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    Hi, new here!!

    I’m looking to see opinions on the best premade raw.

    FYI…I breed labrador retrievers, so I need to ensure a healthy pregnancy, healthy dogs, and healthy puppies with no defects.

    I’ve been reading so many controversial things. I was also told something about the meat being, I think it was flash steamed.? Making it less nutritional.

    Allergies are grain
    Also, no peas, no flax, no soy, and no potatoes or any other starch to cause yeast.

    Thanks for your time,
    Crystal ❤

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    Hi Crystal,

    A premdade raw will not ensure you have healthy puppies with no defects.

    Genetic testing of the parents and grandparents along with hip dysplasia, thyroid imbalances, and any tests required for health problems associated with labradors going back to the grandparents would be the best bet.

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    Hi Crystal-

    I second what Cannoli said, but also want to mention that if any of your breeders have a grain allergy as you mentioned they shouldn’t be bred. Allergies can be passed down to the litters.

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    What PitLove said!

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    Denise P

    I have been feeding all my dogs K9 Natural for about 3 years now. Previously my dogs had been on Innova for many many years, but when Innova was acquired there were like 3 recalls in less than a year when there had been zero in all the years before, so I thought to be safe I needed to change manufacturers. Previous to this I was very pleased with Innova. When on high quality food, the output of poop should be much less since the nutrients should be absorbed. After ruling out any medical issues, I tried many different foods and my big 10 year old dog was just not processing and absorbing them well. On the recommendation of a friend and I have been very pleased. I buy the frozen raw food. I actually use only the chicken (they sell lamb as well that is to fattening and rich for my dogs) and I also purchase the green tripe and mussels. I feed raw meet twice per day and alternate the tripe in twice per week. My bigger 10 year old dog had dramatic results, his poop was reduced to a few drops of white movements that would disintegrate into almost sand when picked up. His coat became soft like a rabbits and his energy level increased dramatically. Clearly from the look of the poop… he was absorbing all the nutrients in the food. I also put my Maltese and Chihuhua on the diet. Results on my Maltese was that the brown eye tearing was greatly reduced and again the poop what white in color. (there is ground bone in the raw diet.) All of my dogs love this food.

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