Diet Rotation for Dogs


The following items represent some of The Dog Food Advisor’s most frequently asked questions about diet rotation for dogs.

What is diet rotation?

Unlike a conventional feeding plan where the same food is served at each meal, diet rotation involves varying a dog’s menu on a daily, weekly, or other periodic basis.

Why should I consider diet rotation for my dog?

Since there’s no such thing as a perfect dog food, it’s reasonable to assume every product is deficient or excessive in some way.

Too much of one nutrient… or too little of another. Plus many foods can contain traces of dangerous toxins.

So, built-in flaws tend to be magnified when the same food is fed continuously… day-in and day-out… for a lifetime.

By periodically switching dog foods, the unhealthy consequences of serving the same imperfect products can be minimized.

Isn’t changing dog foods dangerous for the animal?

Although some pets can’t tolerate menu changes, I’ve never been able to find a single scientific study proving diet rotation to be unhealthy or detrimental to a dog.

Does diet rotation mean mixing two or more different dog foods together and serving them at the same meal?

No. The benefits of diet rotation are optimized only when cycling between different products on a periodic basis.

How often should dog foods be switched?

There’s no fixed feeding plan that works better than the others. So, it depends on your own imgenuity.

Some switch foods daily. Others change weekly. And still others prefer to empty one bag of kibble before beginning the next.

Is there a downside to diet rotation?

There are mainly two disadvantages to diet rotation…

  • Avoiding GI upset
  • Maintaining product freshness

Since some dogs have sensitive stomachs, the potential for GI upset can be an issue for certain pets.

And because alternating between two or more kibbles can make each bag take longer to use up, it can be difficult to maintain the freshness of each product.

What’s the best way to transition to a new dog food?

Most experts recommend transitioning to a new food gradually — starting with about 20-25% “new” and slowly increasing that amount to a full 100% over a 7 to 10 day period.

Be patient and don’t rush the transitioning process. Take your time to minimize the chance of GI upset.

Can you provide an example of diet rotation?

For Bailey, we mix one-fourth of a small can of a single-species wet food (chicken, lamb, rabbit, etc.) with his kibble. As each can runs out, we switch to a different canned product from the same brand.

Then, when each bag of kibble is empty, we start with a different kibble (usually, but not always, from the same brand).

Over the long term (twice a year), we gradually switch brands, too.

  • Charles Clark

    I’m a firm believer that variety makes for a much healthier dog. My current dog, a boxer rescue that was very skinny and generally unhealthy was fed a single kibble for years before I got him. It wasn’t a terrible kibble (fromm) but was always the same. His coat was very thin (bald tummy and inside of legs) and very dry and wirey. He was also what I thought was lethargic for a boxer, no problem sleeping 20 hrs pr day. I took the first month to slowly eliminate the fromm completly, mixing in freeze dried and frozen Raw plus fruit and veggies. Aside from a irregular poo schedule it went very well and probably could have been done faster than a month. He now eats almost any appropriate food I can get my hands on. He never eats the same thing 2 meals in a row and rarely the same protein twice in a week. The change has been amazing. His fur is softer than the finest silk, his energy seems limitless (chases my goats for hours at a time). Visits to the vet have become simple checkups. I really can’t see any benefit to feeding 1 food exclusively aside from some special cases of truley sick dogs. Even if your dog has tummy issues (my mom has a golden like this) variety can be done. She doesn’t have as many options but even the limited variety has helped her slowly work in foods that were impossible to feed before. As this thread accurately says NO food is perfect and nutrition has a cumulative effect on your pooch. I urge all dog owners to please give it a try, the vast majority I’m sure will see great results.

  • Vic

    I also do the rotation diet for my dogs; much the same way that you do. Also, I like to give them a boiled egg mixed in with their food about once a week, and I mix in steamed veggies sometimes with their food.

  • Veronika

    You can also try these, take into account that I was talking about both me and Rusty so don’t go adding red wine into your dogs meals haha.
    I was also talking about one of the prescription foods at the end.

    Generally arthritis is very easy to treat, I have osteo and Rusty he has his own little joint issue in his leg also, so there’s plenty of trying and testing that happened to see what works best.

    1. Turmeric with coconut oil or milk and black pepper was a god send however if I have it for more then a week the pain gets worse and I loose all my energy in my lower legs and my pelvic area hurts exponentially, looking it up I found no one with such symptoms.

    2. Green Lipped Mussel a god send for Rusty on the other hand, I have gotten the powder before but he reacted badly to it, panting and restlessness, could of been in pain as these are classic signs in dogs. When he receives it within a food like Ziwipeak or K9 Natural it helps beyond belief.

    3. Fish oils, don’t help me at all with any type of pain, if anything they help my vision a little bit but that’s about it, of course dogs seem to benefit from fish oils much more then humans do, maybe that’s why it works for them.

    4. Red wine, this ones actually really funny and sad at the same time, at the very least I keep it below the 1 standard dose a day if I have a lot of pain and can’t take a break from it that day. It’s also almost a cure for my pudendal neuralgia, as long as it’s working it’s all good, once it stops the pain usually comes back, right hand side like always.

    5. Chondroitin (stronger then Glucosamine), Glucosamine anyways, shark cartlidge, abalone powder, MSM not great. All of these given in powder form could be of benefit, there’s powders out there that have several of these mixed in some even include green lipped mussel.

    Your spoiled for choice really in what works for you only or your dog only, the food contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin so that’s likely the cure, it also contains fish oil.
    The rest is pretty trashy, L carnitine is for weight loss, pretty sure Rusty reacted to this ingredient in Earthborn I could not pinpoint any other reaction he might have had as I have tested every ingredient on that list and nothing happened.
    Anyways do what you wish but there’s choice now for you if you want it.

  • Thank you. 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi my neighbour is feeding “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior to her old dog & he’s doing really well now, shinny coat, he’s up & moving & acts like a puppy again,

  • After having read this: I am now seriously considering a rotation diet. Any suggestions on what to do for arthritic large seniors?

  • Susan

    Hi Debbie
    have a look at “Balance It” it will balance the diet….
    also does your dog like Sardines, buy the tin sardines in spring water & add a couple of sardines to 1 of his meals a day…
    Sardines are very healthy high in Omega 3 vitamins & minerals..
    also your boy may suffer with food intolerances & certain ingredients cause upset stomach & bowel…instead of the boiled rice add boiled sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are easier to digest, rice ferments in the stomach…. you can pre cook sweet potatoes & freeze,
    I buy lean pork or lean beef ground mince whisk an egg, add some chopped parsley, kale & broccoli not much & mix with a lean ground mince & make into small rissole balls & bake in the oven on a foil lined baking tray turn over the rissoles & drain any water & fats when 1/2 cooked, your dog will love these rissoles balls mashed with some sweet potato….. rotate with a few different meals, with different proteins…strengthens the immune system when foods are rotated around….

  • Christine Daley

    Look into the honest kitchen!!

  • Jamie Tarpey

    Thanks for the info. I hadn’t heard of sport dog elite. Looks like a good one to try.

  • BM

    My 6 y/o Shih tzu girl got very picky after giving birth, to the point that the food she had been eating for 4 years when I would serve it, seem to disgust her. So I opted for breaking the rules and getting her something they she would like. So I started trying different brands and blends. It turns out she liked everything else but the old food. With that, I started doing the same thing with the pups. Now she looks forward to every meal. Plus my local pet food warehouse has different vendos there on Saturdays and the give you discount coupons so is great to not have to be loyal to one brand.

