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    My dog is allergic to white potatoes, rice and barley. He is not allergic to wheat, corn or oatmeal. Anyone know if Quinoa would be OK?

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    Quinoa should be OK. It is not related to any of those.

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    quinoa is great, in fact is a lot better than corn or wheat just because a dog is not allergic to corn or things like that it does not mean i’ts good for them. My dog is not allergic to anything but corn is just not very nutritious or healthy. try feeding healthy grains like quinoa,barley or oatmeal, or grain free instead.

    -Ana Expert/pet nutrition advisor

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    Shepard mom, I would not look at them grains. Never seen a healthy k9 chowing down in the middle of a farmers field, ignoring the rabbits and other 4 leg’ed meat running about. Choose assorted meats to vary the dogs proteins, vitamins and such as they would naturally do in the wild.

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    I’d definitely use a product with quinoa. Quinoa, like millet and amaranth are naturally gluten free pseudo grains and don’t have some of the same problems associated with them that cereal grains do. I also like buckwheat, which isn’t associated with wheat at all, it’s a fruit seed.

    I have a yeast prone dog that had pano and he has always done great on pseudo grains.

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    Thanks everyone for the info.

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