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    I posted this on the Editor’s Choice Forum, but I should get a greater response here.

    I can NOT find any analyses by Dog Food Advisor…or anyone else! It is not sold by “Chewy,” so perhaps our host, Dog Food Advisor, doesn’t perform analysis on non-Chewy merchandised foods? It appears very high quality (safe), very nutritional and it is extremely well priced at $49 for 30 lbs. with free 1-2 day shipping by the manufacturer. Calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is a perfect 1 to 1 for my almost one-year-old Standard Poodle puppy.

    As in it’s name, it’s Grain and (White) Potato Free, 30% protein and 14% fat. No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Rice, Peas, Beet or Egg, either. First ingredient is Whitefish Meal, which is almost the only animal protein (small amount of Green Lipped Sea Mussel) and the Whitefish Meal is 76% of all protein. Ingredients by order: Whitefish Meal, Yams, Freeze Dried Sweet Potato, Freeze Dried Green Lipped Sea Mussel, Freeze Dried Pumpkin, Freeze Dried Red Clover Sprouts, Freeze Dried Blueberries, Bok Choy, Zucchini, Squash, Kale, Freeze Dried Papaya, Inulin, Cranberries, Parsley, Probiotics, Kelp, Artichokes, Salmon Oil, Herring Oil, (plus vits, mins, etc).

    Anyone have info on Sport Dog Food and/or its “freeze dried” ingredients? Thanks!

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    I have never heard of this brand of dog food.
    I like Nutrisca and I am going to try Orijen very soon. I use kibble as a base only.
    I don’t believe everything I read. Especially regarding ingredients on labels.

    “Sport Dog Food’s Beef Meal Formula for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profiles for All Life Stages” http://www.amazon.com/SportDogFood-Elite-Grain-Formula-30-Pound/dp/B01BGBD0SA/ref=sr_1_2/185-4783495-5914222?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1462555604&sr=1-2&keywords=Sport+Dog+Food


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    Here is the page to make a review suggestion:



    Edit: my link won’t show but if you go to the Home page, type in the search box “Suggest a Dog Food” and fill out the suggestion form in the link that comes up.

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    Hi, Elite looks pretty good, it might be a new food, wish we had it in Australia, it would be excellent for dogs with allergies & food sensitivities… I will post Elite on a Face Book group page for dogs that cant eat potatoes, peas, egg, chicken & grains….. when we get a new food in Australia I find it before our Australian Dog Food Advisor & I tell him & he quickly does a review on it if he has the time…….I like how they put the protein % from plant & vegetables sources & Carb % as well…they have nothing to hide they put up everything…

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    They send out samples as well, it’s on their Face Book Page, they also give a $15 coupons with the samples, there’ s a link on “Sport Dog food” F/B to get your samples….I think who makes Victor makes this new Elites line cause Victor is on their F/B page as well…..

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    Thank you to all that have commented. I appreciate your insights, information and efforts.
    Upon looking further, Sport Dog Food charges a flat rate $4.95 per order under $49, to a limited area. Their Free Shipping is limited to the following States: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Their extended delivery area service to: District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Vermont is for a flat rate of $3.95 per order. Extended service to Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia is for a flat rate of $6.95 per order.
    Since I’m in Florida, I can’t even get a variety of samples for my dog, which is what I want before ordering 30 pounds. He, Noah, is very picky and eats a little and then I have to feed him by hand or he doesn’t eat. And, sometimes he won’t eat…period, after trying twice a day. He’s gone for two days (48 hours) and finally he will eat… I’ve tried five dog foods over the four plus months we’ve had him and he gets bored or doesn’t like the food within a week. I’m tired of buying foods and Noah not eating or eating very little each feeding time. Amazon does sell Sport Dog Food, but only in 30 or 40 pound quantities. I’m thinking of having different samples mailed/shipped to a friend in New Jersey and then my friend can send them to me in Florida. Luckily, we have a Bouvier, Truffles, that will eat anything, although it’s not fair to keep mixing in Noah’s “leftovers” to her food all the time! Thank you.

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    Catherine G


    All info listed and you can buy it here also

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    Lisa S

    For those looking for a view of the elite line….. It is identical to Pioneer naturals both in ingredients and where it is manufactured, which is a 5 Star on here. Basically it is the same food being bagged for a different company. According to SportDogFoods theirs is produced and bagged in a separate run of smaller batches. I have been using pioneer-naturals-grain-free whitefish and my dog is doing great on it. The biggest issue I have had is lack of availability due to this and the poor customer service at Great pet I have now switched to SportDogFood.

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    Crystal P

    Hi. Sportdogfood is a new food. You can order off of Amazon if the actual company doesn’t ship directly to you. You can also message them on Facebook and they send tons of free samples, send me 18 of them. The elite series is rated on here as a 5 star food. It’s also a great food for breeders bc it has no phytoestrogens in it, which is a plus. Keep an eye on Amazon. Last week they were selling $50 bags for $30!!

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    Z B

    Just orderered a bag of the sportdog elite beef on Amazon. Good price, free shipping.
    Will report back here in a couple weeks after I transition my dog to it.
    She has had not messy but not real firm poos either on most all of the kibble we’ve tried since I adopted her a year ago. Chicken based she seems to tolerate the least. Fish based better. I think we tried duck or lamb at some point to with not too good results. All have been rated 4-5 star here.
    This will be the first beef based food we try.

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    Gae G

    Be careful. You have to slowly introduce this food, as it is very rich. My dogs got very runny poop. The owner of the company said he would reimburse me if I did not like it. To date, he has avoided me. He will not keep his word. This food is a copycat of Pioneer Naturals. These people have made slight changes, so Pioneer can not sue them. Read SportDogFood website. They say they will reimburse you, but will not end up doing so. False advertising !!! I would rather deal with reputable people like Pioneer.

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    Hi Gae G your dogs probably can’t handle the higher protein or all the freezed dried ingredients, I knew straight away after reading Sport Dogs ingredients list my IBD boy wouldn’t be able to eat the Sport Dog food formula’s…..
    I’m pretty sure Sport Dog Food is a copy cat version of “Victor” pet foods cause when you scroll down the bottom of certain formulas Sport Dog food is compared to the same Victor formula’s….
    Just keep emailing the owners of Sport Dog & attach a copy of the money back Guarantee Sports dog gives & read does it guarantee diarrhea?? probably not…send the same email every day for 1 month till you get your refund, I ALWAYS tell the kibble companies or Pet Store, I say “my boy is doing very sloppy big poos & he wont eat the kibble now”….Most money back guarantee on kibble is normally for palatability not health problems as I’ve been told when I’ve taken back kibbles to a Pet Store or online pet store’s but they still give me a refund….So in your email say, “I’ve done what you have told me to do BUT my dog will not eat the kibble now they smell it & walk away”…… Good Luck..

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    The owner of Sport Dog food responded on the review side.

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