  • Shreya Saha

    Hi.. I have a 9 weeks old lab puppy.. Can I feed him one brand of kibble in the morning and a different brand at night.. She eats royal canine 2 times a day and home made food two times a day.. I want to switch her completely to puppy food..

  • Susan

    Hi, have a look at “Sport Dog ” Elite it’s very similar to Victor formula’s, click on a formula your interested in then scroll down & there’s a comparison with the same Victor formula if Victor has the same protein…..I feed the “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine Meals, it’s nice & high in Omega 3 made Patches coat beautiful & shiney, also have a look at “Canidae” Pure Wild formula’s…I’m trying the Pure Wild on my IBD boy, it only has 7 ingredients….

  • Jamie Tarpey

    What are some of the foods on your current rotation? I’ve only found victor gf all varieties and wild calling that are good consistently. My AB didn’t do well on Fromm or farmina I couldn’t get firm stools. And he would wake up middle of the night and vomit when we tried natures logic. Earth born was good but wow was he stinky! I was thinking about trying to add holistic select or horizon legacy. You seem to have some great advice for rotation diets.thanks in advance. I haven’t quite figured out his allergies/reactions. He does better with Grain free but it’s an intimidating process to find other foods to rotate in!

  • sharron

    acana is the only dry food she will eat without me having to mix wet food with it – i change protein within the acana line every day or every other day

  • Susan

    Hi, rotating between different brands is best, not staying with the same brand & rotating proteins, this way your dog isn’t staying on the same brand that may cause health problems, when you rotate with other brands your dog has less chances if a certain brand has any problems….What I’d be doing is adding fresh whole foods with the meals when your cooking & have some extra sweet potato, meat. tin sardines in spring water add a couple of sardines to your dogs kibble, they have proven by adding 2 tablespoon of fresh food to just 3 kibble meals a week your dog has less chances of getting cancer…. follow “Rodney Habib” F/B page….. you might change your mind about kibble…

  • Storm’s Mom

    In my experience, it hasn’t been important at all, but my guy’s “sweet spot” for a kibble is between 28% and 38% protein on a GA basis (I haven’t fed a kibble with higher than that. Edit: actually, make that 41% – forgot about Nature’s Logic Sardine!). He doesn’t tend to do as well on kibbles below 28% protein on a GA basis, for whatever reason, so I don’t feed them unless I am using a canned or raw topper to boost the protein. I would say, though, that if you are using the same brand, you really aren’t “rotating” much at all because most/all of the secondary ingredients would be the same, it’s just the proteins and perhaps the starches that are being rotated. I’d suggest rotating among different brands, different proteins, and different starches – I typically try and find something to switch to that’s as different a kibble as I’m currently feeding as possible. Hope that helps!

  • I_Alexios

    How important is it to keep protein levels consistent when you rotate? If rotating within the same brand does it make a difference if one formula has 33% protein, another 29% and a third 25%? I don’t know if I’m obsessing on labels more than I should.

  • Crazy4cats

    I think it’s a fine idea! I also rotate between brands and flavors. You don’t necessarily need to do it after every bag, but it’s OK to do so. Some like to change about every three months in order to really know how they are doing on a food before switching. Just keep an eye on how your dog is doing and you will get it all figured out. Good luck!

  • Bankeroman


    I am currently feeding my puppy Victor active dog & puppy food. This food is working very good with zero issues. I was thinking of rotating. I was going to rotate with Hollistic Select adult & puppy salmon and anchovy formula. Which is also highly rated just like his victor food. I was thinking of doing this just to rotate his protein and just to sort of not get used to just one food. You never know if a company changes its formula like Orijen did or goes out of business etc… I was going to do one 30 lb bag at a time and rotate it each time, of course I will ease 5-7 days of mixing. I masking for opinions on what I am thinking of doing. Thank you!

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    WOW Susan, really great info here…So another question 1 cup twice a day… If I do the above do I still need the I did go on the site and checked out the material… I know Brawlic 1. has belly issues where when a puppy the vet put him on prescription hills bland diet… He did really good on it but I heard it was not a very good kibble so I switched… Being in a home with men lol who don’t listen, feed him scrapes and then he gets into trouble.. So now of course he’s now become a picky eater, and like u said Sue, they know what not to eat. At times he will turn his nose up at cooked and I know he isn’t feeling well… Its so sad… but I am going to try the above and maybe talk to the nutrietionist on that site… can’t hurt… thanks Sue

  • Pitlove

    Cost is one of my biggest reasons, among others, as to why I don’t homecook for my dogs. I have 2 large breeds plus a cat and I’d be broke if I did.

    Whatever way you chose to go for your baby, I wish you and him luck. I hope his bowel heals well.

  • Susan

    HI, I peel & cut up & boiled sweet potatoes & you can freeze the sweet potato, once you’ve cooled them also boiled pumkin you can freeze……
    I buy lean ground mince not hamburger mince, it’s full of fat, I buy lean pork or lean beef, I get 1 egg whisk in a bowl, you keep the egg shells & dry out your egg shells, then grind them into powder & add 1 teaspoon a day to diet…I add 1kg (2.2lbs) of beef mince, whatever lean mince your dog can eat, then add some finally cut up parsley about 1 teaspoon, 1 leaf of kale wash & finally cut up or 1 leaf of spinach, I grow in my garden, it works out cheaper & pick as I need it, then I add some cut up broccoli not the stem add about 1/3 of a cup cut broccoli to the mince sometimes I also grate 1 peeled small carrot, mix everything all together & make 1 cup size round rissoles & put on a foiled covered baking tray & bake in the oven after 15mins take out the rissoles drain any fat & water & turn over the rissoles & bake till ready they take about 20-30mins don’t over cook the rissole cool them & then wrap in cling wrap plastic & freeze in sections, take out the day before & put in fridge to thaw I get 1 rissole & add some boiled sweet potato about 1/3 of a cup, some times I add some boiled pumkin or boiled potatoes but not too much pumkin about 1/4 cup 1 spoon, you cut up the rissoles & mash the sweet potato all together & then I put in micro wave if cold just to warm it up, this way when you make 1 big batch of boiled potatoes rissoles freeze & you won’t have to cook everyday…also when your cooking dinner cook a bit extra for your dog as long as its not a hot curry or onions & feed what your eating some nights…. You need to work out what foods your dog is sensitive too & are causing the sloppy poo kibble might give your dog stomach pain when it starts to swell I have a English Staffy & he has IBD & we have tried a lot of kibbles, Patch can not eat 1 cup of kibble he gets his pain so I have to feed 4 smaller meals a day 1/2 cup of kibble also the kibble can’t be high in fat or protein fat has to be 15% & under Protein has to be 26% & under, your dog is smart & he knows kibble doesn’t agree with him so he won’t eat it know where my boy is a bit of a pig & he eats the kibble then 20mins later he’s crying & wants me to rub his stomach & pancreas.. ..
    here’s the “Balance It” site when your on the Balance it site you’ll see the “Start Here Click It” link click on it, it takes about 30sec to answer what health problems ur dog has then it will give you recipes to cook for your dog if you answer more then 2 health problems you won’t get any recipes & have to contact a Balance It nutritionist..
    also are you feeding fish?? your dog needs his omega 3 fatty acids buy the big tins of tuna in spring water & pink salmon in spring water drain all the water just mash the salmon bones they are good to eat, boil some potatoes & make a meal of potato & tuna, or salmon, feed 3-4 times a week when you don’t want to cook, have the sweet potatoes frozen in the freezer & take out 30-60mins before it’s time for him to eat mash thru whatever meat your using….

