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    JoAnne S

    I contacted a local pet store to see if they carry Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream version) dog food. Got this response back: “TOTW were bought out and their food quality went down significantly, facilities not monitored the same way, etc so we stopped carrying them.” Hmmm….Can’t seem to find any info online to back this up. I have been feeding this food for many years without issue. Now I’m wondering.

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    I haven’t heard anything about this either. TOTW is actually Diamond’s brand and I don’t believe Diamond has been sold or taken over by someone else.

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    No Taste of the Wild was not bought out. They are still made by Diamond. We carry TotW at the small pet store I work at and have heard nothing of the sort from the company.

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    Hi, I’ve learnt one thing never listen to anyone, go straight to person/company & ask them..Taste of The Wild have added Peas & Garbanzo beans October 2015 to their Pacific Stream kibble….It says “New Enhanced Formula” on the bag….maybe that’s what happened & people were bringing back the new formula cause it wasn’t agreeing with their dogs cause of the peas & garbanzo beans…

    I have just started introducing the Pacific Stream about 1 month ago & was real worried after I read complaints in the DFA review section, dogs were having sloppy diarrhea poos, probably from the sudden food changed of kibble, owners didn’t read the bag, where it says “New Enhanced Formula” some dogs wouldn’t eat their kibble & it was lighter in colour since the peas & garbanzo beans were added…
    …..Patch had started their old formula of Pacific stream, so I rung the online pet store, where I had order the first bag from & ordered the last of their small bags old formula, all the large bags were all sold out & I was worried the new order that just came in were bags of kibble with the new ingredients…also the online pet store had already up dated the new ingredients of Pacific Stream on the page. I thought oh no, I’ll be ordering the new Pacific Stream that dogs aren’t too happy about then Patch will be having sloppy yellow poos….

    TOTW Pacific Stream is a best seller in Australia, TOTW Pacific Stream is the only grain free kibble without peas, lentils, chickpeas, tapioca & garbanzo beans…it has sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries & raspberries….. So I email TOTW on face book, saying why have they started to add peas & garbanzo beans, it’s a best seller in Australia, its the only grain free kibble with out peas, garbanzo beans, tapioca & so many dogs with EPI & IBD are doing so well on the Pacific Stream…… TOTW must of gotten a few complaints in America & the UK, I live Australia ….. then I email the Australian company that imports TOTW they knew nothing about this ingredient change, it must of worried the lady, she emailed me back a few days later & said TOTW Vice president of sales rung her back thru the night & said Australia will NOT be getting the added peas & garbanzo beans she seemed very happy & sent me a small box of 3 X all their formulas samples…..I did a lot of emailing that week but it was worth it….
    My boy has IBD & Skin problems for 3 yrs I’ve tried raw, cooked, wet tin & kibbles, I never tried the TOTW Pacific Stream cause of what people have said about Diamond & the fat is 15% I thought the higher fat will make Patches acid Reflux worse… cause I had run out of 4-5 star kibbles to try with limited ingredients, then I finally tried TOTW Pacific stream, it’s the only kibble that has stopped Patches acid reflux & he’s doing firm beautiful small poo’s he not whinging with his pain right side after eating, I don’t have to soak the kibble in water, his coat is looking so shinny & he’s put on weight & he only needs 2 cups a day for a 18kg 40lb dog & people are commenting how good he’s looking…. I’m introducing the Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb at the moment, I was worried cause it has peas & egg, I thought he’d get his wind pain from the peas & egg but there’s been no farts, no wind pain…so now he has 2 formulas that he can eat….
    Here’s a video of the TOTW plant, its their new California plant so if your kibble is coming from here it looks pretty clean to me… http://diamondpetcompany.com/#facilities

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    JoAnne S

    Thanks for your responses to this question. I have contacted Diamond to ask about this, thanks to the link that Susan gave me!

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