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    Pam S

    I just got a forwarded email from my breeder about the concentration of pesticides in potatoes. According to the article she sent, potatoes (if not organic) concentrate pesticides more than any other vegetable and this can be a problem for our cancer susceptible golden retrievers. I noticed that many of the favorite dog foods on this site contain potatoes as an ingredient – often within the first 10 listed ingredients. I was wondering if this concern would be worth looking into by the Food Advisor?

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    Mike Sagman

    Yes, potatoes can contain pesticides and other environmental pollutants.

    However, many pet (and human) food ingredients — especially corn and wheat — are also at even greater risk than potatoes for containing hidden and deadly “natural” carcinogenic mycotoxins — like aflatoxin and vomitoxin.

    It’s difficult (almost impossible) to find pet foods that are 100% risk free of all carcinogens. That’s because the environment for all of us today (humans and pets alike) is filled with dangerous chemicals.

    There’s simply no way to completely eliminate all the risks.

    That’s why in addition to feeding organic foods, we recommend rotational feeding for most dogs. Here’s how we describe the reasoning behind this important concept in our FAQ about Diet Rotation:

    “Since there’s no such thing as a perfect dog food, it’s reasonable to assume every product is deficient or excessive in some way.

    “Too much of one nutrient or too little of another. Plus many foods can contain traces of dangerous toxins.

    “So, built-in flaws tend to be magnified when the same food is fed continuously — day-in and day-out — for a lifetime.

    “By periodically switching dog foods, the unhealthy consequences of serving the same imperfect products can be minimized.”

    Hope this helps.

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    Rotation, rotation, rotation.

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    Judy G

    I once participated on a message board, one member of which was a retired vet in the UK. She was horrified by the idea of rotation, saying the sickest dogs she saw were the ones who were fed multiple types of food. I don’t know if I can believe that or not. I rotate, myself!

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    Susan M

    I’ve switched mine to a grain and potato free food! My Weim has yeast issues and can’t have potatoes. I like Horizon Legacy Salmon, Orijen Adult and Nutrisca Salmon and Chick Pea!

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    Lori E

    I have recently started rotating my dog’s food and they are the most excited I have seen them towards their meal times. Does anyone have any objection to mixing brands? I have recently moved to a single protein, grain free diet with Acana for my rottie who has allergies and would be interested to know if I could go from Acana to PetCurean.

    Feedback welcome!

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    Hi Lori,

    By mixing brands do you mean rotating from one brand to another or do you mean combining two foods to make a single food?

    I always rotate from one brand to another. I think it’s important to rotate all ingredients, not just protein sources.

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