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    Thank you, you’ve really been a big help in just making me not feel so overwhelmed…cooking for him has not only been a big chore, but expansive to the point of not knowing how much to feed him so I usually buy and cook enough for 2 days, then back to the store and let alone I buy the organic chicken or turkey… bought organic pumbkin to day with rice, and chicken.. plus a tespoon of yogurt.. he loved it.. (of course) I just saw a site “The farmers dog… its a company that cooks its food and ships it to you.. u pick your own receipes, the turkey, beef or pork. for Brawlic it was $70.00 didn’t say, but thats I think a week hahahaha no way can I do that.. but anyone hear of it

  • Pitlove

    Hi Debbie-

    One mistake folks make in trying to use this site is assuming a better rated food means their dog will do better on it. For my AmStaff at least, I found that throughout all the 5 star rated foods I used, none really ever truly agreed with him. It wasn’t until I started feeding ProPlan which is rated poorly on here, that I saw the greatest improvements in GI health, skin, coat, allergies, energy, muscle, etc.

    I think if you started looking to professionals for advice your head wouldn’t spin so much. At least for me, that’s what helped me stop feeling so overwhelmed about selecting a brand for my pets.

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    Thanks so much, as new to having a pup with belly issues of really bad stools and not wanting to eat..I started looking into the dog food from a friend who got me into this site… .I look back at my pup before him & never had any problems.. SO I thought but looking back she was an American Staffie who passed away at the age of 9 due to tumors all through her spleen and such… I so don’t want that for him and knowing what I know now with commericial dog food. I’m just lost, confused but I will not give up.. Bare with me people here, I may ask the same questions lol I’m 63 and never thought my pup would be eating better than me hahahaha but so worth it when I get it all down pat… So feeding him cooked food, I knew in my heart that it wasn’t enough nutrients… I just had that feeling, he’s always hungry (what dog isn’t) I call him my scavenger… Plus when cooking its like ok Deb how much do I give him? UGH!!!! It sounds to me if I feed him a 5 star kibble, I won’t have to cook? Its getting him to eat it… He’s 5 I’ve tried Fromm, Taste of the wild, Nutro, Pedagree, earthborn (fish) .. ugh the agony is killing me.. Friends are telling me to buy a kibble, stick with it, leave it down til he eats it !!!! he didn’t eat for 3 days.. I can’t watch that and end up cooking WTH am I gonna do… lol.. sorry just so done with being crazy over this.. Thanks everyone..

  • Kristin

    Hi Debbie,
    Homemade diets without a supplement could result in a nutritional deficiency-worsening the stomach issue. So, you’re right in wanting to find something to supplement it with. The supplement suggested above on was also recommended by my veterinarian cardiologist.

    I’ve tried limited ingredient diets before with some success when trying to determine issues with one of my dogs.
    Sometimes stomach issues are caused by lack of nutrients, proteins that aren’t digested as well as others, etc. You might try subbing fish for the chicken.

    I’m sure you already know, but just in case, when switching between foods–whether homemade ingredients or commerical foods, ensure that you gradually transition over a week to avoid stomach upset. In other words, not hamburger one day and chicken the next.

    I would research articles on sensitive stomachs written by board certified veterinary nutritionists. And if you’re willing, doing a consult with one. The cost is on par with a regular vet visit. I was shocked at the lack of available advice regular veterinarians had on food when I went down this route.

    Lastly, this site has been helpful in rating commercial dog foods. One of my dogs is on the Nature’s Domain Canned food (available from Costco & scored 5 stars–their dry version did not) mixed with Core Wellness dry kibble (also 5 stars).

    Good luck in figuring out your little ones issues! He’s lucky to have such a concerned and caring owner.

  • Pitlove

    Ah I gotcha. Well the supplement on would help to make his meals balanced, however if this is something youre considering long term and he has special dietary needs you may want to consider paying a veterinary nutritionist to help you put together balanced recipes for him. They will explain exactly how to feed him and how much.

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    shoot lol I didn’t see your comment on… I guess something like that is what I was thinking… guess I jumped the gun before reading hahaha.. So after reading a lot of the comments here, when cooking for my pup. that is considered raw??? I thought RAW was stuff in the freezer of pet stores.. My bad !!!! All knew to the Lang. and new to really cooking for him on a daily basis.. That stated when he had a flare up, the vet would say boiled hamburg and rice.. Now he of course preferes cook meals Being a large breed I’m cooking his every other day…. I even question myself as to how much of that I should be feeding him… ugh!!!!!

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    Hi, I’m sorry for the confusion… I heard of supplements to add to the food to make sure he’s getting all the nutritions and supplements needed when cooking for him… He really doesn’t eat enough kibble and I feel just the meals I cook isn’t enough…. but I do appreciate your reply

  • Pitlove

    Hi Debbie-

    I guess I don’t understand your question. I thought you wanted a supplement that would make your homecooked meals balanced?

    Are you also asking what meats etc to buy?

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    Like what, I do not have a clue as what to buy, any idea’s on this and probiotic’s.. He’s a 68 lb pit with belly issues since a puppy so I have to be careful with hi food.. thank for the reply

  • Pitlove

    Hi Debbie- makes a supplement that will make his home cooked meals complete and balanced.

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    my boy has a very sensitive belly. I started cooking for him.. boiled chicken, hamburg, veggies nd rice.. he gets tired of them easy and is a really picky eater… I try to give kibble as treats cuse he refuses to eat it out of his dish.. I’ve tried almost evey kibble from high $ to low and still the same… If cooking for him I feel like he may not be getting enough and should use supplements .. but which do I use???? ugh this makes me crazy…

  • Susan

    Hi. your dog should eat 2 meals a day like you eat, Breakfast & Dinner, boil some sweet potatoes make sure you peel the skin off you can also boil white potatoes & you can freeze the sweet potatoes, also boil some pumkin, some broccoli, carrot, all these veggies can be frozen then take out put in fridge for next day & add your protein, beef, lamb,chicken, fish, etc also buy some tin sardines in spring water & add a couple of sardines to the meal so he/she is getting fatty acids, vitamins etc for their skin, joints, eyes, brain.
    I buy lean grounded pork mince or Beef mince my boy cant have chicken or turkey, I whisk 1 egg then add 1kg (2lbs) the minced meat, then finally cut up parsley about 1 teaspoon, finally cut up a few small broccoli heads, grate 1 carrot, some finally cut kale mix all together & make 1 cup size rissoles then bake on a baking tray in oven, drain water & fat & turn over when they are 1/2 cooked, cool then bag & freeze them & take out the day before put in fridge to thaw, feed twice a day, your dog would be hungry especially of a night..

  • InkedMarie

    What do you feed?

  • Cannoli

    neither do i but i don’t feed much grain either.

    instead of grains does your dog do well in high protein diets? if so maybe cut down on the grains and increase the protein

  • Rebecca

    If i feed rice once a day, what other grain can I substitute to “mix it up?” I do not feed kibble.

  • Susan

    Hi, you can do 1/2 old raw & 1/2 the new raw, then slowly ad more & more of the new raw…. Read the ingredients to the new raw & old raw, is there much of a difference in ingredients? also was this new raw meal real cold? cold can cause a dog or cat to bring it straight back up after eating the raw meal.

