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    Steven A

    I’ve had my to Dachshunds on a raw diet for three years. I can no longer keep up the pace processing my own Raw diet for them. Chicken Neck, Beef Heart Liver and Ground Organ mix. All purchased from a local slaughter house. It is time to head back to Kibble(don’t stone me) I know for years I praised the Raw Diet. I just can’t do it any more so I’m heading back to a grain free kibble. Any suggestions on how to do it and what brand to get? Leaning toward Wellness brand or Blue Buffalo……

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    I swear by Orijen – although with a lot of legumes, it made my pooch’s skin reddish and paws itchy. But that was her. We are moving into raw/homecooked, using THK mixes.

    By the way, THK is launching two new base mixes this summer.

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    Many people love Orijen and Acana. Agreed with kvee about the legumes. Wellness Core is a good one, too.

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    Zanes Mom

    I love Acana Grasslands and so does my young Bullmastiff. Recently I ordered Natures Logic Duck and Salmon to try as part of his rotation. He seems to be doing well on it but— the kibble size is TINY and I think that will be a problem. However it is the perfect choice for a small dog.

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    What about purchasing raw or dehydrated raw if you want to keep them on that kind of diet? Of the two you mentioned, I trust wellness more than blue, but blue in and of itself isn’t terrible

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    I have raw fed dogs too, but also feed kibble and canned and dehydrated. They eat Core, Nature’s Logic and Nutrisource grain free foods.

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    Of the two you mentioned, I prefer Wellness Core. I am a Wellnss fan and use their canned food as well as their biscuits regularly. I don’t use their kibble, though. In the past it was too big and the small breed formulas all had chicken. Now they have some new small breed formulas I may check in to at a later date. I am feeding Victor to 3 of mine and my new one came with Blue Buffalo lamb & rice. I am trying to switch him off now. I did just get a huge bag of Precise Sensicare that looks promising at a tremendous price (35 lbs. for 26.00!) so will be using that in the future, too. I’m also fans of Fromm, Dr. Tim’s and Annamaet, and Holistic Select.

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    Big fan of the Acana and Orijen products here : ) What price range are you looking for? I rotate a bunch of brands and feed with kibble-which may be an option for you due to time constraints. for example, tonight is a 50-50 mix of Acana Lamb/Apple singles, and Grainfree Holistic Select sardine/anchovy/something or other, lol. It was on sale, so figured I would give it a try(they did not do well on the grain inclusive version) To top it off, will be a big old dollop of ground chicken quarters, veg, beef heart and turkey gizzard. They would have skipped the dry, but Mom was slacking and did not take out the raw to thaw long enough.

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    Zanes Mom

    I stand corrected. A number of others have pointed out that their large dogs have no problem with the kibble size and so far in the transition neither does mine. I guess I was just surprised when I opened the bag and saw BB size pieces. I do add water, canned topper and kefir. It may even be a plus because he isn’t one to waste a lot of effort crunching larger kibble 🙂 Live and learn.

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    Steven A, I would definitely advise you to try all of the above suggestions. Rotational diet is good anyway. 🙂

    Also, I have fed Blue Buffalo Wilderness for about 4 months or so just fine. Acana and Orijen I have not tried yet. A good one, and pretty affordable, is Dr. Tim’s, as well as Victor. I usually look for deals both in stores and online and was able to snatch a 4-lb bag of Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea for $5 on Petflow, no kidding! 🙂

    Other foods I’ve fed that are good are Holistic Health Extensions, Earthborn Holistic – currently on the fish one, Nature’s Variety Instinct + Raw Boost and Now Fresh (on samples), and I will be feeding some of Victor, Back to Basics, Wellness Core, AvoDerm, Merrick, Nature’s Variety, and more in the near future. ALL grain-free too.

    Of those, I think Wellness Core and Blue Buffalo Wilderness are moderately affordable; Victor, Dr. Tim’s, and Earthborn Holistic seem to be very affordable; the rest I have coupons for/will scout deals for, lol.

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    I agree with the others about feeding a rotational diet over just one food. Three of my eight dogs get a rotational kibble diet with canned and raw toppers. I use Orijen, Acana, Earthborn Primitive Naturals, Nature’s Variety, Nature’s Logic and many others off and on (Wellness, Fromm, Merrick, Back to Basics etc).

    Raw egg with the shell is a really good and inexpensive topper. Another is beef, deer or chicken heart mixed with Steve’s Real Food premix. Heart is usually inexpensive to begin with but a friend gets free beef hearts from her butcher for me… And a hunter friend gives me the parts of the deer he doesn’t use himself.

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    Oops, Steve Brown makes the premix I mentioned above but it is not Steve’s Real Food (which Steve sold if memory servers) but rather See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix which can be found here http://www.seespotlivelonger.com/home/sll/smartlist_13/dinner_mixes.html

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