which was probably February or March. She loves the food. It’s never upset her stomach and she appears to have a lot more energy than before. I would highly recommend it to anyone. She’s on Adore and she’s a German Shepard Great Pyrenees mix.

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    Ann L

    Idk guys. I’ve heard mixed reviews about TOTW as well, that some dogs do well on it & others get really sick on it. I feed my dog Wildology’s Adore (although I’m going to put her on a high energy one since she’s a high energy dog) & her coat has never been softer, shinier, & she’s soooo energetic. She was scratching A LOT on other brands I’ve fed her, & while she still scratches, she doesn’t scratch as much. Also, her poop is firm & doesn’t have a strong, gross odor. I actually haven’t noticed an odor at all when she poops. Maybe there’s just an ingredient in there that some dogs bodies don’t agree with.

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    Kim D

    Our dog is a Lab and had terrible skin problems. We tried Wildology from Big R because they had salmon and rice. His skin problems cleared up it has been about 2 years now. But he has started getting a lot of fatty benign cysts all of a sudden and we don’t know if it could be the food or because he is 6 now or something else. Can food even cause cysts? I don’t know.

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    blossom U

    I tryed wildology its not a good food. at first she was eating it and now she wont stop sratching every where. poor ears are scabs. diamond makes this brand but the yeast they upped in their formula is causing problems. not for dog who are senstive.

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    Brandy H

    I gave this to my husky and within a couple of days she had really running diarrhea I would not recommend this dog food for huskies for sure

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