  • Bill Calhoun

    How would one transition from one RAW dog food to another brand of RAW? I switched billy from Big Dog to RAWRaw. He vomited.

  • sandy

    For cans I frequently use Wellness, Tiki, Weruva, Nature’s Logic and just added some Nutrisource. They all have different textures from pate, stewy to soupy, low fat to high fat. I’ve been using Stewart freeze dried and Primal frozen raw and Tuckers due to their availability/pricing. I’m in a raw feeding group and we order bulk products a couple times a year and sometimes the pugs get chicken feet, duck necks.

  • Krista

    Great, thanks! There are so many great brands it’s hard to choose and I think my dog would also appreciate the variety. I was also considering adding canned as well as freeze dried raw to her diet. What brands do you use? I like Merrick lil cups canned but they are more expensive then buying the big cans. So I will probably not buy those very often.

  • sandy

    Rotating brands and recipes along with varying protein and fat levels is fine in a rotation diet. Just watch for signs of intolerance and transition slow if needed, or rather, don’t advance further until the new food is well tolerated. I feed some kibble, canned, raw, freeze dried, and people food without any issues.

  • Krista

    I have done that before but it’s really time consuming because I would also make a homemade supplement from a recipe book. I think it’s a great way to go but it’s expensive and time consuming. For now I’m just sticking to a high quality kibble with some commercial raw or canned Mixed in.

  • Krista

    Is it ok to use brands with various protein and fat percentages? For example I was considering using Orijen, Acana, Fromm and Organix. Is this ok to do? I know Orijen and acana are richer than the other brands.

  • Susan

    Hi Krista have you thought of making & preparing your own raw diet & freeze it, this way you know what’s in the raw meal, I was making my own raw.. I was blending broccoli, celery, apple, carrot, peeling all veggies cutting them up then putting thru a blender & stopping just before the veggies are a pulp then I froze about 4 spoon of the blended veggie/fruit mix on sections, what was needed to add to the meals for the day then I froze kangaroo mince, beef mince & lean pork mince in 1 cup sections, supermarkets sell chicken carcasses here in Australia in the butcher section, turkey drumsticks, turkey necks, chicken necks, chicken livers, chicken hearts, even when you see reduced human meats cause the use by dates are nearing people stock up them, there’s heaps info on the internet how to feed a raw diet & Face book groups … I was feeding raw meal of a morning & kibble for dinner…Now I have just gotten a kitten & have started feeding her a raw diet first I bought the premade raw formulas for a cats but the smell wasn’t right compared to fresh home made raw even the kitten liked the home made raw better then the premade rabbit & then I tried the turkey & she wouldn’t even eat it….

  • Amateria

    An even better reason to do so!

  • bojangles

    Hi Amateria,

    When I clicked on your comment, this security warning popped up on my screen.

    It’s a tracking URL from chewy dot com. have you been to their website recently?

    I don’t know why chewy is tracking people on the dogfodadvisor dot com

  • Krista

    Ok, great. I will definitely be sure to transition each time. I know I’ve heard people say they don’t but it’s probably best to do so. Also, I have a cavalier and they are known for their sensitive stomachs.

  • Amateria

    I do when I add new kibbles even if he’s had the ingredients before, because the dogs sleep with my mum the last thing she needs is to deal with anymore vomiting and diarrhoea, which she deals with quiet often as my dad and mum are one of those types of people who don’t listen to a word your saying when it comes down to what’s good and what’s not for dogs.

    It’s literally like talking to a wall.

    With that said yes to transitioning, better safe than sorry.

  • Krista

    Ok, thanks for your input. Right now I’m switching from natural balance to Orijen and I am doing a slow transition because the protein and fat percentages are pretty different. I suppose it’s best to always transition then from brand to brand?

  • Amateria

    A lot of comments I’ve seen where people switched cold turkey ended up 1 stars with words of extreme anger and resentment for the kibble or other food making their dogs sick, when asked if they did a transition some said yes and most had no idea what people were talking about.

    If your switching between similar foods with similar percentages it likely doesn’t happen very often, but when switching from junk food to crazy good food, it would be a very unwise decision to not transition.

  • Krista

    Also, is it really neseccary to do a 7-10 day transition from brand to brand? In my opinion it seems like they could just switch cold turkey. I know fruitables also makes a canned supplement specifically for switching brands. I figure adding this also can’t hurt. Am I on the right track here?

  • Krista

    Hi, I was wanting to do a rotational diet for my dog. Can someone explain to me the best way to do this? I was thinking of doing kibble and raw (mostly kibble) and rotating the brands of kibble.

    I would love to also rotate the brands of raw but unfortunately I’m moving to an area where the only big box pet store that I’m aware of is Petco and they only carry natures variety raw. Although I have considered freeze dried raw that way I can alternate brands. I’m fond of Orijen but I noticed that their freeze dried raw is awfully high in fat. Would this be a potential problem?

    Is this a good way to be doing things? I figured I would choose about 4-5 brands on my rotation list.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me!

  • Angela

    I use canned pumpkin when switching foods, it works great! 🙂

  • Angela

    My personal opinion, Acana and Orijen may be top of the line foods, BUT I think they have WAY to many ingredients in the foods. If a dog started having a problem you wouldn’t know where to start and what to eliminate.

  • Angela

    most pet food comes with a guarantee, you can get your money back

  • Bobsk8

    A psychologist friend of mine, many years ago, said, “when you ask a question, you always have to be prepared for an answer you may not want to hear. 😉

  • Bobsk8

    Have you looked up the foods you are considering feeding on this site and checked the rating?

  • Pitlove

    Hi Yusuf-

    Yes for a growing giant breed there is an issue with this. The issue is unbalancing calcium ratios causing too much intake of calcium. During growth it is best to stick to one food at a time. You can rotate foods as long as each food you use is properly formulated for a growing large breed.

  • Yusuf

    I am currently mixing two brands of food in the same meal. My Boerboel pup is wolfing it down and doesn’t seem to have any issues with the mixing. Are there any issues with mixing?

  • ZeekandT

    I rotational feed, however, I’ve been consistently using Orijen/Acana and Nature’s Logic for my two because I like the limited use of synthetic ingredients (I’m a retailer so I hear what companies have to say about their foods every day). I’m not opposed to adding any other foods in because my guys have rock solid stomachs. But my question is, what would the benefit be of adding a food in that contains a hefty load of synthetics? Meaning, Zignature or Canidae because I have easy access to those two. Would they be gaining anything with a food where I can tell exactly what vitamins are in the food?

  • L Walker

    Victor makes 5lb, 15lb and 30lb bags

  • bojangles

    Hi Susan,

    One of the references in the article you linked to is the study by Lee and others where 4 dogs were given 1.25 ml of garlic extract/kg of body weight (5 g of whole garlic/kg) intragastrically once a day for 7 days.

    This study is often used by people who think that feeding garlic to dogs in smaller amounts is okay. They always point out that the amounts used were HUGE, and no one can deny that.

    What I never see mentioned is the conclusion the authors of this study reached. Lee, the lead researcher on this study is from the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan. They concluded that “foods containing garlic should not be fed to dogs”, period!


