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    Chris K

    Hi I don’t usually comment anywhere. This a warning plus info for your dog. We bought Earthborn for years as our pet is diabetic plus has IBS. We got three bags over a couple of months. I noticed oil on the bottom of the bag with kibbles pretty oily. So we took it back to where we got it and let them know. Bought one more trusting this was a fluke? Same thing. So we contacted the company thinking maybe they didn’t know. Earthborn called back to say sorry and maybe in transit it got to warm or cold. So she sent coupons (didn’t have to)
    So we bought our third bag same result. Our vet said DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS IF YOU SEE THIS AMOUNT OF OIL. Very unhealthy as it can have sallflower oil or something leaching
    Out with more ingredients you would not feed your pet to much of ! We haven’t bought a big bag thank goodness. One more thing. I have to say Earthborn is a great company. We have used them because the carbs are lower than most. However pay attention to what you feed if it has oil dripping from the kibbles. Don’t feed your pet! Longwinded sorry. Be blessed.

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    Hi Chris K-
    Thank you for the warning. Where did you buy the food? Could it be a storage issue?

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