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    Roger H

    Just wanted to let everyone know an experience I had, thankfully it turned out well. We were at Costco and I saw a package of Elk Antlers, that came from a company in NJ. I read the box, everything seemed fine. I purchased them for my 4.5 yr old Labrador. She started chewing on one when I got home. About 30 minutes later she had it in pieces. I can’t imagine the strength in those jaws, anyway, I took it from her so she wouldn’t digest any of the pieces. The next day as we were walking she did her business and I was shocked that she had digested a large piece of that antler and thankfully it passed through without getting lodged in her digestive system. I took a picture of her poop and along with a letter faxed it to the company saying there should have been a warning, unlike deer antlers that are solid and don’t shatter. Never got a response but I also called Costco and told them about it. A week or so later we went to Costco and they were gone. I don’t know if they pulled them from the shelf or what happened. Thankfully everything turned out fine.

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    Glad all went well. I’ve never given those, one of mine is a really voracious chewer.

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    I don’t use any of these types of chews as have a very aggressive chewer to the point of broken teeth.

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