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    Nancy L

    I have an almost 5 month old mixed puppy — half bichon and half poodle (adorable and wonderful). So far, he has only eaten dry dog food (Diamond Naturals for small breed puppy). Should we add wet food to his diet too? Should we add “people” food — of course only lean meat, eggs, certain veggies, etc. We want to feed him whatever is best for him to have a long, healthy life. Please help!

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    NHU L

    I have two toy poodles 5 months old. The breeder fed them now fresh (Petcurean) puppy dry food mixed with 40% boiled chicken and sweet potatoes when they were 8 weeks old. At 3 months old I have decided to switch to Orijen puppy mixed with 40% boiled chicken and sweet potatoes. They are ok with it however it seems their stools are a bit smelly in addition they scratch a bit too. So a week ago I started gradually mixing Orijen and Fromm gold puppy dry food. So far I like what I see !!!!!! less smelly and firm stool…….cheaper too.
    Any comment about Fromm family gold puppy anyone???

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    My dogs do really well on Fromm dry food also. I believe it is a reputable company.

    However, it sounds like you are possibly feeding an unbalanced diet. No more than 15% of their diet should be unbalanced. You mention you are feeding 40% extras.

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    NHU L

    Thanks Crazy4cats !!!!!!!!! I will cut down boiled organic chicken thigh and organic sweet potatoes

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    I have 5 small breed dogs and when I welcomed
    my 2 puppies of the group I
    fed them 3 times a day and of course
    I made sure it was not over feeding. I did notice when I was late my
    one puppy would shake so he needed those 3x a day meals. They are now
    6 years old and they eat 2x a day

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