    The constituents of garlic have the potential to oxidize erythrocyte membranes and hemoglobin, inducing hemolysis associated with the appearance of eccentrocytes in dogs. Thus, foods containing garlic should not be fed to dogs. Eccentrocytosis appears to be a major diagnostic feature of garlic-induced hemolysis in dogs.

  • Babslynne

    I agree, I don’t have a problem with Garlic, but evidently RayRay does so that’s why I replied to her sympathetically about it. Thanks for the info though, I appreciate your kind response.

  • Catherine Chandler

    Glad he is doing better now 🙂

  • Caprice

    I changed his food to limited ingredient Merrick grain free dry and limited ingredient Merrick Duck canned. The dry grain free seems to help but the Merrick canned is not very dense so I switched the wet canned to Zignature and that combination worked. Merrick dry, Zignature canned. His stools are now normal. Yes I wash the bowls regularly and also give him probiotic powder. Thanks!

  • Cannoli

    I like your comment “along with making sure they do get fresh fruits/veggies/meat whenever possible”

    If you add this to Rachel Ray kibble throughout the week I think your dog will thrive and love you even more for

  • theBCnut

    No, it’s not. Once a dog is conditioned to a rotational diet, they can switch cold turkey every day. I’ve done this for years with my dogs. Dr. Mike is saying don’t mix 2 bags of food together long term and think that this equals a rotational diet. You can mix to transition until your dog no longer needs transitions.

  • Susan

    Hi, there is nothing wrong with a kibble that has garlic, In Australia most of our Australian made kibbles have Garlic & if you noticed Garlic is always at the end of the ingredient list, so that means only a little garlic is added, its not one of the first 10 ingredients, Garlic is excellent preventing fleas & other health problems you only give a same amount, not large quantities…

  • Shawna

    I think what Mike’s stating is that mixing two foods together and feeding them exclusively isn’t a diet “rotation”. He goes on to say rotation can happen daily, weekly or when a bag the empty.

  • Catherine Chandler

    Try eliminating the wet food for a few days and see how he does. If the diarrhea has a lot of mucus in it, that’s colitis and he most likely just picked up a bug. I’m sure you do this, but I’ll say it anyway – make sure you wash your dogs’ food and water dish, as well as treat-dispensing toys, at least every few days, since the oils on the food can go rancid and cause tummy upsets.

  • Catherine Chandler

    This article states to get the maximum benefit from a rotation diet, don’t mix two foods – but you can do a successful rotation diet on a daily basis? That’s BS, sorry.

  • Catherine Chandler

    Just order from, they have cheap prices and do free shipping with orders over $49 – also relax a bit x_x it’s not any poster’s fault you don’t have A/C in your car and live in the middle of nowhere.

  • Latoya Bernard

    Babslynne I appreciated your response to RayRay Risin and found it to be supportive. You did not come across with any negative intentions when replying and hope you continue to share your knowledge to those that are posting. Thanks for your time and efforts!

  • Babslynne

    It sounds like Rachel Ray is the most convenient and the most easily available dog food for you without Garlic, I get it. That’s no reason to insinuate that I was trying “change your mind” or that I was “trying to make you choose a different food” or “insisting you switch”, this is a forum, we exchange ideas and opinions and our experiences with different dog foods. Why did you post questions on this forum if you didn’t want someone to reply with opinions?

  • RayRay Risin

    I’ve read the article on Rachel Ray food. It’s over a year old and I don’t consider reviews valid if they’re more than 6 months old, as that’s plenty of time to change for the better. I also have only seen good reviews of it myself (not counting people complaining about the price or saying their pet didn’t like it), and it is the ONLY food I have found that does NOT put garlic or onion (which are incredibly bad for dogs) in any product they have. I also know how to switch foods, I did that with my dog when I first got her because she had been on a food that had a lot of garlic oil in it, and I don’t trust the brand because of some of the bad recalls they’ve had. I know Gravy Train isn’t great. I’d rather not feed it to her, but she eats it and there’s nothing in it I disapprove of. And, I already looked at the brands you suggested (I even live right next door to a Tractor Supply). Pure balance uses garlic and onion, my dog hated the smell of 4Health (I took her with my to TS and let her sniff the flavors they had, and she couldn’t get away from them fast enough), and those other three brands are not available in my area, and I am not going to pay for the “honor” of shopping at Costco either. Rachael Ray is the only food I have found that I can get without having to drive and hour and a half or more in a vehicle without A/C to go get that I approve of the ingredient list for. My vet said it was a good choice, and my friend (who is a vet tech and trying to become a full vet) even testified that the vet’s office she works in recommends it to keep dogs healthy (along with making sure they do get fresh fruits/veggies/meat whenever possible). You are not going to change my mind about what brand I wish to feed my dog just because you don’t like the brand. I hate Purina and Pedigree brands, but I don’t try to make people chose a different one. I will warn them about recent recalls and dangerous ingredients in certain flavors that I know of, just so they know to watch out for reactions, but I don’t insist they switch. If that’s what their dog will eat and they can afford, that’s up the them.

  • Babslynne

    I would only feed Rachael Ray food in a rotation diet, I would never feed it for a long period of time as the only food source because I have read a lot of bad reviews about it, here are the reviews
    If you are going to rotate different foods around the same price range then I would suggest “Pure Balance” from Walmart, “4Health” from Tractor Supply, “Victor”, “Nutrisource”, or “Kirkland” from Costco. It is recommended to slowly transition from one food to the next by adding a little of the new food to the old while reducing the old food, 25/75 for a few days, then 50/50 a few more days, then 75/25, then finally all new food, it should take at least a week or 2. To avoid stomach upset and diarrhea you could add a Tbs or 2 of plain canned pumpkin or give a probiotic.

  • RayRay Risin

    I’ve got a question that’s probably really stupid. I am planning to switch my baby to Rachael Ray food, but I want to make sure she likes it before we go buy a lot, so I was thinking about getting one bowl of the wet food (she prefers to not eat her food dry, so we currently feed Gravy Train kibble) to let her have on her upcoming birthday as a special treat and to test the waters. Would this hurt her? She doesn’t seem to have a sensitive stomach, as I fed her a good amount of carrots and celery the first time she had either and nothing happened (celery was fed raw but thoroughly washed, carrots were sliced from a can and only contained carrots and water), and we supplement fresh fruits/veggies/cooked meat daily. Only thing that’s caused gastric distress was waiting too long to feed her twice (threw up a little bile both times, vet assures us it was just because her stomach was too empty like mine gets), and she got slight diarrhea when I fed her a few too many of the treats I made using coconut oil. Otherwise, she’s had a stomach of steel.

  • Caprice

    I am feeding my dog Merrick dry food that is rated a 5 on your site and he also gets Merrick wet food. 1 cup dry and 1/4 cup wet twice a day. He keeps getting diiarhea and I am wondering if the food might be too rich? I do alternate between varieties within the same brand and sometimes feed him another brand of wet rated 5 also. Any advice?

  • GSDsForever

    I don’t think so. I think that would be fine, especially since you’ve said your dog does well typically in switching.

    While some breeds and individuals can be more sensitive, I think honestly the main problems are when dogs have had much lower levels of protein (and often fat), say 20-26% for their whole lives, and make a sudden jump to very nutrient dense/much higher protein formulas of 34% and up . . . and the owners don’t handle such a big diet change gradually, transitioning with patience and observation.

    Also, you might want to keep in mind that it isn’t just a big jump in protein that can be the problem. Sometimes it’s that the overall formula design, really very different ingredients/types of food ingredients (or herbs/nutraceuticals) that a dog has never been exposed to can require some adjusting time.

