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    andrea g

    Has anyone heard of Ketona dry dog food or have any experience with it? It is supposedly a high protein, low-carb, dry dog food. As much reading as I have been doing lately about kibble, I’m curious about this.

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    I’ve never heard of it.

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    Kayla B

    I was also curious about Ketona dry dog food. andrea g, did you find any more information about it?

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    Michelle S

    Hi, I very much like Ketona dog food; I have corresponded with the owner, Daniel, about their Ketona dog food; I also have looked at the information – which has a ton of research behind it; and I have two Great Pyrenees adults who have separate health issues. Both need a very good food that does not contain hidden ingredients, no grains, and is based more on what dogs need to eat to remain strong and healthy; I have found it provides a healthy balance for them both. When I began looking for high protein, medium fats, and very low carbs, I started seeing how few truly low carb food there were available – even in the 5 star foods. So I have had them on this food for several months and they love it. I add a bit of homemade bone broth to each bowl as well in their evening meal. I also use a dog food called Open Farm and it is excellent as well. There is another food called Valiant ( and it is formulated for dogs with cancer & other issues like seizures. They run a state of the art rescue for dogs with cancer they rescue dogs with cancer from shelters and feed them this food and take care of their medicines – instead of letting those dogs be euthanized. I am just now looking at this – it is awesome. Amazing all the research that is out there about better dog foods than what I have found in a long time. Good luck to all who are looking!

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