    So either compare formulas (many, many grain free on the market are VERY similar, esp at a similar protein level, but there ARE some outliers) and exclude those, or allow for a transition period between bags if one formula is really, REALLY quite different.

  • Annie

    This may be a silly question but I’m getting together a rotation sheet for my dog and initially I wanted to keep protein levels about the same, in the low to mid 30s (%). There are a few foods I really like that are around 38%, would that be too much of a difference to rotate with other foods that are more around 33%? My dog does well with switching, I just don’t want to push too much with changing things up. Thanks!

  • Joanna Lasmono-May

    My dog became incontinent and had a seizure. I recently read the FDA report that said children under 5 should not eat rice due to the arsenic content. I stopped both chicken and rice, replacing with lentils and turkey or lamb, in addition to a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil each day. The incontinence has stopped and his energy level and mood have improved dramatically. I think both chicken and rice can be bad for dogs, particularly given the industry of both manufacturers.

  • IsAnonymityGood

    I have a young malti-poo-terrier. I adopted him at 5 weeks (the rescue shelter lied about his age) and for awhile all he could eat was unpasteurized goat milk.

    Anyway, once his teeth were in I had him on Orijen Puppy. It’s a great brand, not cheap at all. He ate… sometimes. But mostly he seemed disinterested in food. He licked himself excessively. He was too skinny. I worried a lot. Would feed him by hand occasionally.

    And then I had a long convo with someone at the (ridiculously expensive) local pet store. And I started feeding him Stella & Chewy’s.


    No joke. Every single thing the salesperson told me would happen (he won’t lick as much–often a sign of allergies, he’ll gain weight but he’ll poop less because his body will process more, he won’t have tear stains–common with maltese), happened. And he’s suddenly AMPED about eating. He’s right there waiting for the food. He INHALES it. I can’t say enough about the brand. It’s definitely not cheap. But I have peace of mind. I definitely recommend the freeze dried patties, as you just add some warm water and voila! No defrosting. Very easy to travel with.

    I came to the website after googling “is variety good for dogs.” So my question seems answered: yes, but best to stay within a given brand. Stella and Chewy’s has duck, venison, chicken, beef, rabbit and a surf&turf. So perhaps I’ll buy a bag of something other than the beef and see how it mixes in.

    Seriously, it’s such a clean food and my little Lucky loves it. Try Stella & Chewy’s!

  • Chris B smalldogfan

    Taste of the Wild and Diamond are from the same company

  • LB

    Thanks how long should smelly gas last when introducing new food, my toy pom and frenchie can’t have high protein or fat, so it’s been very challenging. My frenchie has allergies so have to keep it with a LID formula, and they hate the taste of all that healthy holistic foods…I guess I’ll wait a couple more days, and see if my frenchie’s gas will go away, thanks for your suggestions.

  • Susan

    Look for a limited ingredient kibble with around the same fat % & protein & Fiber % as their Natural Balance is…the Merrick isn’t agreeing with them….have a look at Canidae Pure formula’s there’s their Pure Fields for small dogs fat-12% or if they are 7yrs or over, Pure Meadow fat-10% then slowly try one of their Pure formulas with higher fat% like their Pure Land fat-15% or Pure Sky fat-16%… Patch has IBD & gets bad gas from certain kibbles with the Canidae he had no gas at all & his poos had no smell, I’m trying their Life Stages All Life Stages formula at the moment….

  • LB

    I belive NB was 20%protein and merrick.lid is 26% protein hopi g that 6% won’t effect them, thanks.

  • theBCnut

    One other issue is the change in protein level. I think the Merrick food is higher protein. And yes, veggie digestion can cause gas. Again, digestive enzymes and/or probiotics for a short time may help your pups to adjust easier.
    He has showed you, oh man, what is good, and what the Lord doth require of thee is to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.

  • LB

    Thanks…both dogs (frenchie and toy pom)were eating natural balance potato and duck l.i.d. for years, and we’re fine, it’s strange..I’m thinking the vegetables is hard on a frenchie, nb didn’t have any veggies, the color of food was never consistent, very salty, and from china…so I thought merrick would be comparable. I’ll give it a few more days…

  • theBCnut

    Unfortunately, Frenchies are known for room clearing gas. That doesn’t mean you can improve his condition though. Duck has a different fat and that may be the problem. You may find that for your dogs, giving probiotic and maybe digestive enzymes while they are transitioning and for a couple weeks after the transition is complete may help them adjust easier and without the horrible gasiness. Gas is due to the bodies having trouble digesting something. Anaerobic bacteria in the gut start working on the food and produce the stench. Some dogs just need a little extra help to get them started on the right path. Human grade will be fine for both probiotics and digestive enzymes.

  • Crazy4cats

    I like to use the supplement made by The Honest Kitchen call Perfect Form when I’m transitioning to a new food. Some of the smaller pet supply and feed stores carry it, but you can also order it online. Hope this helps.

  • LB

    I just start transitioning my french and toy pom on merrick grain free l.i.d. sweet potato and duck…I’ve been mixing in white rice and ground beef…they both have terrible smelling gas! Is this normal?? I was feeding them natural balance, but was too salty..any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Pitlove

    Thanks for the info Labs!

  • Olivia M. Obringer

    Hi! Thanks. I’ve thought about TOTW, but Willow really is fine on Diamond Naturals and no stomach problems, she just doesn’t want to eat more than 4 cups a day. I started giving her half a can of 4Health chicken and rice canned food, and she LOVES IT. For the first time in months she has eaten breakfast. yay!

  • LabsRawesome

    American Nutrition makes Diamond canned foods.

  • Susan

    Hi change to a kibble that has fish as the main protein they are normally higher in omega 3, they tested some kibbles & they found some kibbles were higher in omega 6 & very low in omega 3 this is when you start seeing skin problems, so now I always look at the Omega 3 & 6%…. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch is pretty high in omega 3 & is a grain free kibble or Earthborn has their Ocean Fusion less fat & protein then their grain free Coastal Catch ….you can start adding a couple of small tin sardines in spring water as a topper to 1 meal, the sardines will help his skin & his coat shine….

  • Susan

    Hi, have you tried Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon ? My boy has problems with weight gain & stomach problems, (IBD)… I started him on the TOTW Pacific Stream & he only needs to eat 2-1/3 cups a day & everyone has been saying how good he’s looking, shinny coat he’s gained weight & his acid reflux has stopped… Now we are going the try TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb kibble….TOTW also has wet tin foods matching formulas to the kibbles but we don’t get the wet tin foods in Australia….I don’t know who makes the wet tin food, its says TOTW

  • Pitlove

    They have Diamond Naturals in canned form according to their website. Not sure who is canning for them though.

  • theBCnut


  • LabsRawesome

    Diamond does not own a cannery. They do not make canned dog food.
    4health canned is made by Simmons.

  • theBCnut

    If Diamond is now making canned food, it’s a brand new development, because they didn’t even own a cannery. Ainsworth canned the foods that are under the Diamond label. But either way, it doesn’t matter what canned food you use, except in the case of food sensitivity.

  • Pitlove

    BCnut might have meant that they don’t manufacture their own canned food because they don’t have a cannery. I’m not sure.

    Regardless, I’ve used both 4Health canned food and Taste of the Wild. Both were a big hit for my guys.

  • Olivia M. Obringer

    Thanks, but Diamond actually does make canned food, which is why I was wondering if I should use that or would any canned food work.

  • theBCnut

    Any canned food is fine. Diamond doesn’t make canned foods.

  • Olivia M. Obringer

    My Great Dane Willow eats Diamond Naturals kibble. She only eats 4 cups a day (chooses not to eat more, even if I gave it to her), and is pretty active, so she isn’t getting enough calories and I can now see her hip bones. I want to get some more weight on her by adding canned food. Can I add any good brand of canned food to her kibble, or does it have to be Diamond canned food? What about 4Health, since 4Health is made by Diamond?

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Thea-
    I have the same issue. I have two 85 pound dogs. Those sample sizes are pretty useless to me also. My dogs pretty much like anything so that is not an issue, but whether or not it agrees with them is something else.
    Like Marie already stated, make sure you buy from a company that is willing to take the food back if it doesn’t agree with your pup. I also feed Victor. Which recipe were you looking at that only comes in 40 pounds?

  • InkedMarie

    Samples are mostly useless unless it’s a teeny dog or you just want to see if a dog would eat it.

    I suggest buying Victor from Chewy dot com. They have a great return policy: you have a year but you don’t have to return the product, they will refund your money.

    Do a gradual switch, a little at a time.

  • Thea tricks

    So I requested some food samples from a few different companies because my dog has a sensitive stomach and i dont want to buy a big bag of something and it be a waste. all the samples are around 7 oz.-1 lb max.

    My question is, since you’re supposed to switch foods gradually, how will I be able to really tell if a food is disaggreeing with my dog’s stomach or not since I’d prob run out of the sample fairly quickly? Some of the brands I’m looking at might have 5 lb bags for sale but some like Victor that I want to try only comes in 40lb.

  • Pitlove

    Hi aimee- Off topic but, I sent you an email. Wasn’t sure how often you check the one you gave me several months ago so I thought I’d let you know!

  • Katie Shellabarger

    It was just a suggestion as an alternative. And how dare you assume we didn’t do our research, we didn’t get a second opinion, and that we didn’t take the dog to the top canine dermatologist in the Chicagoland area? Because we did all that. And he ended up dying several years later – of cancer. And we got a second opinion on that, he had surgery, and went to the top oncologist in the Chicagoland area. But you would’t know that either. Cuz you just assumed I did it wrong.

  • aimee

    Hi Katie,

    Unfortunately none of the tests for food allergies/hypersensitivities or/intolerance is accurate. Dogs will test negative for things they react to and positive for things they don’t. In fact one of the companies that runs the tests has this on their website “Heska, in agreement with the American College of Veterinary Dermatology,
    does not recommend IgE testing for foods. A compliant exclusionary diet
    trial, followed by provocative re-challenge, is recommended for animals
    suspected of suffering from adverse reaction to foods.”

    Hope you dog is doing well but if having continued problems you may want to revisit doing a proper elimination trial as your vet recommended,
    Good Luck!

  • Katie Shellabarger

    I would recommend having your dog tested for food allergies. My vet wanted to put our Goldie on a food allergy diet. We didn’t agree and had him tested for food and environmental allergies. Come to find out he was NOT allergic to any foods. It was more expensive up front to have him tested, but we saved ourselves a lot of time getting straight to his diagnosis. Best of luck.

  • Crazy4cats

    Definitely not a stupid question! Your avatar is so cute, btw. There is not a set answer to your question. It all depends on your dogs. When I first started a rotation with my two lab mix dogs, I’d usually transition for about 10 days. A year later, it usually takes 3 days. It may be helpful to use probiotics and/or digestive enzymes when you first begin. I really like a supplement called Perfect Form made by The Honest Kitchen when switching foods. I’ve also used probiotics made by Vetri Science and human ones sold on Swanson’s website for excellent prices. I probably could do an abrupt change now, but am still nervous about it since my pups had a rough start. I think rotating foods is a healthier and safer way to feed our pets. Good luck!

  • ess5936

    This may sound like a stupid question but I want to start a food rotation with my two golden retrievers (1and 2 yrs old).
    My question is… Once a dog becomes fully introduced to a food – (without any issues), but then rotates off for another – do you have to slowly reintroduce them to it? Or can you just abruptly switch back and forth between two foods that you know have worked for them?
    I would like to do a weekly rotation of dry kibble. One week of one protein and the next week of another one.
    Any help would be appreciated!!

  • Hi Lindsay, welcome to DFA!

    Apart from the food issue, has your puppy been checked for worms? Worms can cause some of the issues he’s having. Worms are pretty common in puppies and can be difficult to diagnose. I usually ask for a smear and a float, if they don’t find any worms and the issues don’t resolve, I usually ask for a re-test.

    Has he had a complete physical with blood work done? I always like to cover all the bases in case there is something else going on, and some vets will just check for the most obvious things unless you ask them to do more.

    Good Luck with you GSP 😉

  • theBCnut

    Your dog probably has food hypersensitivities. These are not true food allergies, but do still cause an immune response. Vets often lump them in with allergies. My dog has several foods he just can’t eat or he ends up with hot skin, thin fur, a greasy coat, goopy eyes, and ear infections. Different foods cause different reactions. The most common trigger foods are chicken products and grains, as well as a few other common ingredients. You are going to have to start saving ingredient lists to figure out what your dog is reacting to, or the gold standard, do an elimination diet food trial. If you want to try a new food then I suggest you look at Limited Ingredient Diets. Acana Singles may work for you, but there are several LID foods out there. Also, try adding probiotics to his food and I just read an article where they found that giving these dogs powdered colostrum helped their condition.

  • Lindsay N Scott

    Hello, I have a 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. I seem to be having trouble with food (I think). He started on Purina Puppy (that’s what the breeder had), which gave him diarrhea and bloat. From there he went to Perfomatrin Puppy which he didn’t like and also gave him diarrhea. He was losing his fur as well as a developing a rash and congestion (gooey eyes and a cough). Took him to the vet, he was put on antibiotics in case it was not food related. His rash and congestion cleared but he was still having digestive issues (diarrhea and gas). So I switched him to Acana Puppy. He liked this better and did well for a bit but was still have liquid poops. I switched again to Acana Lamb and Rice. Again, loves the taste of it, and his poops are formed and healthy looking now. Except, he has lost his nice shiny soft puppy fur and his fur seems to be dull looking and thinning. Also, it seems he is hungry all the time, even though I am feeding him a little more than the recommended amount.

    Not sure if I should try switching again or tough it out. Suggestions??

  • Sucker4Rescues

    It should be easier to switch within the regionals line than to switch to a totally different brand, but it really all depends on what your dog can handle. The formulations are probably very similar, other than the protein source. So you could try doing a rapid transition and see how he/she does. I like to rotate with every bag, which is about every 3 weeks, although I rotate canned toppers with every new can. The main issue with rotating dry food weekly or daily is keeping the food fresh, especially since you have a small dog. The food may go rancid if you can’t finish any open bags within a reasonable time period. But daily, weekly, monthly are all acceptable. It’s what works best for you and your dog.

  • Shayna

    I am feeding my chihuahua mix rescue Acana Regionals Pacifica. Can I switch within the Acana Regionals line to provide variety without gradually changing? Should I rotate weekly, daily, monthly?

  • Beverly Perry

    Some yorkies are very picky eaters. Mine was. I changed his food every single day to help stimulate his appetite. That worked well. There were still some days he wan’t interested, but constant rotation worked the best.

  • Kelly

    If he’s in good health, go ahead and let him have a day or two to be picky. This could be a battle of wills to see who could come out as alpha of the pack. One of my dogs went on a hunger strike when we ran out of wet food. I gave her one of her favorite treats just to make sure she wasn’t refusing food altogether (that merits a call and visit to the vet). When she ate the treat, we were adamant on her eating the food. Within 2 days she gave up and ate.

    If this keeps happening, note the proteins in the food. Your dog maybe trying to tell you about an allergy. They won’t want to eat foods that make them sick. I’m a big fan of Fromm’s (that another person suggested in this thread). Family owned for over 100 years, and they have never had a recall! It’s good quality, and the price is middle of the road on the wallet.

  • Kelly

    I have a dog with allergies too. I he’s doing well with turkey, try to stay in the poultry family first before branching out. Duck and chicken would be the next ones to try out with your THK kindly base. Try beef last as it is in the top 5 common food allergies for dogs. (Chicken is in there too, but if your dog is tolerating turkey well, it’s worth exploring fresh chicken again)

    THK is really good food, and an excellent choice! As long as he’s tolerating proteins, you can switch it out daily with their base. You do want to give it a few weeks with each protein while trying to find out which ones cause the allergies.

  • Lauren Adams

    I have a question. I have a Maltese who has allergies. I don’t know what he is allergic too, but I thought maybe switching his diet from dry to dehydrated/ slow cooked protein would help. I have him on the honest kitchen kindly base mix. For 2 weeks now he has been on turkey. The good thing about it is all his hot spots are going away. How often can I switch proteins? I’m afraid to do it every other day. Can someone help me? I’m trying to prevent any food allergies.

  • Storm’s Mom

    For the longest time, Storm would only eat from a plate not a bowl ..I think because once, not long after I got him, he accidentally overturned his bowl and it scared him (he’s generally a very brave/stoic dog, but he can be a wimp about some very odd things haha).

  • Pitlove

    I’ve been there. My dog would eat off the floor or out of my hand or the measuring cup, but not his bowl. I tried several different types of bowls, including elevated ones.

    I’d highly recommend looking into Fromm or NutriSource. Both are highly palatable and easy to digest.

  • Melanie Spencer

    His weight is good! He’s 13 pounds. I can tell when he isn’t eating because he either doesn’t poop at all, or it’s very little. He does not have dental issues. When I spoke to the vet, they didn’t really give me a solution. He ate something just a few moments ago, but only because I hand feed it to him. The same food was right next to me in his bowl!

  • DogFoodie

    How is his weight and his stool quality?

    Has he been to the vet? Does he have any dental issues?

  • Pitlove

    My dog was the same way, accept he always wants canned food. It took several different dry kibbles to find the one he liked the most. Now hes eating Fromm with no issue.

  • Melanie Spencer

    Hello everyone!

    I really need some help! I am a first time pet owner, and have an 8 month old Shorkie. I’ve had him for 5 months. He is a VERY picky eater! The person I got him from said to get any kind of kibble to feed him, so I did. He ate that for about two weeks, then no longer cared for it. So I switched to something else. Again, he ate it for about 2 weeks, then the same thing happened. I then went and got wet food. He loved that…..or so I thought. Cause he soon didn’t want that anymore. I would also mix it with his kibble, but he would just pick at it. Currently, he barely touches his food. He won’t eat the kibble or the wet food! I don’t give him snacks since he won’t eat his regular food. Please help!

  • Pitlove

    I would say that if he does well once hes fully on Wellness, it would be a great idea to rotate formulas. Also switching up his proteins can be good as well, though a lot of puppy formulas are chicken based. Personally, my dog did not enjoy me changing his food every bag- he became even more picky-, some do however. I think every month or two is an excellent idea. Adding canned as well is a great idea to get more moisture in his diet as well and since hes a small breed it won’t be as expensive as doing canned for a large dog like my boy.

    best of luck with your pup! glad hes doing so well with you.

  • Victoria De Los Santos

    I have a puppy that is 8 weeks old. I’ve had him since he was 5 weeks because he was not doing well with his mom and brother. But he’s a really good puppy that is learning really fast. I had him on Royal Canin Mini Starter Mother & Baby dog Dry Dog Food currently in transition to Wellness grain free puppy formula he really likes it but I want to know should I put him on two different formulas? I was thinking about every other month switching between the Wellness Grain free puppy
    formula and the Wellness Complete Formula. Good or bad idea? (Also please no comments about getting him too early)
    {I Just want to know if its a good idea or if you have any tips)

  • Sucker4Rescues

    I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but you can do daily rotation. Some people feed a different kibble with every meal if their dogs can handle it. I typically change kibble after each bag. Which is about every 3 weeks. I feed canned as a topper. The canned I rotate after every can, so about every 3 days.
    Some people rotate every 3 or 4 months. A lot depends on what your dog can handle.

  • Minne_gurl125

    Is diet rotation rotation weekday dogfoodadvisor recommends? So long as it doesn’t upset the dogs GI?

  • CrazyCrab12

    some people foods are safe and some are poisonous. Be careful if thats what you do.

  • Shirley

    Ditto… I agree whole heartedly

  • Shirley

    Your vet is full of it… I would change that vet in a heart beat. Where in the world did she get her degree???? Gezzzz

  • el doctor

    Hi Josie

    I’m glad that you are looking into a homemade diet for your dog!

    You didn’t mention your dog’s weight, but a good starting point for a dog that is not high or low energy is about 2.5% of their body weight fed daily split into 2 meals. You would then adjust accordingly based on your pup’s results.

    I cook everything “rare”. I also use a very low heat to preserve as much of the nutrients as possible while eliminating excessive bacteria.

    All my recipes use supplements. I recommend you read this book, it has a wealth of information and some recipes.

    Here are 2 recipes for a 100 lb dog. You can make them as they are and then feed the appropriate amount for your dog based on its weight.

    The main supplement can be purchased here

    Smashed peas and Turkey recipe;

    Beef and Veggies recipe;

    Pic of Beef and Veggies

    Good Luck 😉

  • Josie Pacheco

    I was wondering what a good homemade dog food diet (recipe and amount daily) is best for a 2yr old Lab, Australian cattle dog mix. Who’s also sensative to gluten?..

  • Joe Adams

    I’ve been feeding my 2 French bulldogs purizon Angus beef for the past 6 months it’s a good quality food with a high protein% however they seem to have gone of it. I guess they’re bored of it so I’ve switched to TOW which they now love.. my question is can I feed them TOW one day then purizion the next day and keep rotating like that?

  • Joe Adams

    I’ve been feeding my 2 French bulldogs purizon Angus beef for the past 6 months it’s a good quality food with a high protein% however they seem to have gone of it. I guess they’re bored of it so I’ve switched to TOW which they now love.. my question is can I feed them TOW one day then purizion the next day and keep rotating like that?

  • el doctor

    Hi 1fedup1,

    I think it’s great that you supplement your dog’s diet with fresh human-grade foods!

    I feed my dogs a homemade diet, and If you would like any help in figuring out how to do the same for your pups, I would be glad to help.

    Dogs do have different requirements than we do, but once you learn how, you will find it’s not that difficult or time consuming at all, and as far as quality goes, nothing beats it 😉

  • jesse

    Yeah I feed him fromm and taste of the wild now